Today I popped along to the protests seduced by nostalgia as much as any legitimate intention to change the world, for you see there was a time that within the truculent mass was where I was at my most happy.

The first protest I attended, I think by accident – I was too high to truly engage in activism, was the Liverpool Dockers protest in 1997. I was lured from a humid underground carriage into a furore of ricocheting protesters and mounted coppers. To me, that day, adolescent and in perpetual internal revolution, the spectacle of a horse galloping up Charring Cross could only have been trumped by the presence of a marauding dinosaur piddling up Nelson’s Column. It was exiting. Afterwards I learned about the circumstances of the protest and the poor treatment of the Unions but my interest was initially piqued by the chaos.

From then I nurtured my curiosity in activism, too personally ambitious to be completely submerged in a culture that eschewed the pursuit of personal stardom but sufficiently idealistic and enamoured of agitation to become hooked.

On Mayday 2001 I found a way to align my attention seeking with the anti-capitalist movement when I stripped off in Piccadilly Circus on the steps of the statue of Eros until, at the point of total nudity, with my Che Guevara Y-fronts about my ankles the Metropolitan Police Force did the decent thing and nicked me. My incentive that day was a combination of youthful idealism and personal exhibitionism – although as exhibitions go it was a bit rubbish until the point I was arrested. It was a striptease with all the erotic appeal of a frazzled bachelor undressing for a prostate exam with the deluded hope that a student nurse might think him a bit beefy.

Once the police folded in around me though the show developed momentum. I was dragged off, feigning an epileptic fit – a tip I’d likely acquired from a leaflet off an anarchist while a crafty plod surreptitiously issued clandestine pinches to my twitching body.

The sincere aspect of my attendance to these carnivals of disobedience is my instinctive mistrust of authority and innate belief that whilst we are different we are all equal and have a social culpability to care for every member of our society. That, ultimately we are one, that separation is an illusion and that none of us can be content as long as there is neglect and suffering among the weaker of our number.


The distinction between the man I am now and the giddy hedonistic whirling slash of febrile discontentment I was the last time I was flung in the back of a police vehicle is two-fold and obvious; firstly, I no longer drink or take drugs and secondly, I am now famous.

On approaching Threadneedle Street I heard the numinous roar. The concerto that’s unthinkingly composed wherever the rowdy congregate, a chant that would be animal but for its wordless articulacy, for no congregation of beasts can emit such raucous harmony. As I met the throng, the incongruous mass that occupied the Square Mile – making it, for once a Hip Mile, I breathed in the banners and chants and the sweet youthful purpose that prevailed from those present regardless of their age – the Sixties refugees all tie-dye and ganja seem younger somehow than the black-block adolescents in their secular hijabs of hoods and scarves.

Brief though the moment was as for every protester now there is an attendant news crew and photographer – I know I had one – but at the Bank of England at noon we were all Puff Daddy – Limos, demos and bimbos replaced with ASBO’s, DEMOS and symbols and as I sought to subtly submerge myself into my former home – the crowd, I was suddenly clad in a full media jacket, like I was the prettiest girl at the ball and I’d just popped a cigarillo between my perfect lips and instantly the air around me is ablaze with Zippos. But instead of flames it was all flash bulbs and microphones and on-the-scene reporters.

An antagonistic prig from Sky ushered me towards his prerequisite idiocy – “You’re live on Sky – what are you angry about?” In my mind I answered “Well primarily being live on Sky and needing a wee.” But I issued naught from my gullet as I didn’t fancy the gig. I overheard him finishing his clunking link “Russell Brand there – unusually tight lipped” in that moment I wished for a language that could incorporate micturation then I’d’ve delivered a streaming gold quotation right into his smug-dish – “there! Cop for that, there’s my opinion splashing across yer brow – I only wish I still ate Sugar Puffs.”

I’ve spent so long trying to distinguish myself from the crowd that now I cannot rejoin it. Except at Upton Park; when the Hammers roll out they’re the only show in town, I could stand in the Chicken Run noshing off Whitney Houston on a Wednesday night against Stoke and no one would mutter a word unless her flailing limbs obscured a corner but today on the precipice of a riot I could not take a step without incessantly legitimising my presence to the inquisitive pack.

Well here it is. Capitalism has failed us. All of us, even people who’ve recently become well off, like me. The system has failed because it’s created disparity and discontent because it is devouring the planet. It is irresponsible and unaccountable and it will forever cyclically fail so we need to look at an alternative.

I’m sure you won’t be astonished to learn that I, Russell Brand, the stand-up comedian have not dreamt up a viable replacement for the Free Market between gigs and joyless trysts but I know all over the world, in the face of incredible obstruction and resistance, people are inaugurating economic systems that are founded on fairness and egalitarianism. Worker run factories, villages without currency and even in Blighty, council estates bulk buying shopping to make benefits go further.

With the support of central government and an accompanying ideology that encouraged collectivism imagine what we could conjure.

This lovely French journalist harangued me as the conflagration heated up – “people over there are being arrested – you should go over and use your fame for good.” Quite. “By the power vested in me by Big Brother’s Big Mouth I command you to release that anarchist.” Of course I’d like to harness my celebrity for altruistic ends but in the field, at that moment I don’t know what legislative authority I have as a result of my appearance in the film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. “Officer – I played the part of Mickey the Room Service waiter in the Disney movie Bedtime Stories and as such I command you to let us cross this line”.

Interaction with the police is another troubling aspect of these affairs. Once pressed against the thin blue line in the white heat of a Reclaim The Streets conflict I observed that the accents formed behind the plastic shields and helmets were far more familiar to me than the ones muffled by bandanas. Today I met a Peeler who stopped me as I passed to tell me that he was called Russell and came from Grays in Essex, where I’m from. I squeezed his shoulder in acknowledgement and noted that beneath his uniform he wore body armour like a chunky thick Toblerone between us and I felt worried for the poor fella.

Then there was the other type of policeman that we all know and love, that arbitrarily used his power for a momentary personal buzz and denied me the right to cross a line to use a loo while others freely wandered through, his decision based on a mechanism that I could not perceive as it whirred and clicked in prejudicial bliss beneath his badge. So the Met today in my experience presented one affable chap and one twit which is pretty good odds in a tricky situation.

In the end I prematurely departed, unable to find a place, too conspicuous for the crowd with people wanting interviews and autographs so I left and felt a pang for the anonymous loony I was, the sweet and tender hooligan and inveterate show off who saw these days as a valve for all the maladies accrued up till then.

These protests are important, it thrills me to see people putting aside the relentless tyranny of the self and acknowledging in action community and oneness but more significant will be the umpteen Wednesdays to come, where no direct action is prescribed, a continuing process of change based on simple spiritual principles, more than an outlet for our rage we need a structure for our love.

Tolstoy said everyone speaks of changing the world but no one speaks of changing themselves, ironically given my Olympian solipsism, I am going to have to focus further on myself, on becoming an individual worthy of utopia then, regardless of my notoriety, I will be equipped to participate in our revolution.

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  1. Brillianto Mr Brand.

    Again, thanks very much for the replies on Twitter.

    Ill hold our revolutionary agreement to you if thats alright. Im first in line though eh?

    Much love


  2. It´s quite alright if you focus on your comedy. Every revolution needs a couple of really good jokes to keep it going – and the man will never have anyone of your quality of their team!

  3. I saw you being pestered by Sky on the news – I’m sorry you can’t have a little time to just engage with the day anonymously and be part of it like anyone else.

    I was pleased to see you there and thank you for this most interesting perspective on both the event and yourself.


  4. Love it… Yeah – I was one of those photographers and hell, I’ve never seen so many of us in one clump, ever before… most odd!

    Hope ya day was just grand.

    Sime ( @gtvone )

  5. It must be odd for you to not be able to join in as others do and get attention when you don’t want it. Russell what you do though is draw your fans attention to it which hopefully will make them stop and think about the way the world operates instead of accepting the status quo. If a few do that because of you, thats a good thing and makes up for you not being able to properly join in.

  6. Brilliant view of the day. Thanks for protesting – so many of us can’t (work won’t let us, money won’t stretch to ridiculous fares etc)… for every protester there must be thousands who wished them well and thanked their effort.

    THanks so much for yours

    Tina Louise x

  7. I agree, there is nothing like the rush from a bit of civil disobedience…what a shame you’re too famous (and sober) to really enjoy it these days.

    Good show for making an effort though.

  8. Spending money toward alternative energy would be a start, something Obama is working toward doing, while our government is doing sweet sod all. But, other than that, if capitalism carrys on drinking from Mother Earth, a revolution might be needed; just to make certain the planet doesn’t go tits up.

    Cheers for the post, Russell.

  9. Your intelligence and ability to convey your days events with such intriguing Brilliance.

  10. “Tolstoy said everyone speaks of changing the world but no one speaks of changing themselves”

    very true.

