Community 2024
Are you ready for COMMUNITY 2024
Friday 19th – Monday 22nd July
Community 2025
Community 2024
Are you ready for COMMUNITY 2025
Friday 11th – Monday 14th July
Community 2025

Community 2025


Friday 11th – Monday 14th July 2025

Community is about personal awakening and social change.

Russell Brand and friends will be back for 3 days of camping, conversation on spirituality, wellness, healthy living and our environment.

Limber up for yoga or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, enjoy musical performances , relax with meditation and massage from a range of holistic healers on site.

Line Up

Wim Hof

Dutch extreme athlete Wim Hof got his nickname ‘The Iceman’ by breaking a number of records related to cold exposure including: climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts, running a half marathon above the Arctic Circle barefoot, and standing in a container while covered with ice cubes for more than 112 minutes.

Using ‘cold, hard nature’ as his teacher, his extensive training has enabled him to learn to control his breathing, heartrate, and blood circulation and to withstand extreme temperatures.

Wim Hof is convinced that everyone can tap into their inner potential without having to invest the same decades worth of study, travel and daring.

Wim has made it his mission to share what he’s learned with the rest of the world and so he developed the Wim Hof Method: a combination of breathingcold therapy and commitment that offers a range of benefits. With his Wim Hof Method, he teaches people from all over the world, from celebrities and professional athletes, to people of all ages, to control their body & mind and achieve extraordinary things.

Dr. Vandana Shiva

Dr. Vandana Shiva is a physicist, environmental activist, food sovereignty advocate and author. She combines sharp intellectual enquiry with courageous activism. Dr. Shiva has been identified as an environmental “hero”, one of the top Seven most Powerful Women on the Globe and called one of the five most powerful communicators of Asia.

Among her many awards are the Alternative Nobel Prize, Order of the Golden Ark, Global 500 Award of UN and Earth Day International Award, the Sanctuary Wildlife Award 2018 and International Environment Summit & Award 2018. Back for the second year to Community, she is a close friend of Russell and the event.

Ryron Gracie

Ryron Gracie is the Head Instructor at Gracie University Headquarters in Torrance, Ca., a martial arts school dedicated to teaching jiu-jitsu as an art of self-defense to men, women, and children. With over 25 years of teaching experience and a lifetime of being a student of jiu-jitsu, he teaches young children how to face bullies with confidence while also helping men and women face life’s challenges. Whether you have absolutely no martial arts experience or a lifetime of training, Ryron humbly welcomes you to the mat.

Ryron’s wife, Victoria Gracie, will be teaching alongside Ryron. Victoria is a self-defense expert and head instructor of the Women Empowered® program at Gracie University of Jiu-Jitsu. She is passionate about having a trauma-informed approach to self-defense instruction and a fierce advocate for healthy relational dynamics while teaching thousands tools for non-violent communication. She has authored two Best-Selling children’s books on building confidence, emotional intelligence and bullying education. Appreciating the complexities of humanity’s ability to love both arts and science, Victoria has taken on managing her daughters education while they travel and teach all over the world.

Nick Mulvey is an acclaimed artist and songwriter. Nick’s work pushes boundaries in songwriting and sound, music both traditional and experimental, acoustic and electronic. On his most recent album, New Mythology, our shared humanity becomes common sense and this humanity and the natural world are enmeshed. Nick also credits his friends and family, teachers past and present who’ve helped him arrive at this point. Now Nick finds himself at the precipice of change and is ready to share his raw musings with the world.

Nick Mulvey

Nick Mulvey is an acclaimed artist and songwriter. Nick’s work pushes boundaries in songwriting and sound, music both traditional and experimental, acoustic and electronic. On his most recent album, New Mythology, our shared humanity becomes common sense and this humanity and the natural world are enmeshed. Nick also credits his friends and family, teachers past and present who’ve helped him arrive at this point. Now Nick finds himself at the precipice of change and is ready to share his raw musings with the world.

Bruce Parry

Bruce Parry has led a life of exploration and is at home in the furthest reaches of the physical and metaphysical realms. Driven initially by a sense of personal adventure, Bruce soon shifted his attention to documenting the peoples and places he visited, often for television and film. His interest has long now been focussed on understanding the social and environmental impact our ’civilised’ way of life is having at home and on the planet.

Biet Simkin

Biet Simkin is the world-renowned spiritual teacher and best-selling author dubbed “The David Bowie of Meditation”. She creates huge meditation and breathwork experiences that she scores with her own music. She is a true artist and redefining enlightenment. Russell says, “the only other means he knows to achieve the states she induces are illegal.

Helena Norberg-Hodge

Helena Norberg-Hodge is a linguist, author, filmmaker, pioneer of the new economy movement, founder and director of Local Futures, and the convenor of World Localization Day. She is author of the inspirational classic Ancient Futures, and Local is Our Future and producer of the award-winning documentary The Economics of Happiness and of Planet Local. She also founded the International Alliance for Localisation, and co-founded the International Forum on Globalization and the Global Ecovillage Network.

The Skints

London four-piece, The Skints, have clawed their way up from the depths of the underground punk/ska scene to a unique fixture on the global reggae stage. Drawing influences as wide as soul, pop, grime and hardcore, their original brand of “tropical punk” has seen them evolve in to one of the hardest working and most respected bands in UK music.

Mr Gee

Mr Gee has been a veteran on the UK’s Live poetry scene for over two decades. Perhaps best known as the “Poet Laureate” on Russell’s award-winning Radio show, he has delivered two Tedx talks and his work has featured in the Times, The Guardian & the New Statesman. He has most recently been mixing poetry with Data Analytics to create the digital art-piece: “Bring Me My Fire Truck” for the Open Data Institute which was showcased at the Tate Britain for their 2020 “Blake Now” series.

