This is my website. I am a comedian. I am interested in change. I am interested in awakening – I feel we can do this together because I have changed so much in my own little life. I am still a comedian and I still write books and Audible Originals (like Revelation). I can’t wait to do live stuff again and build real communities. That’s why I need you on the mailing list (I call it an elite cabal to make it more sexy).

I also do podcasts. They’re really good. They are available on Luminary. It’s like going to university (I hear) that’s why there is a small, reasonable sub fee.

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with Mr Gee the poet & Comedian Paul Foot


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Russell Brand LIVE at The Crown

Football Is Nice

Podcast — Listen now

Russell talks about football and football culture from a deep, humorous and philosophical perspective and concludes that it is nice.

Under the Skin

Podcast — Listen now

Here is my podcast Under the Skin. I talk about revolutionary politics and spiritual awakening.
There are new episodes every Saturday, only on Luminary.

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