  11. It is truly heartening to know that someone of your fame sought to participate in this protest.

  12. Excellent article there, the written word will last longer and is much more effective than a quick tv interview which may well then be cut to suit someone elses means. xx

  13. eloquant and deliciously put as always. Don’t you wish you could have an invisibility cloak at times like these where you can mingle in places you ought not to be ………
    I’ve never had the deep rooted feeling to be involved in protesting however recently with scandal after scandal involving the rule makers and money holders I feel the need to pay attention and do more than wag my finger at the telly and shout at the abusers of all my taxes I pay. So to this end I send my thanks to you as my chosen member of the peaceful protesters today ta

  14. I am not capable of expressing how important you are to society, bringing the revolution to a small and insignificant American girl.

  15. Went down to see the climate camp (the tents down Bishopsgate) this afternoon, lovely bunch of people there, great atmosphere and not a hint of tension.

    Really troubled to see that tonight the police are penning them in, hope they have a safe night.

  16. Interesting piece.

    Today was indeed a crazy day, and the shenanigans will continue tomorrow. Surely you could go incognito, to avoid pesky journalists?

  17. Quite right too. I feel the same, but wouldn’t have worded it quite so well.

    Thanks Russell x

  18. How insightful you are sweet Russell! Indeed, the world changes one person at a time, one thought at a time. I am reminded of the lyrics to Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love”.

    “you look inside your heart, I’ll look inside mine”

    Blessings, Love and Light to you always!
    Helen Crystalheart

  19. Brilliant writing, congrats!
    While I support focused protests but I think todays ones failed. No unified messge was given. If Captailism has failed, what is the alternative? Communism did not work, human greed won’t let it.What the word need is accountability not city workers throwing 10 quid at people or twats with signs saying Fuck the consumer.

  20. Fabulous piece as per usual. It’s good to stand for what you believe in.

    I’ve never been on a protest before but it looks like something I should try. I work on the main protest route in Brussels and have seen thousands of people pass by and I have stood by my window in support even though I couldn’t join them. I have always taken pictures as well because I thought it worthy.

    I admire you, Russell. You are a great person. Thanks for that!

  21. I find myself very much looking forward to your writings now :)

    Shame you weren’t allowed to blend in today but great that you did get there.

    Suze xx

  22. p.s.

    Looking with others for ways to harness today’s London #G20 protest into a mass that can work together in the future – any ideas …anyone?

  23. I’m so proud that you were there Russell, you speak for many of us. You are truly an inspirational person who warms the mind and heart. Lx

  24. Well written as usual! I appreciate that unlike many celebrities you partook in such events before you became famous. Far too often it is difficult to take opinionated celebrities seriously because their efforts feel like PR stunts. Thank you for acknowledging that even though you have benefited from capitalism, it is a problematic system that cannot be resolved with simple solutions.

  25. I just can’t decide which part of your work I like better, a. the style or b. the substance. Not many people write as well as you Russell Brand! Keep ’em coming, please.

  26. Very well put.
    To reiterate the words of Tina Louise, there must have been thousands who were wishing the peaceful protesters well who couldn’t make it themselves.
    We’ll get there eventually.

  27. Nice blog. It is a shame u cant go off and spread your anarchy and show your support for the cause. Unfortunately you are now under a harsh media glare that is the downside to being in the public eye. But u now can show your support and beliefs through the benefits and gigs u do. Your still making a difference but are forced now 2 do it in a different way. But if u want 2 explode you always have your football! X

  28. I think the rest of us take for granted our ability to blend into the crowd; I for one would not relinquish it gladly. Even Che Guevara himself became something of a celebrity in the Cuban revolutionary war, and as a consequence even more of a target than his companeros – just be glad they were pointing cameras at you, and not sub machine guns.

    P.S. you looked hot in that hat ;)

  29. Russell you are so brilliant. You don’t get enough credit for how brilliant you are and it’s a shame. I do agree everyone should focusing on changing themselves. One change at a time is all it takes in this world.

  30. I remember the chaos of the G8 when it was held near my hometown. To see the passion in the protesters eyes was very moving. Terrible that you could fade into the crowd and enjoy the mayhem. Best wishes on this Day of Fools.

  31. Great writing, as always, though I think you need to be on your guard you don’t turn into a sort of male Kathy Lette, and end up speaking and writing purely in soundbites. And as always your honesty and self-disclosure is refreshing.
    best – James

  32. I realise this will mark me out as the superficial wotsit i am, but i must comment that you do look rather tasty in your hat.

    Perhaps i am just hungry – as i have mentioned both wotsits and tastiness in one line.



  33. You raise an interesting question regarding fame. What makes you different from any other person, other than that your job puts you square in front of an audience. Of course you are good at what you do otherwise hence the growing nature of your celebrity-dom. But what about loads of other people that are doing their job well, but have no audience, many who were probably at that protest along with you? Who wants to hear what they have to say? That is the society that we live in for better or worse. It would be a fair place if everyone’s voice was heard as loud and clear at yours, but that’s not how it works. So as irritating as fame maybe, people are listening to you, so keep on speaking. You’ve got me hooked to your words….Viva la revolution!!

  34. Ah, sweet sweet revolution.
    Some day it’ll happen. It is all in the works right now. People just don’t want to face the reality that the system is breaking in many places of the world.

    It only takes one person to lead, and capture the hearts and minds of others. Power is strong in one man then grows in a group. I am sure now that people have spotted you among the vigorous crowd. Many will fallow behind you; there are already so many.

    I’m glad you got to go, even though people kept stopping you. I wish I could participate in something that I strongely believe in. I should look around for a protest, haha.

    Wonderful writing as usual. You honestly don’t have to ask what we think. Everyone already thinks splended thoughts of you and your work.

  35. damn that magic wand of fame not working!!! People are so stupid “ooohhh hes famous he’ll sort it” ehh bono hasnt sorted global poverty bob geldolf hasnt stopped the starving children in africa….people have to look at them selves first to change

  36. So beautifully writte,Russell,you always write with deep passion,i am always so touched by your writing,blogs,speeches,tc…

    Thank you always

  37. It is so true that many of us in a bid to change the world overlook changing ourselves first. My household are certainly recently more aware of the little things we can do to make a difference. It’s a start I suppose. Little acorns and all that.
    It was a worthy protest today and one I unfortunately had to support from my sofa and a shame that you couldn’t do as much as you would have liked without being pestered. No disrespect but why was your opinion more important than any of the other people standing around you? Everyone had a valid reason for being there did they not? Well done for trying and to all those others who attended.
    Much love.

  38. You are a brilliant shining star (drenched in awesomesauce) and have used your fame for good. I must now reflect on my own life.

    *punches self in face*
    *cries in fetal*

    better now.

  39. Well, something eventually has to replace capitalism. That’s how sociology works. It’s just part of life. It’s a continuous cycle. Whether it’s socialism or something else I don’t think anyone knows. I too think the government is pretty worthless even though I’m from the U.S. I’m not too familiar with British politics but I can assume there are common ideals. People have to stand up for what they believe in or there really isn’t any point. Everyone just fades into the background. I wish more people here would protest but people are too close minded. The government should be afraid of the people, not the people afraid of the government.

  40. Change is the theme of this new century, no? I’ll add more food for thought on change. It seems change typically does not come in momentous shifts. The U.S. historian John Hope was a key leader in the civil rights movement and he said “Little by little, chip by chip, you CAN change things and I’m willing to keep on trying.” He lived though segregation and was able to see our first black president elected into office. So keep chipping away and change will come….
    Thank you for the good blogs!

  41. Although you had to leave today, know that possibly many of those people were there having heard and obsorbed you message of equality, love, and revolution. You do your work by living it Russell.

  42. I was reading about this in Yahoo news today. I’m glad you were there and could give your feeling on this situation. Ingenious how the world works now….

    Love the post.. as all the others.

    Giving you some love… :)

  43. Hey Russel, if you’re into this sort of thing, we would love it if you would hype the IMF/World Bank protests in Washington, DC from April 24-26. The IMF has been given a new lease on life by the G20 and this is the next place to keep the pressure on.

    I’m an organizer with a group called Global Justice Action ( and we organized demos and a People’s Forum and parties against the G20 when it met in DC back on November 15.

  44. Hi Russell, I worked for the Victorian Trades Hall Council for 11 years. It’s an organisation that represents all the unions in Victoria. When I started I was very neive and sheltered to the plight of workers and the way they are treated. There are more employees than employers in the world so we should never stop standing up for our rights whether at work or in life. Thanks for your blogs.

  45. I wish your blog was mobile friendly. I’d love to read this via blackberry when I’m on the go :)

  46. I’m glad you made the effort…I wish I was able to attend. I’m just watching from the sidelines in Arizona.

    Many Blessings to All the Protestors

  47. i feel this is something you do more for yourself – y’no to help others not to draw attention to yourself for publicity..

    do you no get fed up by the public surrounding you as a celeb and not as a person?

    i do thank you for your efforts in protesting though,
    i and MANY people appriciate this

    reply too me on twitter if you can? @portlock

  48. “Capitalism has failed us.”
    I find myself agreeing with you to a ridiculous extent. Happy Protesting.