Jay and Kestrel

Jay & Kestrel Oakwood are internationally known teachers & healers, specialising in Shamanism & Shamanic Healing. With over 40 years experience, working with tribal people world wide and at the Bridget Healing Centre in Glastonbury, they offer their 1-1 work in Shamanic Healing and year long training courses ‘Call of the Shaman’ and ‘The Healing Drum’. They are widely known for their inspired, warm & humorous way of opening others to their true potential and their magical ability to create a sacred safe space to be in.

Kehinde Andrews

Kehinde Andrews is Professor of Black Studies at Birmingham City University, and an author. His latest book The Psychosis of Whiteness will be published in 2023.Kehinde has written opinions pieces for outlets including the Guardian, Independent, Washington Post and CNN and regularly appears on television, podcasts and radio. He advised a number of corporations on equality and diversity issues and is an international keynote speaker. Kehinde is founder of the Harambee Organisation of Black Unity and editor-in-chief of Make it Plain

Lucy Sesto

Lucy Sesto is a Yoga instructor and ex – acrobatic GB gymnast. She has always been drawn to fitness and movement. Through yoga and meditation, she has been able to learn valuable tools that have truly changed her life. She is a firm believer that yoga is for everyone.

Sadie Horler

Growing up in Devon, indie-folk artist Sadie Horler has taken influence from her surroundings. Sadie’s heartfelt lyrics are inspired by events and people around her, with each song performed with warmth and authenticity. BBC Introducing have described Sadie as “Phenomenal” & “One of the finest young female musicians they have discovered.”

Kirsty Gallagher

Kirsty Gallagher is a moon mentor, soul alignment and spiritual coach, yoga teacher and meditation teacher. Described as down to earth, warm-hearted, compassionate and inspiring, Kirsty is known for bringing ancient mystical practices and wisdom to modern day life in a relatable way that anyone and everyone can take something from.

Paul Foot

Paul Foot has made numerous television and radio appearances, the most recent of which include 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, ABC Australia’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala, Breaking The News (BBC Radio Scotland) and Dave News for Dave at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe. In 2019 he also made a triumphant debut at Glastonbury to which he returned in 2022 and played the comedy tents of many of the most prestigious summer festivals. Paul has also appeared on Would I Lie To You? (BBC 1) and excerpts of his many much-loved appearances on Never Mind The Buzzcocks (BBC 2) have garnered over a million views on YouTube. He has been nominated twice for the Best Show at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, has been voted Best International Act at the Sydney and Perth Comedy Festivals, and has performed at the Just For Laughs Montreal Festival.

Sandra Barnes

Mama & daughter duo Sandra & Sofia are co creators of Love all ways yoga. Together they love creating & holding space for others through workshops, classes, retreats & ceremonies. Their offerings weave together embodied movement, sound journeys, ritual, guided meditation & beyond in an inviting & joyful manner. Their aim is to bring you home to your inner beloved.

Dan Turner

Arriving from a fitness background, Dan connected with yoga and felt inspired to teach Hatha and Yin forms to share the many benefits yoga has to offer. Dan aims to make his classes welcoming for all and they typically explore movement, stillness, joy, expansion and release.

Beans on Toast

Essex born folk songwriter ‘Beans on Toast’ is an extremely unique performer. Twisting an age-old genre with a D.I.Y. approach and contemporary concerns has earned him the title of a cult figure who tells it like it is. A festival favourite (he’s played Glastonbury every year since 2005) and a prolific writer and performer. He’s written and recorded 15 albums and he’s played every bar, club, venue, pub, festival, party and honky-tonk you can think of.

He’s a hippy, a punk, a poet, a die-hard romantic and an eternal optimist. Singing simple songs that tackle big issues. Political protest songs for the modern-day, honest and open Love songs. Songs that will make you laugh, but also make you think with no holds barred honesty and quick wit.

Math and Lauren

Girders of Warmth is Mathew Plumb’s first published collection. It reflects the poet’s profound connection with nature and the Welsh Landscape and offers a fresh and challenging vision of our place in the world.

Delving into the core of creating with nature as both implement and muse, professional artist, Lauren Youngs studied Fine Art Painting at Wimbledon College of Art. Through a deep connection with the landscape Lauren has acquired specialist knowledge in eco-art therapy, tutoring, illustrating, and her primary love of painting.

Paul Powlesland

Paul Powlesland is a barrister and founder of Lawyers for Nature, which aims to transform the relationship between law, lawyers and nature. He acts to protect trees and rivers in the courts and campaigns for the Rights of Nature. He lives on a boat on the River Roding in East London, and set up the River Roding Trust, through which he carries out hands-on restoration and protection of the river.

August Bernstein

Join August, Head tutor of the Raymond Blanc gardening school for a positive hands on seed sowing experience. August will share her knowledge of growing organic food for Raymond Blancs 2 Michelin star restaurant and give tips on how to grow food in your own space, from windowsills to large gardens. You will be planting seeds of happiness to take home, nurture and begin your own growing adventures.

Flying Seagull Project

Professional entertainer Ash Perrin founded The Flying Seagull Project in 2008 to bring happiness to children who are underprivileged, marginalised or suffering. The UK-based charity currently has more than 20 entertainers engaged in arts workshops, music and dance lessons, circus shows and clown doctoring. Together they’ve spread love, light and laughter to more than 289,600 children in hospitals, orphanages, deaf/blind schools, refugee camps and slums around the world.

Anthony Mullally

Anthony Mullally is a former professional rugby player with a career consisting of more than 200 senior appearances, two world cups and one super league grand final trophy. But now Anthony’s work is aimed at breaking down stereotypes and rebuilding the integrity of masculinity in the modern world.

Applying integrative practices including breathwork, ceremony, cold-immersion and mindfulness; my mission is to help others rediscover their connection to their authentic selves and the natural world we live in.

