May 30th, 2023

YouTube Optimiser

Key Competencies
  • In depth knowledge of YouTube Eco-system
  • Previous (or current) experience of running a YouTube Channel
  • A strong knowledge of our channel content, main themes and stories, as well as getting to know similar channels and their output
  • Responsible for optimizing each video when posted – involving changing titles / thumbnails and charting how these changes affect the view count
  • Weekly creation of title, thumbnail & topic suggestions/concepts based upon topics covered by similar channels and those that our audience watch
Job Description

We are looking for a YouTube Optimiser (preferably but not essentially based in or near Oxfordshire). The main responsibility of the role will be to check and increase the performance of our videos after posting on our main channel. This will require you to update the team on how well the video is performing and make suggestions, changes and improvements to title/thumbnails when required. The title/thumbnail changes will be approved in advance.

You will also be responsible for keeping well informed with the current performance of our channel & the videos and be able to analyse what title/thumbnail/topics combinations have worked well previously, and what didn’t work so well in order to suggest how we can refine things.

Key Requirements
  • Provide 5 title options per video
  • Provide 3 high quality thumbnail options
  • Improve old thumbnail without brief
  • Develop good judgment regarding live view count number
  • Being able to simultaneously optimise multiple videos
  • Completing AdSense checks
Salary and hours
Salary – TBD, based upon 4 hours work Mon-Fri from 5 or 6pm
Plus 30 mins each day: Saturday – Sunday or any additional hours as necessary to fulfil the role

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