  49. Fanatastic piece, i really enjoyed the very different perspective of the day. And i’m more than a little sorry you can no longer be the needle in a haystack, but hats off to you for going anyway!

  50. I know what you mean about the cops these days often being more of the people than the protesters.

    You tried to change the world ‘old school’ style. Now go be a good celebrity and have one of your minions find a third world orphan for you to adopt.;-)

  51. You write beautifully. I felt as if I was right there with you. Nicely done. Always enjoy the twitter updates as well! ciao ciao

  52. Saw your tweet and thought I’d mosey over to check it out. Well written sir.

    I’m still all for capitalism (would the collective state even support comedy?) and I think technology will be one of our saviors. The internet is the greatest equalizer of all, I think. Everyone can find a voice here and people are mostly judged by their thoughts and ideas rather than what they look like.

    But it does break my heart to see a poor infamous character such as yourself unable to blend with the masses without harassment from the media. Damn the paparazzi.

    Happy April 1st Russell Brand.

  53. “capitalism has failed us” buy luckily I can still line your pockets by buying your DVDs and book from this blog. Phew.

  54. Hello Russell, you saucy hound :)
    I liked this, its rather lovely.
    You are also rather lovely. I like the way you speak and write, all your words are mellifluous.
    Me and my mates were well miffed we missed this protest. we were stuck in Manchester (damn and blast!) if we’d had the time and money we well would of been there.
    I saw some of it on the telly before,
    i couldn’t help thinking about how adrenaline pumping it looked.

    I loved this post, bring us more please.

    peace out cub scout


  55. Other than a slight disagreement with the particulars (I will never see the government as a force “for the people,” arguably the local ma/pa shops–a development of capitalism, yes, are more a function of the people than anything my local congressman could conjure up)…

    I tremendously enjoyed the blog! It demonstrated a unique perspective into the events…I am currently watching on the tv…miles away.

    What an amazing document this writing will make for history…you laugh now…but I can envision future historians sitting in dusty computer labs…curiously scanning your blog for information on the origins of the 21st century revolution…

    Well done… :)

  56. I’m mad as hell! and I’m not gonna take it anymore!!…as soon as I can find a way to get the money to move back to the town I was forced to leave, and replace the house I had to give up, and can be relatively sure that my family won’t be as close to being homeless as we came too close to being,…I’m going to be sure to get all activisty. At least more politically active. I’ll start by never letting my husband forget that it was HIS party that got us into this mess. Smugblicans. ….EXcellent piece Russell <3 xo

  57. I’ve only been to a handful of demonstrations and protests myself and I have to say it’s truely refreshing to see even a fractional percentage of society’s youth more interested in the world around them than simply getting blue-blind paralytic drunk by any means necessary.

    Even if the initial draw to such events is, like you said, piqued by the chaos rather than the cause, atleast they’re out there and being introduced to an alternative to the lemming-lifestyle that’s been thrust upon them by society.

    Thanks for the post, Russell.

  58. I kind of felt like the people there were speaking for the rest of us out of country who couldn’t attend. It must have been a very unique experience just being there. Thanks for letting us in on what that was like.

  59. “Tolstoy said everyone speaks of changing the world but no one speaks of changing themselves.” That is a great quote.

    I think that is the root of the problem. And as a species we are deeply unimaginative about the consequences of our individual behaviour. I am staggered by how stupid we are at times.
    I have no idea how things are going to pan out.
    I had a bit of a tiff with someone the month before Brown took over and said the whole “Brilliant Economy” was a bubble and did not exist. They said I was being ridiculous and that we were in a golden age.
    If I could see it was in illusion and about to crash, why couldnt the experts? I feel there might be revolution, I said so to an Oz friend of mine 4 months ago. I hope I am wrong, but it has gone into a new sphere out there. Headless chickens etc. I wonder if the meetings this week will do any good at all. Not mice in a boat of cheese I hope.

  60. Oh, Russ, if you haven’t you must discover Abbie Hoffman.
    He was a political organizer in the 1960s.
    Made Wall Street look like the animals they are by throwing fake money and photographing how instantly they dropped to the ground and clawed at it, like it was food for their starving vulture bellies.
    He found his charisma and charm and attractiveness tools to help lead a revolution and worked the media to his advantage.
    You could do great things for the crowd, personality only.

  61. Well thought and beautifully put, as always. I wish I had protests somewhere near my house. It’s sounds so invigorating, it’s so boring here. Will you come to Michigan and start a revolution? x

  62. Your brilliant blogs are becoming like daily nourishment for me. I hope you don’t tire and I starve.

  63. I saw some of the critique of your participation in various media today and immediately felt a bit protective of you. Strange how we celebrate pop stars and footballers who willingly let their names and faces be used to promote rampant consumerism, but we can’t seem to accept that a successful comedian might support a protest against a clearly defunct system.

    Anyway Russell – I don’t think anyone is expecting you to come up with a new economic system – we’re just happy that there’s someone there representing our views and being brave enough to do it in the face of ridicule.

    And as you’ve said yourself – you’re just a guy out there trying your hardest.

  64. It’s sad to see that you can no longer be unknown within a crowd of people, something that we have learned you crave at times. You want to return to the anonymous life you once had whilst retaining your fame, something which cannot happen now.
    Instead, you have given the world, or at least the British, someone to cherish within the controversy that is your career. You might not be able to remain anonymous in a crowd anymore but you can still lead a Revolution, calling for a better world in which we are all equal, based upon the divine notion of love, the force which unifies and drives us all.

    Once again, your writing captivated me from the first sentence. I enjoy reading your pieces and look forward to many more.

    Genuine Love. xxx

  65. It’s too bad that Monsieur Bejart is no longer alive. We would easly stage a beautiful work of the going-ons of -8. Meanwile, I’m reshearing for next leg of tour here in Lausanne. Next stop is Genes for 2 weeks and retur to Lausanne before returning to Paris for two wonderful weeks in June.

    Friend from Chicago sent me a copy of your book. Have just started reading it. The 1st few pages had me experiencing numerous emotions, something I generally reserve for stage. During two-week interludes between tour legs, have been buy learning new works with new boys. as addorable they may be, w may as weell give them dolls to learn on as my body reeks from unadulturated pain before rehersals end. If fees as thoufh my right wrist may never by the same.

    Glad you’re at your home base — goodtime to regroup — your cat will regroup in short order as they always do. signing off for now. Merde, bise.

  66. Hey Russell,

    I just love your writing, It’s fantastic you still went despite being harrassed by the media. Hope you made it to the toilet.


  67. Cool post man, but really stay away from all the shlocky stuff you’ve done, the like VH1 music awards and the like. They aren’t you, man. Don’t sell-out!

  68. Hi Russell,

    Fair play to you for trying to join in the protest, it’s a shame it was spoilt for you by the hoards of journalists and photographers but i guess that’s all part and parcel of your life now. That must be pretty annoying though!

    Love your work (just wish you still did your radio show – i miss you!).

    Take care, Tanya x

  69. I live in America, and I may sound like an ignorant, stupid, and uttlery uneducated American, but what exactly are you protesting? It is wonderful for one, or many, to be standing up for what one believes in, but what is you alternative? A Revolution seems like an expentially vague idea of change.
    When I visited the White House, there was a man, sitting on a bucket, with a ham, and a very long beard. He was sitting under what seemed to be a starting of a tent. This man was a protestor of Nuclear Bombing, and he had been there since 1981. Alone. Homeless. Cold. He showed astronomical devotion, even though everyone would stop and stare, or even, quite rudely, take pictures unabashidly.
    It seems very indulgent to think that one should march down and protest for one day, with no real other alternative for the problem at hand. I do not exaclty completley agree with your government all the time, but many other countries and nations have governments that give the citizens no equality, or say, in what they do.
    If one would like to see a change, one should go and try to make a bill, law, or whatever. These riots, or protests, seem like they barely recieve the governement’s attention, escpecially when all the people in it do not seem keenly devoted to it.
    To make change, there has to be something to change to. A revolution would be very difficult for a government. It would mean that there was the possibilty of being estimated as weak, therefore easy to control, and there may be more riots and rampages. These may cause destruction and anniliahtion of property, and more people angry. It is a cycle that could lead to devastation for any country.

    Good try though. And good luck.

    PS. maybe a disguise would work…..for a next time

  70. In case no one has told you today, you are flippin’ brilliant. Thank you for sharing your sober wit with us ~ may we all continue to strive to be worthy of Utopia, or perhaps worthy of the lives we create for ourselves and the people in them.

  71. Great post, chap. It’s great to get info free from the media filters while following this in the States.

  72. It’s not much fun being charged by a mounted police officer, even looking back at the event after more than twenty years. In my case, I’d joined a student protest trying to seize control of the bridge at Westminster to make our voices heard in the Commons that student grants should not be replaced by loans in a society based on principles of social justice and free education.