Belinda Matwali

Belinda Matwali is a spiritual mentor, meditation teacher and electronic music enthusiast who is passionate about making meditation accessible for everyone. She’s been learning and teaching meditation for over ten years with her Masters in India, having traveled the world to learn from different teachers. She’s also studied sacred sound and sound healing and loves to infuse her love of meditation and electronic music in her classes.

Ben Calder

Ben has been practising Qigong for over 30 years and teaching for the last 9, being one of very few teachers to be offering LifeForce Qigong in the UK – a pragmatic, trauma-informed, mindful movement system to help regulate and restore vitality and harmony to body and mind.

Ben will be sharing his mindful movement classes and integrated approach to bodywork in private sessions throughout the weekend.

Ben Bidwell

“Ben Bidwell is a Human Potential Coach and Breathwork Practitioner, who helps people create better relationships and live a more fulfilling and purposeful existence. Having been on his own journey from a man unconsciously drawn to “toxic” behaviours, to an awakened & open soul, his work is deeply authentic & relatable. His compassionate heart creates a safe space for all of those he works with, allowing them to find answers to challenges they couldn’t previously move beyond.

Calley Means

Calley is the founder of TrueMed, a company that issues prescriptions for food and exercise, enabling tax-free spending on items promoting health. He is also the co-author (with his sister, Levels co-founder Dr. Casey Means) of an upcoming book on how to be an empowered patient in the face of so many incentives for us to be sick.

Adam Burgess

Adam is a breath coach and canoe slalom Olympic finalist. His unique perspective on breath is backed by his athletic achievements. Originally to overcome a shoulder injury, over the past 6 years he has honed his expertise in breath coaching.

Elizabeth Rovere

Elizabeth Rovere is a clinical psychologist, BodyAwake yoga teacher and podcast host of Wonderstruck in New York City. Elizabeth is keenly interested in spiritual experience as a profound aspect of psychological transformation. Her current work interests include contemplative neuroscience, climate justice, and esoteric religious history. She is an executive producer of The Heart Revolution, a documentary film exploring the heart being more than a pump.


AjoiA offers a calming and peaceful space where their healing, therapeutic sounds flow through the body and softly attune to the recipient. The vibrations, energy and frequency created by AjoiA through voice and ancient and contemporary instruments can cleanse, clear, heal and harmonise the nervous system from a stuck Sympathetic “fight & flight” mode into a Parasympathetic “rest and digest” way of being.

Nieve Tierney

Nieve Tierney is a modern-day energy healer and Reiki Master whose aim is to normalise the Woo Woo. She is one of a growing new breed of practitioners in this field who are challenging outdated stereotypes and advocating better energy hygiene as an accepted part of our everyday routines.

Nieve will be sharing energy tools across the weekend to remove stress from the body, raise your energy if it is feeling depleted, and work on a cellular level to calm the nervous system.

JJ The Great

JJ The Great is a Lewisham born artist with roots in the Caribbean (Jamaica) & South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal). Originally a self-taught teenage pianist, he transitioned into the art of Hip-Hop allowing him to express in depths and nuances beyond sonics. With introspective, eye opening and hard-hitting rhymes, his direct lyricism highlights the need for a new revolutionised world.

Natasha Bartlett

Kalmer Kids provides meditation training for kids aged 4-16 years. We guide children through simple tools & techniques to help them find calm, providing our next generation with confidence, resilience, and kindness.

Working with children over the last decade, Kalmer Kids’ Founder Natasha Bartlett experienced a recurring problem; children of all backgrounds struggle with big feelings and worries in their daily lives. Combining her MA in Neuroscience & Psychology at King’s College London, and drawing on her experience as a teacher, Natasha has created a fun and engaging way to improve children’s lives by teaching them how they can sculpt their brains for happier lives.

Flamingo AF

Co-founders Stef and Lily certainly know how to throw an alcohol-free party; just because they had ditched the hangovers doesn’t mean they wanted to ditch the fun and the party. Flamingo AF have made it their mission to create the space where you feel the most confident version of yourself.

Pasco Mens Circle

“Pasco is a leadership coach, facilitator, and runs the non-profit Men’s Circle; the ‘Men’s Self-Development Club’. He is passionate about improving the practical tools and spaces available for building mental resilience. Lockdown inspired Pasco to begin his first men’s circle and with his history of founding social innovations, it wasn’t long before he and a close group of experienced mentors developed a scaleable model, with the mission of bringing men’s circles into the mainstream.”

Mark Dempster

Mark Dempster has been a practicing psychotherapist and drugs counselor for the past twenty years. He currently runs his practice from Harley Street where he specialises in addiction issues.

In his autobiography Nothing To Declare, Mark charts his early life and his journey from heroin addiction, dealing, drug smuggling, homelessness and destitution to pulling his life and around, becoming clean, through to his transformation into one of the most respected addiction councilors in the UK

Joshua Coombes

Joshua Coombes is a British author, hairstylist and founder of Do Something For Nothing – a movement that encourages and inspires people to connect their skills and time to people who need them. Joshua brings awareness and amplifies stories that all too often go unheard.

Tommy Rosen

Tommy Rosen is an internationally renowned yoga teacher, meditation instructor and addiction recovery expert with over 30 years of continuous recovery from addiction. Through his classes, workshops, courses and destination retreats, Tommy has helped thousands of people to overcome their addictions and to be free.
Tommy is the founder of Recovery 2.0, a global organization dedicated to inspire and unite people in recovery from addiction through the practice of yoga and meditation so that they can heal and thrive.

Matthew Benjamin

“Matthew Benjamin aka DJ Bushwacka is a psychotherapeutic counsellor, who worked in the music industry for over thirty years before training to be a therapist. His experience in the creative realm and music world is vast. Matthew has taken the path to work in therapeutic practices, with a deep desire to facilitate helping others to learn more about themselves, to develop, and grow. Matthew works online with clients in his private practice and has been working externally in many different areas of counselling, from addiction to bereavement.”

Leigh Hosy-Pickett

Leigh Hosy-Pickett is a third generation FBU firefighter, opponent of the status quo, mental health advocate and author of ‘Up In Smoke – Stories from a Life on Fire’.

Leigh has been a firefighter for 26 years and has seen it all. He comes to ‘Community’ to share with you stories from his book and his take on Unity, Solidarity, Trust & Courage. From the perspective of a career long Fire Brigades Union member, Leigh champions and promotes the importance of collectivisation and activism.

Naomi Annand

Naomi Annand is the founder and owner of yoga studio Yoga on the Lane in Dalston, east London.  She teaches compassion-based Vinyasa with a meditative and restorative feel, drawing on her twenty years of experience working as a teacher all over the world. Her first book Yoga: A Manual for Life was widely translated and her second book Yoga for Motherhood came out in May 2022.

Radhika Das

Radhika Das is kirtan’s upcoming big name. 15 years ago, he went in search of spiritual truth and deeper happiness. The path he connected most with is “Bhakti Yoga,” the journey of love and devotion, and of the various limbs of bhakti, Radhika dedicated most of himself to becoming absorbed in the ancient practice of Kirtan.

Man like Nells

Man Like Nells is a trilingual MC / producer bringing innovation to British landscape and culture using “French” “English” and “Sangho” to display his lyrical dexterity. He originates from the Central African Republic, his music shaped itself from personal early life experiences of French cities Lyon & Paris, and as of the last 15 years London.

A pan-African visionary using music as a tool whilst working towards global unity.

Satish Kumar

Peace-pilgrim, life-long activist, and former monk, Satish Kumar has been inspiring global change for over 50 years. He undertook a pilgrimage for peace, walking for two years without money from India to America for the cause of nuclear disarmament. Now in his 80s, Satish has devoted his life to campaigning for ecological regeneration and social justice. He is a world-renown author and international speaker, founder of The Resurgence Trust and Editor Emeritus of Resurgence & Ecologist – a change-making magazine he edited for over 40 years.

Megan Jayne Crabbe

Megan Jayne Crabbe is a best-selling author, content creator, presenter and host who has helped millions of people on their journey to body acceptance and self-empowerment. Whether it’s through her online work, her writing, keynote presentations or original workshops, the goal is always the same: to help people feel like their biggest, most vibrant selves.

James Ohene-Djan

Professor James Ohene-Djan is a trustee of Russell brand’s Stay Foundation and the Steps to Recovery Treatment Centre in Central London.

With over 20 years in recovery, James has found the answers to his addiction issues in the 12 Steps. James has worked with Russell Brand on many projects including being a trustee of Comic Relief’s, Give it up Fund and the films, A Second Coming, Addiction to Recovery and the Emperor’s New Clothes.

Sue Egan

Dr Sue Egan is a Counselling Psychologist, Psychotherapist, EMDR Therapist, trained Steiner Teacher, Shamanic practitioner and single mum of 4 teenagers/young adults. Sue has spent 10 years working alongside psychologists in the NHS and in her own online private therapy practice, specialising in supporting people with complex mental health issues, trauma and complicated grief. Sue hosts a podcast for those who have lost a loved one to suicide and is a public speaker on this delicate subject. She is also passionate about advocating for parents whose children are struggling with mental health issues and has been featured on BBC 5Live and in the Daily Mail.

Philippa Excell

Philly is an Advanced Personal Trainer who specialises in women’s health & fitness.  She runs weekly Strength & Sculpt classes in her studio in Henley, and holds lots of events at her studio incorporating her love of healthy fresh food and movement.


Afriquoi are an underground sensation, bringing an uplifting fusion of African music and live electronics. The masterful 5-piece live show combines Gambian kora, Congolese guitar + Mandinka percussion styles with electronic music drawing on house, garage, disco, soul + jungle to create something entirely unique.

Rooted Forest School

Rooted Forest School is a collective of creative nature-based educators who have been facilitating Forest School and Outdoor Learning experiences for many years, with their mission to create space and time for children and their families to experience nature, connect with themselves and others and have lots of messy fun at the same time!

School Breathe

School Breathe CIC is a breathwork programme, providing scientifically proven breathing techniques for school children to learn how to self-regulate their feelings, improve their focus and concentration, and teach children the full benefits of learning to breathe well. To embed a full breathwork practice into the curriculum, we offer breath coach training for school staff and teachers to become dedicated in-school breath coaches.

Thomas Carving

Danny Thomas started working with wood at the age of 15, following in his fathers foot steps. He has now been carving for 21 years and has competed in ice and wood carving events around the world and across the UK. At “Thomas Carving” they specialise in carving wildlife, but have also carved figures, machinery, landscape, abstract pieces, benches, and everything in between

Aisha Paris Smith

Aisha Paris Smith is a certified somatic sexologist, bodyworker, and life coach who brings a conscious approach to taboo aspects of the human experience. With her expertise as a speaker and facilitator, she captivates audiences and guides transformative experiences. Through the power of somatic methods, Aisha helps clients embrace their bodies, egos, and desires, facilitating profound personal growth.

Barbara J Hunt

Barbara J Hunt is a forgiveness specialist, speaker, workshop leader and bestselling author of “Forgiveness Made Easy – the revolutionary guide to moving beyond your past and truly letting go”. She has over 30 years experience in personal and spiritual development as a mentor, coach and group facilitator.

Campbell Ritchie

Campbell Ritchie is a Model, Activist humanitarian and Philanthropist. She is known for her personable, uniquely humble and eco-friendly and cruelty free approaches, both in her personal and business life and this is evident from her natural flair and ethos which to this day remains the same; always choosing morals over financial gain and not following the proverbial herd.

Charlene Shenton

Charlene is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Sound Healing Therapist & Founder of House of Kundalini.
Charlene’s passions lie in sharing the MAGIC of Kundalini Yoga.. helping people to heal the nervous system, learn to truly relax, release trauma somatically, transform through powerful breathwork, go deep into life changing meditations, shift energy through movement & rediscover the beauty of who they really are..