    Your participation, or your presence, at today’s demonstration was valid and worthwhile because you have the benefit of adulthood and your contribution in writing your above observations, for example, speaks beyond the mere chanting of the masses in the street. When you squeezed the shoulder of Pc Toblerone, for example, you were using as a powerful social weapon the wisdom and intelligence you had acquired from your experience in life.

    I do not share your optimism that there is any collective “we” that will readily accept alternative methods of wealth creation and distribution, but we can all use wit and humour try to embarrass the present system up to the point where it is forced by unpopularity to accept reform without the need for a single drop of blood to be shed.

  73. We first heard about you being at the protest on when Alex told us on his show that you were being put on the spot by Sky TV …

    Well done for being there and for your lovely thought provoking blog…

    Hare Krishna x

  74. I do so wonder, why, during an anti-capitalist protest, the shoe shops and sweet shops were boarded up, but not the banks! Speak of provocation you say? hm. I notice Obama speak amongst the comment line! I am unsure why people still believe he is their saviour! Saviour from an early transcendence? Maybe! If destitution, hypocrisy and tyranny are the expectations and the hopes of ones tomorrow!!! mwahah! May hands be held and rainbow’s smiled in such surreal times as these! xx

  75. Responsibility is the key to Freedom. Ultimately, you are resposbile for your situation and you and only you can change it.

    Whatever you THINK you are RIGHT.

    There is nothing to fear but FEAR itself.

    Here world.. REAL LOVE… I wrap you up in my arms and squish love into you! With all my heart.

  76. Oh I don’t know Russell. If you’d gone out without your minders, management staff and assorted entourage, perhaps you could have managed to actually participate. Still, at least you were safe from the maddening crowd.

  77. Much love, first off.
    Just mulling over that quote by Tolstoy a day or so ago. Think it may have been on a commercial.
    I think about changing myself all the time, which is a step in the right direction.
    And you, Mr. Brand, have changed considerably for the better.

    But we have to remember that no one is perfect, so going about making yourself as close to perfect as possible and ignoring the world around you isn’t exactly a decent plan.

    I think the saying “When one door shuts, another one opens” applies to issues all over the globe. Solve one, and it starts another. But we have to prioritize, and press on.

    Lovely read, my dear. x

  78. I’m from Essex. And my Dad’s part of the ‘raging bacon brigade”……….this means I win. Go fish. Top trumps. Mrs.Bread, the bakers wife etc. etc.

    Seriously though…good words.

  79. I love you.

    Potentially that’s a bit much to start with, and rather cliche I suppose, as well as something of an impossibility on any real scale because we have not actually met (and regardless of how much you give of yourself during your public interactions you cannot truly be conveying 100% you) but I think it’s true.

    I agree with the ideas you have shared and am so happy you exist.

    Waiting for the revolution.

  80. Well, it seems that over time you’ve become an “icon”. No longer the faceless protester. Much like Bill Gates went from the geek that wishes he could get laid to the worlds richest geek that runs Microsoft, a capitalist brand that anti-capitlaist protesters use.
    Yes, protests have changed. These days, these “April fools” wear masks, hoods, scarves. Damn, why does an anti-capitalist carry an i-phone?? I can’t afford one.

  81. self awareness – both a blessing and a curse and this blog is steeped in it. it is both our imprisoning and our salvation. socrates showed us how important it is and eventually died for it. now lets together finally use it to help each other, to do the right thing, to break free from the shackles of self and be simultaneously profane and divine.

  82. An interesting P.O.V. from someone I consider to be celebrity. Great use of language also.

  83. Russell…. Question….

    In a world without capitalism… will there still be beautiful things, special treasures to inspire us and will we create beautiful places to live, work and play?

    I must have that…. truth, love and beauty please.

    Can capitalism work if all of us believe it can work for all of us?

    I believe we can all live in comfort, beauty, joy, tenderly, passionately and in harmony with nature.

    Is that capitalism with a conscience with a soul?

  84. hhmn, thankyou. Something is a happening! I think you know the secret. I loved you on the radio, I loved you at Blackpool (and allow myself a little time each day to remember when our eyes met; before you dissapeared through those big heavily guarded doors.) If we could all see each other through your eyes the world would be a better place. I am excited about your future, you make my present perfect. I am haunted by your beautiful kind eyes.

  85. Thanks for the perspective, Mr. Brand – it’s hard to get one from Michigan. I agree with Tina Louise: “Thanks for protesting – so many of us can’t”.

    Keep up the conscience, philosophy, etc. :)

  86. You impressed me when I found out you are Vegan, and now you’re a conscious objector to the system that grinds the working and lower-middle classes to dust and rapes the planet.

    Great stuff!

  87. i am loving your way with words the more and more entries i read from you. You are awesome and hold a piece of my heart because of how lovely you are.

  88. For me, the best thing you’ve written…yet.

    I agree there are inspiring stories around the world of how communities have come together to challenge structural inequalities and to define an alternative democracy premised on an egalitarian economic system. I am hopeful that we are in a historical moment when the super-structure will also be so inspired, but then again, I am in the land of Obama where optimism still reigns, however tenuously.

    Sad to read of your visa troubles for India. Is this the result of your transgressive past? Institutional memory vs. institutional forgiveness? And this in an era when we expected communities to forgive and reconcile with, for example, genocidal killers of family living in their midst. Send the Indian government your essay to show them your true self.

    Take some love, sent on the petals of lotus flowers, floating down the Gangetic waters of absolution.


  89. I find myself becoming addicted to the depth of feeling in your writings and look forward to the next with great anticipation.

    Peace and Love.

  90. Amazing!it is a shame that you look at your fame as such a hindrance because although you cannot join the crowd as you wish to do, by posting these articles on your website and appearing on the news it shows thousands more people what you stand for and what how they can make a difference in the world and because all of the peole that admire you and know who you are, it has an effect on many more people than just standing in the crowd without fame ever usually would.

    Much Love,
    Rebekah Mattson

  91. i’m sorry you’re no longer able to be a part of the annonymous (if naked) faces, but i must say, i’m glad you’re not.. otherwise, we wouldn’t have gotten to know and love you. (i know, that’s purely selfish of me.)

    kimber (@kimber_leigh)

  92. I agree with you. For example, it is miserable to see someone begging for food and realize that there’s no reason for that, none at all. Amartya Sen has written some wonderful books on the supply and demand of food (and other economic and social issues) , and basically people going hungry is mental. I suppose that’s why it feels good when you give a homeless person money. It establishes a connection and it is less guilt for having so much and still complaining about shit like cable TV or text messages. I know that some people will say, “well that person is going to use that money for drugs”. However, I like to think that they will use it for food. Besides, once I hand over the money its none of my business what happens to the money.

  93. No doubt the Daily M@il will have us believe that you personally smashed your way into a bank and stole hundreds of those little plastic bags that coins come in, before tearing the biros from their chains, and fleeing with your gang of hooligan cronies.

  94. Russell, I love you as much as the next sycophant – but what were you looking for when you wrote this? Pity?

  95. I totally agree with you that capitalism has failed us and that the ever growing chasm between the haves and have nots is in danger of swallowing this planet whole. The time is now for change and change does indeed start with each individual. We have to treat our earth, our animals and our peoples with a lot more love and compassion or there will be no hope for the redemption of the human race. Goddess bless you for making and appearance and for wanting to do more.

    Russell, I want to give you the biggest hug after reading that last paragraph. You’ve come a long way baby and there’s no telling what you will be able to achieve, but I have the feeling that it will be nothing less than greatness (and not just at shagging either). Lots of love & light, Christine xox

  96. Russell,

    me and my friend were just talking of you coming out to protest today, and we are both very happy that you showed today, my friend is now a little sore after having been caught up and having taken a beating from a few cops in riot gear, got the 1986 public order act thrown at him and I am now feeding him with pizza and lucozade off to a squat party in Rampart st east London, feel free to join!

  97. well written russell. i wish more people like you cared as much as you do. you have so many great views on this world and the problems. keep up i will follow you here there everywhere. i hope you make an impact on alot more people to care. keep protesting, and ill keep praying things get better for us all. hugs and love russell

  98. hey russ, have a visit to tim westwood if you want to go incognito at your next protest!
    there is a link between capitalism and the destruction of the environment you were discussing in your previous blog. i think the solution is to find a way to use capitalism to solve these problems rather than create them. kind capitalism. there are plenty of organizations and individuals who use their wealth for good and not evil. how can we make that palatable to the masses?
    help begets help. compassion for another person will lead to compassion from that person, which ultimately means compassion toward the self.


  99. I really think you’re gonna go big places Mr Brand … You’re so perceptive about everything its unreal and so educated on … its seems… everything!! Its a shame you can’t just get out there and do your thing but I think that in years to come you’re gonna have such a big impact on our society that it will be worth it. People like you don’t come around often, yeah, you get the Madonna’s and Geldof’s of the world but with you it seems different, you have compassion and passion but without being affected! And thats so endearing!