Dr Chetna Kang

Dr Chetna Kang is a Consultant Psychiatrist, Broadcaster and Bhakti Yogi. Recently published in BBC Radio 4’s very first ‘Thought for the day’ book, she is well known for her spiritual commentary on mental health and current affairs, she presents Thought for the day on Radio 4’s Today programme and features on Beyond Belief.

Chris Cleere

Chris Cleere is a second degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Roger Gracie and Kevin Capel. He has 30 years full contact martial arts experience and is a personal trainer, MMA coach, boxing and Thai boxing practitioner and coach, has worked extensively with European and world champion athletes at the highest level. He has trained celebrities, worked with government-funded organisations to provide self defence training to vulnerable groups and regularly provided self-defence education to top FTSE 100 companies.

Clover Hogan

Clover Hogan is a 23-year-old climate activist and the founding Executive Director of Force of Nature – the youth non-profit mobilising mindsets for climate action. She has worked alongside the world’s leading authorities on sustainability, consulted within the boardrooms of Fortune 50 companies, and counselled heads of state. Her TED talk, ‘What to do when climate change feels unstoppable’, has been viewed 2 million times.

Dr David Luke

Dr David Luke is Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Greenwich. His research focuses on spiritual and transpersonal experiences, anomalous phenomena and altered states of consciousness.

Dr. Bob Gill

Dr Bob Gill is a family doctor working in Kent since 2000. His activism in defence of the NHS started in 2012 after the downgrading of his local hospital. He has spoken across the country supporting local groups in their own defence of healthcare provision. He remains a passionate advocate for the NHS as a truly public service and against the commercialised for-profit repurposed NHS.

Ed Anobah

Ed Anobah has been practising Bhakti Yoga for over 25 years, and began while studying at the London School of Economics, where he graduated in Philosophy and Economics. While at university, his interest in eastern philosophy, meditation and personal development drew him towards the Bhakti tradition. For decades, he has engaged in speaking at many leading institutions including Oxford and Cambridge. The demand for his insights then expanded within Europe, India, Canada and across the US.

Jack Hodgson

Jack Hodgson from Jack’s Patch is a Permaculture Designer from Essex. He had a permaculture market garden in London for 4 years selling regeneratively grown veg, alongside growing mushrooms and micro greens in a shipping container. He now focuses on consulting and designing projects from gardens, urban spaces to farms and rooftops with a focus on making the landscape edible, educating as he goes along the way.

Janey Lee Grace

Janey Lee Grace is an Amazon No 1 Best-selling author, speaker, and was co-presenter on the UK’s biggest radio show, BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright in the Afternoon for 24 years. She has written five books on Holistic living, launched a podcast ‘Alcohol Free Life’ focusing on sober self-care, and runs The Sober Club, a platform offering a non-judgemental community for people who are committed to sobriety and want to ‘upscale’ their life without the booze and focus on health and wellbeing.

Mama Bee

Empowering the next generation through informal education and action. Founded in 2017, Mama Bee Group has quickly become a leading voice for young people and community development. Mama Bee operates with a strong commitment to social responsibility, aiming to create opportunities for young people and communities.

Mandy Ogunmokun

Mandy Ogunmokun, former heroin, crack addict, thief and prostitute; now founder and CEO of Treasures Foundation.

Nitesh Gor

Nitesh is the founder and CEO of Avanti Schools Trust, an academy trust with a unique ethos centred around spiritual insight, and a curriculum that includes meditation, yoga, philosophy, and ethics. His previous experience encompasses CEO and director roles across the exploration and investment banking industries and a broad business strategy background gained as a result of working for two leading management consultancies.

Sam Lee

Sam plays a unique role in the British music scene. He’s an acclaimed, award-winning inventive singer, a folksong collector, conservationist and promoter of live events as founder/director of The Nest Collective who’ve helped shake up the music scene and injected life back into the folk trad and world acoustic scene.

Sophie Palmer

Sophie Palmer is a climate and social justice activist, writer, craftivist and Community Coordinator at Force of Nature; a youth non-profit mobilising mindsets for climate action.

Influenced by Eastern philosophy and the teachings of peace-pilgrim Satish Kumar, her work centres on the intersection of spirituality and climate action. She is an earnest campaigner for ecological regeneration rooted in compassion for all beings; holistic and immersive education; and the re-enchantment of the natural world through mythology, poetry and art.

Stag & Bow / Pascale Spall

Pascale is deeply passionate about Textiles and the role they play in our Human story. She believes that stitching is an innate Human power that facilitates deep connection with our inner landscape. Enabling meditation, empowerment, clarity, and easy connection with those around us. Through the materials in our hands we are able understand the interconnection of all things and appreciate that Textiles are an inextricable part of us.

Stu Mace

Stu Mace is The Life Survival Coach; As the name suggests, I help people survive their own lives…something I remember desperately needing when I was lost.

I have done my time in the trenches. Through relentless soul searching and self destruction, I realised that most of my problems, beliefs, identities and negative thought patterns, came from the deep rooted conditioning within my mind.

I have learned, and still continue to learn, that sticking with a System can help transform even the darkest and most destructive mindsets…I am, myself, testament to that.

Tom Herbert

Tom Herbert is a 5th generation baker, food equality champion and co-founder of The Long Table. He has presented three seasons of Fabulous Baker Brothers for Channel 4 and Discovery, always championing great produce and connecting people around food.

Wilder & Wren

Beth Kendall is a pressed wildflower artist. She offers a modern twist on the traditional craft of flower pressing. Through her brand Wilder & Wren she makes pressed wildflower artworks, prints and cards, inspired by femininity, motherhood, homemaking and the British countryside.