    Watch this space i reakon,


  100. I twittered about the guy on Sky as soon as it happened.

    Decidedly odd coverage from them. I think they were hoping for carnage. :(

    Keep on doing what you do.

  101. Russ I must admit that you have really suprised me and this site has definately enabled me to enjoy another side to your personality.

    I love your style of writing, your thought provoking honesty and wit thanks.

    I think I am now going to have to go and buy your book. Or you could always send me a signed copy lol!

    I look forward to reading more from you.

  102. Very detailed. You made me grab a dictionary again for ‘truculent’. I’m glad to see you are active in change, and I notice you admit you haven’t an alternative idea on the subject of the protest.

    Though, don’t give up on capitalism, it can work. You are great example and inspiration to becoming ‘well off’ myself.

  103. “If you can’t change yourself, how can you expect it?” – Confucius.

    It cool you bothered to go :)


  104. Russell Brand – you are amazing. You attended the protest really as the ultimate observer and now you have put it down “on paper” for all to read. We need you in the world; and bless you ten times over.

  105. russell i do admire how much you care about other people in the world. it makes you a better person. im proud to know you care about whats going on in the world. ill keep watching to see what happens next. your the best thing thats happend in a long time. very good read. cant wait to see whats next. i think there should be more people like you to care about mother earth. bless you russell much love n hugs always

  106. Oh man, someone died. That sucks. Yes I can imagine that you now do not feel able to join in. I imagine the anarchy kids wouldn´t have been as keen for a millionaire to be hanging around. Shame, considering they are all mostly from upper middle-class families. I think fixing things on a personal level is the first step. Otherwise it´ll never work.

  107. If it makes you feel any better, anyone who has spent time focusing on “standing apart from the crowd” finds it impossible to rejoin it. Even if the media isn’t hounding you, its simply a change in internal awareness and I think it happens to anyone who actually focuses on their own growth. Despite the fact that we are all connected in a macrocosmic way, we are all inherently different on a microcosmic level so any achievement of self-awareness at all will end up distancing you from “the crowd” no matter how common the cause.

    Phenomenally well-written though. I wish I could get your comments on my blog!

  108. I dunno, that was well written but kind of self serving. I may not be as eloquent as you are, but famous or not, we all feel that way in different situations. Take for example age. I feel the same longing being on the outskirts of a young crowd in a bar or other meeting place. I stand out by virtue of bring older, and at the same time long to be able to be part of the crowd of young, fit, uninhibited youth. I can remember the days when I would blend in, so I don’t know…. Standing out because of age, or fame?
    I myself would pick fame.*smile* – diana

  109. I’m impressed by your wide horizons and your ability (such beautiful, empathetic writing, articulate and thoughtful yet not didactic) and also your time management skills – all that being famous and stuff. I’m off to try and change myself! Jane x

  110. It is ridiculously hard for me to wrap my mind around the verity that you are a comedian, a charismatic sexual icon ( those two alone never jive)! And then this word wizard who can alternate between, humor, agitation, journalism and most important .. bring forth the most powerful passion of human emotion. That again was a brilliant piece, the word blog does not do it justice.
    I HOPE you know you have your third best seller right here! Bundle these works of brilliance up and wango tango straight to number ONE!
    Yes, I do love you from a far but that has nothing to do with my knowledge of greatness! (I shall twitter you!) Lisamarie

  111. Please change your font and background – after I read your blog everything I look at is black and white stripes – I feel like I’m viewing the world from inside a cage. I love your blog and loved seeing you in Nottingham so please change this for me xx

  112. you are so right, very well put, why dont you get this published in a newspaper then more people would read it!!!!

  113. I’m delighted you’ve shared your experiences of today as well as some of your precepts with us here. I believe a good deal of the abuses of capitalism have been fueled by the increasing self absorbsion of the worlds population. I know in the US the feeling of entitlement, and “better you then me attitude”, are closing in from every portion of society. All so concerned with more more more, helping your fellow man is not as importent as dying with more toys then your neighbors. I am disabled, and i’m shamed for being so, told by society i am less then, invalid, and a greedy, lazy leech on my country. I have never been abroad so my perception of the world is definetly less astute then could be, but I find my country, though founded on good intentions, thoroughly lopsided.
    Our need for MORE, has surpassed our love for our common man. I was raised to believe, if you have the ability to help someone, no mature there social stature, you help them, be it with money, or work or caring. What ever you are able give of yourself you give. To follow an often convuluted, as many are, foundation of christianity, “Judge not, lest ye be judged”. Genuine belief, not just lip service, that we are each equal to one another, none better, none worse. Yesterday, my sister, nephew, and friend (and baby), went to one of the US Mecca’s to greed, Atlantic City, to visit a restaurant of amusement to children (oddly enough). After our meal, we walked the board walk, taking in the beauty of the ocean and the joy exuded by fat sea gulls and pigeons as they cleaned up the messes of the lazy. My contemporaries seemed blind to the human suffering surrounding us. Homeless folks, sitting on the boards, singing in hope of soliciting a hand from one of us and the white sands littered with gangs conducting there afternoon sales meetings. Truely along this several mile stretch of shops, venders, casinos, and, restaurants, people from every walk of life were existing on parallel plains stacked so closely yet so grossly different. We, my group, passed by a well bundled women sitting on a bench, with a bag and a card board box, containing, most likely all that she had. She was singing. All other of the homeless, or seemingly homeless, people we’d encountered that day were running up nearly shaking you for money, but this woman sat and sang. I stopped walking and began digging in my pocket book, i had a dollar and despite pleas from my party not to do so, i approached her and gave her the dollar. She said thank you and told me she missed her daughter, that she was not sure how old she was now, but probably 50 or so. As she talked i looked her in the eye until she broke the stare and began babbling sweetly to a stuffed horse in her cardboard box. She was clearly in a bad place mentally. (it takes one to know one). I told her good bye, and walked back to my group. “Dont you know she’s just going to by alcohol or drugs with that?” was what i heard upon my return. I told them it didnt matter if she did. She looked to need help, and since i didnt feel assaulted by her as i did the previous fellows we had bumped (at times litterally), in too, and i was able, even though just in a small way, i would do so and didnt care what they thought about it at all.
    This is what we have become, a people happier to condemn you for kindness then to commend you, or far be it give of themselves.
    Again, this is a post of beauty and peace, eloquaint and heart felt. Thank you

  114. I have no idea if you read these comments but I thought I would reply nonetheless.

    The reason why I am replying is because what you wrote really had resonance with thoughts I have been having lately (of course, all about me heh)

    Firstly, this twitter business. People constantly vying for your attention, actually begging for just one reply. “Come on Russell, just one reply. Hey Russell! Please, please please just give me a small piece of yourself… it’s not much to ask is it? One small piece. After all, I put you where you are, I’m such a fan, I’ve been to your show blah blah blah” How do you stand it? I get that it could be quite interesting and uplifting to begin with but it looks like it’s just a huge snowball effect and it’s getting more and more momentum. Maybe you do still enjoy it and that’s why you’re famous and I’m not eh? Except that was a very roundabout way of saying that’s the kind of vibe I got from what you wrote: “In the end I prematurely departed, unable to find a place, too conspicuous for the crowd with people wanting interviews and autographs so I left”

    OK, next. Growing up. I think that’s what it is. I’m younger than you but I’ve been feeling different lately and I put it down to age. But not age. More a mental place, if you will. I’m referring to the police bit, amongst others.

    Do you know what? I’m not going to continue. You said everything I could hope to say but ever so much more succintly and gracefully. I’m just typing mad ramblings into a little box on my computer screen to someone I don’t know and who doesn’t care for my unasked for opinion of myself! I wanted to say stuff about your depth of feeling and thought as well.

    Let’s just say…. I concur.

    To post or not to post? Sod it. It’s not like you’ll ever know it was me in the very unlikely event you passed me in the street.

    Keep up the good work and I promise not to harangue you again. xx

  115. Well, even if there were some bothers cos the fame and ‘ol, you made a very clear statmenent. that no matter where people are placed in the social class structure, capitalism has failed to the whole world. THANK YOU FOR DOING IT.


  116. Russell, I am going STRAIGHT to ELLEN’s WEBSITE ,and OPRAH’s WEBSITE with a link to this page, you may have been misunderstood before… but it is impossible to ignore now… you are someone THEY WANT TO WATCH! You have people reaching for dictionaries! Oprah just might fall in love with you!
    Don’t try and stop me, you are a comedian now and a voice of our GENERATION!

  117. You didn’t miss much by leaving early. The violence that ensued was pointless to the nth degree. Ruined any chance the genuine peaceful (well-informed) protesters had of making their point or getting their voices heard. The media coverage (Sky News) was absolutely ridiculous also. The “journalists” on the scene were only interested in whether or not people were going to get violent. Seemed to me they couldn’t have been more pleased when they got their wish. Bleugh. Not a great day, in my opinion.