Will James

Will is the founder and Lead Coach at ‘With Diversity’ Coaching Consultancy. He’s a tedx speaker, and spends time partnering leaders and teams to clarify their purpose and optimise their performance to achieve greater impact. He believes everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn, so creating team cultures where diverse ideas, backgrounds and identities are valued is vital for creating the solutions the world needs.

Zavier Coyne

A curious human and poet, Zavier uses spoken word and rhythm to understand, explore and connect.

His lyrical expression was first developed as a personal outlet for his own self-understanding. Now, Zavier’s work takes shape through his current project, Lyrical Lectures. Through this project he poetically explores and shares insights from his experience and research.


The human foot is an evolutionary masterpiece. 26 bones for natural stability. Over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments for natural strength. 100,000’s of nerve endings for natural sensory feeling. Just by wearing bare-foot-wear for 6 months, feet regain their shape, sense and strength by 60%.

Created by two cousins from a long line of cobblers, Galahad and Asher Clark, Vivobarefoot draws upon simple barefoot design principles: wide, thin and flexible, for optimum foot health and natural movement.

Embrace your human nature. Reconnect to the natural world.

The cold is both brutal and spiritual. It can strengthen mind, body and soul. It’s why we have an unstoppable quest to help people to get their cold on. Brass Monkey build the world’s only automated and app connected ice baths. Hand built in Britain for people who demand more.

Kaylo is a vibrant community dedicated to health, healing, and transformation, bridging modern science, natural medicine and ancient wisdom.

Using their unique approach, the Kaylo Method, along with their community of sacred practitioners, they welcome everyone and meet you where you’re at.Kaylo is here to guide you to your true, authentic, amazing self.

Macadamias have been linked to reduced inflammation and longevity. Renowned for their rarity and luxurious flavor, they are often known as the most expensive nut. House of Macadamias is changing that, making the unique health benefits of macadamias accessible to the world.

Partnered with 96 South African farmers, who own the brand, we are able to design one-of-a-kind vegan, keto and paleo snacks centered around high-quality macadamias, hand-sorted on our sustainable farms and packaged fresh from harvest.

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More About Staying With Us

Glamping Wales – Baskerville Hall

  • Luxury boutique glamping from Glamping Wales
  • This is 1.5 miles from the event site
  • Parking is at Baskerville Hall with access to the event via a 24 hour shuttle bus service
  • Experience the comfort of a hotel whilst spending the weekend at Community
  • Beds, bedding, Indian style tables, mirror, battery lantern and more
  • Private glamping facilities including showers, toilet and hospitality area

Self Pitch Camping

  • Pitch your own tent in our on site campsite
  • Showers and toilets on campsite
  • Field next door to the main event site with easy access

Camplight Pre Pitch

  • Using a regenerative approach to campsites, re salvaged tents in perfect condition
  • Pre pitched for when you arrive, making your journey easier from start to finish
  • The most environmentally friendly camping solution
  • Fully managed reception, access to main event campsite and facilities

Live In Vehicle

  • PLEASE NOTE: On site live in vehicle pitches have sold out. We have a local supplier a 10 minute walk through Hay on Wye to the event site. You will be able to come and go from the event site as you please. Click the link below to find out more.
  • Secure campsite with easy access to the main event site
  • Experience the event with all the home comforts you bring in your own camping vehicle or caravan

Get Involved


Russell and Laura Brand are building a database of Volunteers to help run Community from the ground up. Having their friends and audience involved at the very core of the event is integral to the ethos of Community. This event could not run without you!

You will receive a weekend ticket in return for your time, click below to find out more details about becoming part of the Stay Free family.

There are limited spaces available to volunteer. In the case that your application is unsuccessful there will be tickets held back to purchase so you can still attend the event.

Food Trader

Community 2023 needs a range of delicious and sustainable vegan food traders to come and serve the 4000 attendees. Click below to find out more details about how to apply.

Non Food Trader

Click below to find out more about coming to trade at Community 2023. We are looking for a range of services and suppliers to become part of the family, with a focus on improving the customer experience from start to finish.

Local and sustainable market traders and holistic therapists please apply to get involved.


Our aim is to make Community open and accessible, and for everyone to feel welcome and included at the event. Please read and fill in the accessibility form here or alternatively send an email to [email protected] and one of our team will get back to you soon.

Community is a small festival set in a beautiful greenfield site on the river Wye, postcode HR35RS, just 5 mins walk to Hay-on-Wye town centre.

The nearest train station is Hereford 25 miles from the site where there are buses to Hay Castle, around 15 minutes walk / a short taxi ride to the site.
Full address and access info will be sent to ticket holders before the event. We encourage attendees to use public transport and lift share where possible.
Please note: If you are planning on driving, a car park pass will need to be purchased at the cost of £10 in advance via the ticket page.

Community is a family friendly event. There will be a family area that will have educational and productive content curated throughout the day including forest school, children’s yoga and more.

We will have many vegan food traders onsite this year serving a delicious mix of locally sourced, healthy food and drinks throughout the weekend. You are also welcome to bring your own food with you, camping stoves that use gas canisters or 450g or less in size are allowed in the campsite. Please note that portable barbecues, campfires and larger gas canisters are not permitted.

Community is an alcohol-free event – please do not bring alcohol to the event.

There are a variety of camping and glamping options available onsite – please view options and purchase under tickets. If you’re planning to bring your own tent or live in vehicle to the campsite, please make sure you purchase your pitch in advance.
Alternatively there are plenty of local campsites and B&Bs available in nearby Hay-on-Wye.
Once you have your wristband (and car park pass if required), you are free to come and go throughout the weekend.

Content will be continuously released throughout the year, with the full programme coming out a few weeks before the event. We’re currently speaking with some amazing minds about attending – very special announcements coming soon!
Some of the activities will be available to book in advance – information will be released on the website about these when they are available.

The car park and campsite will be open at 11:00 on Friday 14th July. After the event, the campsite and car parks must be clear by 14:00 on Monday 17th July. More information and timings will be shared closer to the event.