  118. Hello Russ,

    Today my mate was cursing you saying some right orrible stuff he was about ya. Russell Brand this Russell Brand that. It right upset me it did. I never uttered a word back in your defence coz he has this unreasonable side to him that wont listen to another. Now this fella is one of my better pals and he is witty, clever, charmin much like you and i ( haha ark at me comparing myself to thee) however he is exactly the kind of person/people you are referring to.. like the man from sky and no doubt a load of other melts you bumped into today that cast an opinion on ya. I suppose what frustrated me after reading your blog is that the people that saw Russell Brand today would learn so much from you and would of benefited from your words and views. legend. Yep i’l give you that title as big as it is. Keep it up fella enjoying the new site and your interviews with the women make me chuckle. Best

  119. Thanks Russ,u r not out of touch w the average people,the news even reached oz,saw u on 6’o’clock evening news.The fact that u were there makes a difference.I personally believe that 1 person can make a difference in this crazy world,add a few friends,co workers ect & you’ve got the start of a revolution!You are truly a gem amongst the coals,love u!

  120. As I look into this photograph I see the struggle between who you were and who you are and the conversation that will be with the you that you will become.
    I guess I feel like I know the you who you were and am getting to know this fabulous man that you are and I can only say that I hope I get the chance to experience the future of you.
    Watching my own self evolve and blossom to the world and see the wonders and magic of it instead of just the horrors is where my Revolution will be from…
    So if you want to come see my world I’m available
    the window will always be open for people of Positive thoughts
    come shine your light

    I’m hoping for the golden ticket to O2 April 17th

    like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I await news of the Golden ticket and like Charlie I just want to experience the magic that is YOU
    I hope I win…otherewise I will have to wait for you to come to Canada
    so unitl then my friend be safe be happy shine like crazy
    I’ll see you out there in Wonderland
    in dreamland where we are all connected

    peace and peanut butter and pieces of rainbows

    Your Moon

  121. As an idealistic youth, I still feel that anarchism is a viable option. Perhaps I’m just beign manipulated, but statism is the real problem, and you know it mr brand. Saying that capitalism is the problem is like saying that merchantilism is the problem. Freedomainradio. Tell me if I’m wrong.

  122. well, I have spent the last two years submerged in activism, with lots of arrests and a riot or two not to mention a few days on crutches after one. Oh, and a two week fast in front of a politicians home and various other nefarious activities. Not fun.At all. And now, I am pulling inward like you, trying to get myself whole enough and well enough to, I don’t know, spread health outward by just being myself somehow. Like you are always doing, thanks for that.(I believe your writings are vitamins for our tired souls)
    I just want to point out that what we have had isn’t truly capitalism. It’s corporatism. I personally think capitalism could work if it got married to communism somehow. So maybe we need to swing to communism or revolution for awhile, but my hope is for some kind of fluid dance between the two, communism and capitalism, eventually. And as for me, something similar within, a timely shifting between selfless and selfish concerns maybe. Anyhoo. Your honesty about your participation at these events and yourself
    is always inspiring. And helps the rest of us get our bearings in case we weren’t being honest with ourselves. Thank you again for creating yourself in such an intelligent and exuberantly accessible way. My visits to your site always cheer me up and give me hope.

  123. thank you Russell for doing your bit, and for your unique views on the day.

    Always an inspiration x

  124. So impressed you went down there today Russ, and I got far more out of reading your description of events here than watching/reading the news today… Thank you. Many people have written here that you deserve far more credit – you truly do. XX

  125. You are fast becoming my favourite bible ! You quote Tolstoy (One of me fave writers) and teach me new words, like ‘micturation’. But most of all, you write about the subjects that are searingly important, and close to so many hearts.

    Thank You.

  126. “More than an outlet for our rage we need a structure for our love” – perhaps the most profound words you’ve ever penned. The prism through which you can see this crazy world make sense.

    It’s not an easy construction, though. And like a medieval cathedral, we have to accept we make not live to see the completion of what we build – but build it anyway.

  127. A lovely angelic chocolate raspberry bit of prose…with minty wings…and a crunchy nut center. An elegant oliphant spew. What can you do? What can we all? Just our little bit, upon this stage – to quote Clem Snide – “find love, and give it all away” and “dig for gold in parking lots”. Write on!

  128. I wish I could join the throng of admirers of this post, but I can’t. Such a shame you do not have the anonymity that you crave and despise at the same time – shame you stand up for the social strata you were desperate to escape from – and shame, that you are enveloped by a visual representation of the sycophantic praise you receive by your own staff.

    April Fools started as a rebellion against a new calendar. Today felt just as potent. Honestly, I’m embarrassed by today – it’s like people, once a year, want to feel important, a long standing English tradition. The problem is, unlike the fools and pranksters of the medieval period, this lot feel like they’re ACTUALLLY making a difference: “Look, we’re on the news”… but what have you achieved?

    And, you know, the worst thing, is us saps sit at work like morons trying to convince our employers to keep us on in these hard times just to survive on our own means, and we come home to this shitty nonsense – who exactly has the time to “march”? And for the march to be in London of all places…. Who exactly, are you (being the march today, not you in particular) speaking on behalf of?

    Not for me.

    But good for you for using your fame to spread the good word – about how you were pestered. Nice one.

  129. You spelt ‘exciting’ incorrectly. I’m nitpicking, desparately trying to find flaws in this fantastic piece of writing. Also, kudos for showing your face at the protest today. Most importantly for me, keep up the wonderful literacy, its a bit of a treat, but brush up on your spelling!


  130. Used to get attention by nudity and now by just steping into the crowd, and as a celebrity you’ve became a powerful man that influences ideals but we -the nonfamous- and reporters forget that you still just a man sharing causes, protesting (as well as everyone else) for a better world.
    Congratulations! You’ve been already changeing yourself for that utopia.

  131. What a wonderful blog my dear!

    “Tolstoy said everyone speaks of changing the world but no one speaks of changing themselves.”

    Can you imagine if every person involved in that protest changed themselves to better the world? Or if the media changed themselves to better the protest, instead of focusing on you being present at the rally and NEEDING you to say something to them live on TV?

    You are so eloquent, and I thank you for taking the energy you felt there today and using it for good here on your blog.


  132. “The sincere aspect of my attendance to these carnivals of disobedience is my instinctive mistrust of authority and innate belief that whilst we are different we are all equal and have a social culpability to care for every member of our society. That, ultimately we are one, that separation is an illusion and that none of us can be content as long as there is neglect and suffering among the weaker of our number.”

    I love this. Absolutely love it.

  133. You chose to get up onto the stage; you can’t sit back with the audience now. Shame, because I see a partly tortured soul who needs to belong to both arenas… but, you can be more effective from the stage and I think you know that.


  134. Tolstoy also said ” All violence consists in some people forcing others, under threat of suffering or death , to do what they do not want to do”.

    Brand75 (twitter)

  135. capitalisms strengths and weaknesses are measured by the paradigm you use to analyse it. do you analyse it through the paradigms of realism, liberalism, marxism, critical theory, the world system theory, neo-realism, liberal institutionalism? perhaps capitalism needs a concience, or a heart. a revolution sounds brilliant just be sure to make it wild, manic and just a little bit sexual.

  136. As always, you have a brilliant voice when writing.

    Perhaps we should all focus on bettering ourselves for the inevitable revolution towards our utopia, eh?

    Ashley xxx

  137. When I read your book some time ago(ordered it especially from UK only for it turn up later on aussie book shelves always the way) and read the chapter about the protest i actually thought to myself “He wouldnt be able to do that now-he probably wouldnt even get through the swarming crowds to the bloody statue!” So funny to have you claim the same things when you actually tried-dont be harsh on yourself though for not participating and being all famous-did not just say in your last blog that one day you are going to use your funds for a greater purpose! I think your pretty special!xx

  138. Just want to say that I saw the footage of “sky” news with you at the protest, and you handled that reporter with grace, peace and love. Your higher self came through, despite what was obviously an awkward and forced interview, you were still kind. You’re beautiful and intelligent. Loving and wise it was, how you reacted.

    You’re an inspiration to me, when I feel impatient and judgemental to those kind of folk. Good on ya mate!

  139. Thank you for the honest insight. “Materialism is the only form of distraction from true bliss…by Doug Horton”

  140. Sorry to interrupt the love-in, but Russell Brand was clearly not part of the general protest. He had been let through police barriers along with several of his entourage. He bathed and basked in the glow of the massive media presence surrounding him (in the area to which he had been conveniently ensconced).

    When the Sky News reporter asked him a fairly simple question as to why he was protesting, he wouldn’t answer. As the question was asked repeatedly he gave a couple of statements which amounted to nothing. Surely, if he was passionate about one single issue of which he was demonstrating against, he would have made at least an attempt to convey his opinions (I was part of the protest which saw him been shifted through the barriers at speed).

    As it was, his silence, lack of opinion, and utter disdain of the reporter made him look like a jumped-up celeb.

    I’ve read Russells article this evening, and it is as rich in vocabulary as one would expect. He also makes some valid points which I would not argue with, but his presence today served no purpose ……

    ……apart from one. Given his recent troubles with the press (which I wholeheartedly disapprove of. 20,000 arseholes jumping on the bandwagon was an absolute disgrace), he’s obviously keen to rekindle the love and affection we all had for him. Whatever about his personal convictions, he relayed none of them to the awaiting press, and it would appear that his principal objective at the rally was to get himself noticed.

    So congratulations Russell, you’re on the front page of almost every newspaper today for the 20 minutes you spent in front of the cameras (not with the real protestors), offering sod-all opinion when you had the chance to tell the world what we were protesting about.

    I’m sure this post will be greeted with jeers and boos from those who see Brand as some kind of martyr to the cause, but please rtealise that all he has done is raise his own profile while dodging the important questions of the day. His article is very well written but will only be viewed by a small number, while his media profile will be seen by millions.

    Russell Brand is the epitomy of the empty vessell………..

  141. Russell I genuinely love everything you do, I miss the radio show every week, your stand up still makes me laugh even after 100 times and on TV you are always a welcome distraction from the dross but today you looked like what you are….. a celebrity.
    You cling onto the whole ‘revolution’ ideal even though I am sure you would baulk at the reality of the loss of your money, fame and what it gives you. You might try and convince yourself that it is what you want because it appeals to your fan base or it is some long held ideology from when you were truly on your knees but I do not believe for a second it is what you want now.
    For me all I feel is you to should be true to yourself, by going on about a ‘revolution’ you just end up trivialising it, you are a superb comic (backed up by the equally superb Matt Morgan) who is a self confessed sex addict so why not just be that?
    Now unleash the Russell Brand Flying Monkey army on me 

  142. Amazing post, thanks for taking the time to write it and highlighting these issues.
    Take care x

  143. your Tolstoy reference reminded me of the beloved Velvet Goldmine:

    – We set out to change the world… ended up just changing ourselves.
    – What’s wrong with that?
    – Nothing, if you don’t look at the world.

    The curves of our lips rewrite history.

    alex xx

  144. “That, ultimately we are one, that separation is an illusion and that none of us can be content as long as there is neglect and suffering among the weaker of our number.” This has exactly been my philosophy on life for the past 5 years. I love so much that you feel that way too! People always ask me what “I’m on” when I talk about my philosophy, and I just have to chill and say “LOVE!”

    I think your conclusion is quite right: everyone focuses, inappropriately, on how to change the world, seeming to forget that we can truly only change ourselves. I mean, c’mon, people have been trying to change each other (unsuccessfully, mind you) since Caveman B put his filthy caveman club on Caveman A’s clean table (okay, this didn’t happen, let’s just call it poetic embellishment.) When we start living our lives from an open, peaceful place, treating the world like it is one big family, being loving towards each other, and knowing that we are all made of the same stardust *then* positive change will happen.
    – @mycaricature –

  145. Very deep — also literative — not just there in your head but there physically. I look forward to the next installment.

  146. How can I comment without thinking love lol or praise you for that matter!
    But seriously darling I am proud of you for fighting for something you believe in I wish more people did that. Everyone is so self obsorbed. My biggest fear has always been living a purposeless life I’d strip nude and do cartwheels lol if I thought that’s what it took for a little change lol even if it only put a few smiles on peoples faces and upped the moral it’d be worth it lol and tells a good story obviously ;) much love darling! I hope you are blessed!

  147. It seems like your preaching to the converted here – but I am going to put my neck out and go against the grain.

    “Capitalism has failed us” – In my opinion far from it. I would agree that the ill-regulated banking system has failed, at least in a free market economics sense. By its nature government intervention spells market failure. However in my opinion it is an ill-fated jump to therefore conclude that capitalism has failed.

    The discourse of modern Capitalism, for some, seems to translate as greed and unsustainability. Capitalism is actually something which strips us of status and allows us the freedom not be imposed on by an external power i.e the government. Yes – capitalism cannot always provide for everyone and sometimes it does fail to best allocate limited resources, but what alternative is fool proof and never fails?

    Two capitalists I admire are Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. Two men who have profited from a free market and can come from status-less backgrounds. Both have pledged $60bn to needy causes, including AIDS in Africa and reducing Nuclear threat. An anti-capitalist view would be to strip these men of their vast wealth and let a government (or anyone else for that matter) spend the money. I believe these two men who are committed to the causes would both do a better job than me, you and any government of allocating such a vast amount of resources. For me that is capitalism working at its best, and it honestly isn’t all bad. Capitalism gives us freedom and choices on how to allocate resources. Capitalism fuels democracy, let us not forget it is much easier to pressurise a company than it is a government.

    Russell has profited through capitalist markets, he now has the freedom to choose what he does with his money – re-distribute it or not.

    This is just a humble opinion. If you have made it to the end, I a thank you – you are now free to tell me to f**k off.


  148. When joining in these protests, I have always felt they come across as more flea on the government’s backside, thorn in the foot of the old bill and catnip for the flea-bitten moggies of chaos than any real voice for change. Is there really any point to shouting into the wind on just one day of the year, when we all trudge home afterwards and return to being cogs in the capitalist machinery? We surely vote with our materialism and apathy.

  149. Somehow I knew you’d turn up to the protest.

    This blog distracted me from working on an assignment. This is actually a good thing, by the way.


  150. Russell, a socialist after my own heart!!
    Keep doing what you do, we need it in our world.
    xxoo Marlanea

  151. Russell, I was watching the news when your face appeared and I was pleased with how you reacted, In my head at the time I thought He’s there because we are (as you have said) ‘one’.

    Please don’t think you aren’t part of the crowd, it’ll only start to cloud your judgement like the ties sitting in Westminster and in roof top restaurants watching the protests with glasses of Chablis

  152. I can truly appreciate your complete description of being smack dab in the middle and surrounded by the essence of the turning of the worm. It must be very surreal.

  153. so articulate.

    “I’ve spent so long trying to distinguish myself from the crowd that now I cannot rejoin it”

    That seems painful to read somehow. I hope solace can be found through these pursuits.


  154. They say fear of public speaking is right up there with fear of death. There are not many people who can do what a Russell Brand can do—not just ‘speak’ in public but be courageous enough to be vulnerable — to share personal experiences, his thoughts and feelings with strangers, and actually influence people’s perceptions. (And not many people could endure his hectic lifestyle either–a week here, a week there, constantly on the go.) He is obviously a man of great conscience and sensitivity, but I hope Russell does not feel one bit apologetic for his fame or the income that comes with it. He is a bright shining force for good and positivity in this world and has earned everything he has by his courage and hard work.

  155. “Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, and riches take wings. Only one thing endures and that is character.” ~ Horace Greeley

    Your character doesn’t seem to be in much danger.

    Well done.


  156. Insightful. The paradox of time continues to elude all of us.
    We are not who we were, nor will we be who we are right now.
    After all, Utopia was written by an Englishman.
    I applaud the purity of the intention and understand the philosophy behind it, thought I can’t get around the fact that this demonstration happened in Britain, a monarchy that calling itself a democracy, continues to perpetuate unquestioned, the existence of a class that defines itself as above others. It is no accident that the most outrageous and sensational expressions of pop culture have been happenning there for years. England is screaming for change and equality. Will it ever cease to have a Queen?

  157. i sometimes wonder what we would be left with if captolism was not our countrys choice of structure, but well done protesters, keep it clean, put the bottle down.

    that said, in 2 days tomorrow will be yesterday, so live each day as if it were your last. thinking about it, that saying is rather semetically confusing, if i had one day to live i’d probably cry and get drunk, none-the-less. x

  158. I already commented that I like the piece like everyone else. You should question the sincerity of us masses and write something that is total rubbish. I’m sure everyone will still praise you to the umpteenth degree. You are creating a following of ‘Yes’Women (and Men).

  159. love a good protest. brought up on them, myself, by unionistic mother. love a good well directed healthy angry community noise.

    hope the fuckwits upstairs get a clue wriggling underneath their suits, soon. would really much prefer it if the inevitable transitions between the breakdown of capitalism and whatever it is that comes next was as smooth as possible.

    i’m excited by the idea of trying out some new (or much older) formats.

    Thanks russ, nice words. also i like the idea of che guevara undies. and if there’s no room for a bit of exhiitionism in the coming revolution, then i’ll get to work on the second one, now..

  160. brilliant, a much more thought provoking & interesting read about the day than I have seen in any of the oz tabloids. Well done Mr Brand x

  161. This is genius, as are you. To be there experiencing history in the making is inspiring. You’re a funny man, but my god you write eloquently. Thanks.

  162. Good on you for standing up for what is right – our rights as human beings. Thank you. I was watching sky, as being in Yorkshire, could not join in the protests, and was thrilled to see you amongst the throngs, although less thrilled to see you being harrassed by the sky man!. I, and my hubby, are financially struggling as I’m sure thousands of others are in Blighty and millions across the Globe, bringing up our young family, my hubby has lost his job and not knowing if we can keep a roof over our heads for much longer. It’s absolutely disgusting that a certain “Fred the Shredder” keeps his £600k pension at age 50 when he was ultimately in charge of bringing a bank to its knees. As well as the bankers all over the globe receiving high end bonuses when the economy is so bleak amongst other things.