Gates Close – 1100hrs Monday 17th July

The Stay Free Foundation is a charitable organisation run by Russell and Laura Brand. The Foundation will make grants using proceeds, focussing on people with addiction and mental health issues and the non-profit organisations that help them.
100% of profits from Community will go to the Foundation.

If you’ve purchased a ticket, you should have received an email with information, which will be required for entry. We are unable to accept any liability to replace any tickets lost, stolen, damaged or unauthorised use of e-ticket codes. If you can’t find the email with your ticket, please make sure to check your spam folder before contacting Ticket Sellers. Full ticket Ts & Cs can be found here.
We are unable to offer a refund unless the event is cancelled or postponed. If you purchased Booking Protection, you may be able to claim a refund through Booking Protect in certain circumstances, you can see a list here. These tend to be more serious things outside your control, such as injuries and accidents, so you will not be covered if you change your mind about attending. Booking Protect may also ask for evidence alongside your refund request.
  • Your downloaded ticket, car park and camping pass as required
  • A water bottle and/or camping mug
  • Comfy and warm clothing and waterproofs – just in case!
  • Everything you need for camping – tent, bedding, etc.
  • Battery pack & cables for phone charging
  • Toiletries, including towel & soap
  • Your yoga mat
  • Swimwear (for ice baths and the river)
  • A torch for when it gets dark
  • Cash and card are accepted across the site; please note there is no cashpoint onsite.

For safety reasons and for the consideration of your neighbours, we kindly ask that you leave the following items at home:

  • Fireworks or sky lanterns – as pretty as they look, they can and have set trees and fields on fire
  • Any glass bottles, for safety reasons
  • Alcohol or illegal substances – Community is an alcohol-free event
  • Pets – as much as we really love them, unfortunately only service dogs with proof sent in advance are permitted on the site :(
  • Sound systems
  • Generators
  • BBQs, campfires and open flames – these are not permitted in the campsite (camping stoves that use gas canisters or 450g or less in size are allowed in the campsite)
  • There are no lockers on site; We cannot take responsibility for lost or stolen items and recommend leaving valuables at home.

Missed out on the 2022 event?

Pre order our Exclusive Feature Film with all the best bits from Community 2022.

Radhika Das

For more than a decade, Radhika has spent much of his time falling in love with and sharing Kirtan and the ancient practices of Bhakti yoga.

Samantha Moyo

Samantha Moyo is a creative entrepreneur and movement builder. She founded the global movement, Morning Gloryville. Samantha will offer a pecha kucha style talk on “Community Building + the Power of saying YES”.

Lucy Sesto

A Yoga instructor with a background as an acrobatic GB gymnast. As an ex GB acrobatic gymnast, Lucy has always been drawn to fitness and movement.

Kirsty Gallagher

Kirsty Gallagher is a moon mentor, spiritual guide, meditation and yoga teacher, and Sunday Times bestselling author of Lunar Living.

Biet Simkin

Biet is the world-renowned meditation leader dubbed the “David Bowie of Meditation”. As a musician, Biet weaves the world of pop culture and spirituality, teaching practical applications of ancient spiritual wisdom.

Want to Canoe!

The Wye is by far one of the most beautiful rivers in the British Isles and one of the few you can navigate by canoe, and have a guided taster session during your time with us.

Rooted Forest School

Rooted Forest School is a collective of creative nature-based educators who have been facilitating Forest School and Outdoor Learning experiences for many years. Their mission is to create space and time for children and their families to experience nature, connect with themselves and others and have lots of messy fun at the same time!

Jasmine Hemsley

Jasmine Hemsley is a wellbeing expert, a chef and writer with a passion for Ayurveda, Jasmine believes in conscious, joyful living. Her 360-degree approach to health marries Eastern wisdom and holistic philosophies with the latest technology and developments in Western wellbeing.

Jay and Kestrel

Jay & Kestrel Oakwood are internationally known teachers & healers, specialising in Shamanism & Shamanic Healing. With over 40 years experience, working with tribal people world wide and at the Bridget Healing Centre in Glastonbury.


An underground sensation, bringing an uplifting fusion of African music and live electronics. The masterful 5-piece live show combines Gambian kora, Congolese guitar + Mandinka percussion styles with electronic music drawing on house, soca, hiphop, soul + jungle to create something entirely unique.

Sadie Horler

With her haunting vocals, Sadie performs with warmth and authenticity, captivating her audience with her engaging but unaffected presence. Her heartfelt lyrics are inspired by events and people around her with every song telling a compelling story you do not want to miss.

Man Like Nells

Man Like Nells is a trilingual artist / producer bringing innovation to British landscape and culture using English, French and Sangho to showcase his lyrical dexterity.

Black Mountain Roast

Boca Loco

Origin Pizza


Rule of Tum

Shepherds Parlour

Stable & Ground

Field and Found

La Madre Silver

Rachel Peacock

Stag & Seer

Reflexology With Alice

Tracy Holloway

Truth Codes

Hay therapies

River Flow Yoga

Moonstone healing

Berkshire printmakers

Chris Cleere BJJ

Turning Point


The Welsh Girl


OHM Illuminated

Brass Monkey


Savage Cabbage

Mossy Walkabout

Kayleigh Hunt Face painting

Dreamz Grow Trees

Couldn’t make it or just want to relive the day?

Don’t worry! We are putting together a feature-length experience to enjoy from home. All the best bits from the day with some exclusive content and behind the scenes footage.

Plant Based

We’ve sourced the best local and sustainable vegan food traders to keep you nourished.

Expect Origin Pizza, Boca Loco, Shepherds Ice Cream and Passion4Juice.

Getting There & Around

Hay is on the edge of the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park. The site is located on a green field on the banks of the River Wye, just five minutes walk from the centre of Hay.

Hay-on-Wye is situated just off the A438 between Brecon and Hereford. Community will be signposted.

The nearest railway station is Hereford, 21 miles away, and Hereford bus station is served by National Express coaches.

Options for travel:

Car / Train / Bus

Public transport information 08712 002233

Bus services in Herefordshire are currently FREE at the weekend:

The nearest bus stops to Community are:  Clock Tower and Hay Castle.

On Sundays, the 39A bus service runs Hereford – Hay – Hereford. Timetable:

Other bus services, Stagecoach South Wales and Yeomans Travel

Hereford bus station is served by coaches:

From London Victoria, London Heathrow, Cirencester and Gloucester

From Bradford, Leeds, Sheffield, Derby, Birmingham and Worcester

Coach information 0871 781 8181

Railway enquiries: 08457 484950

The nearest railway station is Hereford, 21 miles away. Hereford train station is served by regular trains:

  • Great Western Railway (GWR) from London Paddington, Reading (rail/air link from London Heathrow) and Oxford
  • Transport for Wales (TfW) from South West Wales, Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Cwmbran and Abergavenny
  • Transport for Wales (TfW) from Manchester Piccadilly, Stockport, Wilmslow, Crewe, Shrewsbury, Church Stretton, Craven Arms, Ludlow and Leominster
  • Transport for Wales (TfW) from North Wales, Chester, Wrexham and Gobowen (Oswestry)
  • West Midlands Trains from Birmingham New Street, Bromsgrove, Worcester Foregate Street, Great Malvern and Ledbury

A2B Taxis 01874 658 899
Booktown Taxis 07881 726 547
Julie’s Cabs 07899 846 592
Radnor & Kington Taxis 07831 898 361
Hay Bus Taxi 07974 106 656

Use Sat Nav postcode HR3 5LA

Car park at Hay On Wye is £10 / car this is to encourage lift sharing wherever possible, the car park is located next to the Community site, a short walk to the main entrance.

For electric cars – there is one fast charger available in the local area at Drover Cycle Hire (HR3 5EH) 01497 822 419

No parking on roads or grass verges near the site, there is ample parking in our car park.

People can connect with drivers with spare seats if they need help getting to the event. This can be a big contribution in reducing carbon emissions and congestion – it also saves money and a great way to meet like-minded people:

If you are feeling more ambitious and conscious of your travel footprint, why not consider walking some of the journey to Hay? Slow Ways is an initiative to create a national network of walking routes connecting all of Great Britain’s towns, cities and villages. Using existing paths, ways, trails and roads, people can use Slow Ways routes to walk or wheel between neighbouring settlements. It’s designed to make it easier for people to imagine, plan and go on walking journeys:

Community does not offer camping as part of the event. However, there are two suppliers in the next door field! Both of these will be offering the opportunity to come and stay with them for the days before and after the event.

Arrive early and explore the magical area that will be the ‘Community’ home – with the Wye Valley Walk and Offas Dyke Trail running through the site. Hay on Wye is a brisk 5 minute walk away. If you stay the night before you will be the first to gain access to the site and the range of inclusive activities that will require booking in person on the day.

Glamping Wales
Glamping Wales will be providing luxury tented accommodation exclusively for Community ticket holders, offering furnished, spacious bell tents, generously spaced around the field. There will be a welcoming communal marquee in which to relax and catch up with friends (or make new ones). They will be lighting a communal firepit on the Saturday night and non-alcoholic drinks will be served from the bar. Breakfast will be available to purchase on site.

In your tent you’ll find:

  • A comfy double futon bed with cotton bedlinen and towels
  • Fitted flooring, bedside tables
  • Battery lantern, mirror
  • Fairy lights and bunting

Onsite there will also be:

  • Welcoming communal marquee with non-alcoholic bar
  • Phone charging in the marquee
  • Communal fire pit
  • Hot showers
  • Portaloo toilets
  • Breakfast available to purchase

Prices from £495 for a double tent.

Additional single beds can be provided for £60 each (max 3).

Maximum of 5 people per tent – £675 (including children).

All Glamping guests must have a valid ticket for Community.

All Guests must be booked in prior to arrival.

Check-in from 12pm Sat 9 July, check out by 10am Mon 11 July.

There will be no access to the Community Event until the official opening of 0900hrs 10th July.

Larchwood Self-Pitch Tents
There are self pitch field camping pitches situated next to the Community site, these are run by Larchwood Studios and are suitable for tents with 20 x spaces for modest camper vans (such as V.W. campers or similar sized camping vehicles). There are no caravans or motorhomes spots available.

Family pitches
Shower and toilet block close by at the Larchwood Studio complex
Mains water points throughout the site
Braziers for open fires and cooking available
Firewood and charcoal for sale
Electric point for charging phones, etc
N.B. They do not offer electric hook up and we do not have any disposal facilities for chemical toilets
No dogs allowed

Hay-on-Wye and the surrounding area offer superb B&Bs and hotels set in some of the UK’s most glorious and spectacular countryside.

Prices from £53 upwards

Baskerville Hall, Hay On Wye
From £55 per night, per person

The Seven Stars, Guesthouse B&B, Hay On Wye
From £109 per night

The Firs, Hay On Wye
From £150 per night

Kilverts, Hay On Wye
From £115 per night

The Black Lion, Hay On Wye
From £106

The Griffin, Llyswen
From £60 per night

Green Dragon, Hereford
From £140 per night B&B

Russell Brand

I am a comedian. I am interested in change. I am interested in awakening – I feel we can do this together because I have changed so much in my own little life.

Wim Hof

‘The Iceman’ Wim Hof. Armed with his motto ‘what I am capable of, everybody can learn’, Wim Hof is convinced that everyone can tap into their inner potential without having to invest the same decades worth of study, travel and daring.

Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva Indian scholar, food sovereignty advocate and environmental activist. Shiva founded the Research Foundation for Science, Technology, and Ecology (RFSTE), an organization devoted to developing sustainable methods of agriculture.