    Thank you Russell. Much love and respect.
    I don’t think protesting will do any good to tell you the truth, cos these people that are “in charge” of our country only listen to themselves – hence the situation we are in now. I am seriously thinking of running to be President of the World and show them all how it should be done – fair for every human being not just those in power.


  163. I can imagine that police man that night, “Today hunny I stopped Russell Brand from going for a pee!”, you wouldve made his day.

    Again a brillant blog.


  164. I really enjoy your writing. You’ve managed to open up a whole new frame of mind for this American girl. Join us in Seattle where everyday’s a protest…and our coffee ain’t too shabby, either.

  165. Russell,

    I am just a middle-aged old “Mum”, but I find your humor to be pure genius. You brighten my days now. Keep making us all laugh and take care of yourself.

  166. Hello everyone! I found the video where Russell keeps being kind with the sky´s reporter

    The questions… seriously?
    “I came to have a cup of tea”. It was pretty obvious whyRussell, Nick & crew were there…
    Poor guy, trying to be cheeky and endig up shutting dumb bothering questions out of his… “mind”

  167. You have such a way with words. I always really enjoy reading what you have to say. It’s never boring, and always insightful.

  168. keep the revolution going. your writings are amazing and true to the heart. i admire your heart and the caring you do for all of us. i wish i could meet you and shake your hand. more people need to stand united and band together to make this a better life for everyone. hugs and cuddles russell sweet dreams to you.

  169. I participated in my first protest this past January. It was about extreme budget cuts being made to our University system over here in Tennessee. It was certainly very tiny, less than 300 people attended but it still felt amazing to be a part of it, refreshing to not just sit back and listen for once. I’m truly sorry that you couldn’t find your place this time. Good luck on your pursuits, but remember the world always needs laughter; and we always appreciate yours.

  170. Great piece. Not much coverage of the street scene here in the usa, so thanks for the personal perspective. You are right about changing yourself… It makes a great difference in a rippling kind of a way. Been there and still doing it. Much love and respect to you.

  171. Genius! ~what a wordy and wanton scamp you are-
    And so what’s this about joyless trysts, Russell?

  172. Agreeing with many others, i found that a truly eloquant piece, such a beautiful, beautiful talent you have. You would make an amazing author, because, the way you write would make any topic intrigueing i’m sure.
    On an entirely different note, and i know this might not seem so important in the grand scheme of things, but that hat really suits you Russell.

  173. “… more than an outlet for our rage we need a structure for our love.”

    Your words speak to my heart. The ability to express the complexities of thought and form is such a generous gift you have. I was alone in a sea of voiceless energy until I found you. Very odd thing this interweb. Thank god for it really.

  174. the man just wants a wee!

    you say “…that none of us can be content as long as there is neglect and suffering among the weaker of our number.”
    But many people are content neglecting and oppressing members of the community. that is why the western world is such a disgrace. not many people think like you and I.

    i’m ready to join your revolution whenever you’re ready. may i suggest co-leadership. i’m not doing much next Thursday.

  175. inspired. inspiring. wow, thank you. yes to becoming “worthy of utopia” and finding a structure for our love. deep!!

  176. I have found something that is not intellectually wasteful to read, once again, thank you! I really don’t know how to comment on this certain beautiful abstraction, only that I think this revolution to be a plexus of something much more potent and copious, than the crowds that it is molded into. It is more stalwart than the shields and weapons that are paraded by “officers” that act, as if they were singing a Perry Como song waving their little streamers with glee totally unaware of the evanescent shards of hope that fall like confetti eventually folding under their parochial laced boots. This monetary babel is supervenient to human nature. I agree with Ginsberg when he said The weight of the world is love. Under the burden of solitude, under the burden of dissatisfaction.

  177. How is it that you continue to look fabulous when you shroud yourself in a beanie and a wavy scarf? Haha, this is great.

  178. Russell, you provide hope for humanity in a darkened world. Sounds big I know, but it really means a lot to have such a visible symbol in the mainstream shining brightly. What is excluded from the media might as well not exist and so business, home-improvement shows, soaps distract the masses into a fake bubble of contentedness which is a hideous facade and illusionary.

    Just keep doing what you are doing, even having the word revolution spread as a meme is doing wonders for the cause, nobody expects you to lead an army and storm London, but you let people know that the candle burns bright for those who are not organised into an official party of the left. Truth transcends politics, and you are on that path spiritually – glad that fame hasn’t gone to your head too much and thanks for the laughs and memories.

  179. I saw the Sky news bit. It looked like you are the type of person who doesn’t deal in absolutes or see a simple solution to complex problem.

    I’m in America (the real part of it–the poor part) and the overwhelming mood here seems to be despair. The news is trying to raise a righteous indignation at bankers–as if they are a corruption of the system, but they’re not. They are the system, and it is corrupt. Anyway, I can tell people’s hearts aren’t in it. Or maybe I’m just projecting. Or maybe I’m just making excuses for our apathy–but no, I think it’s first thing.

    As much as I love Obama, my hope is that we will lose all hope of ever making the system work. Despair is what we need right now. I figure, when we finally let go of the idea that our brand of capitalism and democracy are compatable, much less interchangeable, we’ll stop putting so much energy into trying to make it do what we want it to. Then we’ll be forced to find another way. We’re on the verge of a paradigm shift, I think–I hope. I know I am.

    Anyway–point is, you rule. By example.

    “The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    are full of a passionate intensity.”

  180. Thank you for expressing this. I’m not nearly as famous as you are, nor never will be, I don’t think, but I’m weirdly famous in a micro-microcosm — I have a small following of beloveds — and in a couple of Midwestern American cities, I get recognized betimes. But I have spent a lot of time and energy distinguishing myself from crowds, as I tend to work from within crowds vs performing on stage…so it is also very difficult for me to try to be a part of that crowd again, whether in situations where I’m high-profile or trying to be low-profile. I can’t really go back there, and it’s been getting me down. You inspire me as ever. Admire you intensely.

  181. Oh Russell, if only more people in power had a heart of gold like yours! You make me hopeful for the future. I hope that you are continued to be hoisted up the ladder in the world, that your ideas and thoughts spread throughout the land! T’would be fantastic to have a system founded on love and the idea that we are all one as you said.
    Much love and more kisses.

  182. “…a continuing process of change based on simple spiritual principles, more than an outlet for our rage we need a structure for our love.”


  183. Beethoven’s 7th symphony, the second (slow) movement.
    listen and weep my friend!!
    love you
    amazing writing! AMAZING

  184. Russel,

    Heart Breaking, really. This Menagerie of words, and what for? it is so obvious what is really being said. You can’t hide behind your words forever. Actions speak louder than words. Pain, discontent, frustration, hopelessness, sadness, scream from this literation of memory . A wise man once told me: “If you don’t stand for something, than you stand for nothing.” What do you stand for Russell, you ask for revolution, are interested in social change and equality but you seek it out in all the wrong places. You can’t piggy back on a cause; you have to be the cause. You will never find satisfaction in this world because it is only transient. Mortality is a scary thought. But there is no reason to be so frightened. We have lots to talk about you and I. I hope we meet one day. There is so much you don’t know that you should. Call me if you get a chance. I am not some weird stalker fan. You preach equality and this is one human being reaching out to a soul that is clearly screaming for answers. Lets talk.

  185. Gandhi, Tolstoy parallel in philosophy: let me remind you what Gandhi said: ” Be the Change you want to see in the world.”
    So Russell, Lead by example. Be Bold and mighty forces will come to your aide. It is not about you. It is about God and his plan. I think you feel the calling of God. In Christianity is called Conviction of the Spirit.

  186. prompt and wayward. walzting down the riotous paths of revolution, no Brand on the dial, exept the spirited mug of billy bragg to enthrall and inspire to no ends. sky news eh, that alarmist scream of a news reel, im glad you protested with us rabble ol Russ it means a lot. x

  187. I generally agree with your observations, Mr. Brand. I’ve been expecting the failure of capitalism for years, but of course no one listens until it’s too late. I too long for the world you describe. Something akin to John Lennon’s “Imagine” would do quite well, I think.

    Oh, and nice subtle Smiths reference too. Love that song.

  188. I loved this blog. When I first saw a video of you on youtube I thought nothing other than ” wow, this guys really funny”. Though what made me become a fan was when I saw an interview with you speaking honestly, without the main purpose of getting a laugh. During this interview you basically took the words right out of my mouth, when it comes to politcal issues. I think it is amazing that although you are a celebrity that believes in world issues and trying to stop them, your not just the type of person (well I don’t know you personally, so who am I to say) that just throws money at a charity and says they did there bit.

    Finally (in a good way, not a rude way), you have given insight into your political views that lasted more than a few lines and then a joke. You always speak about a revolution although never say what your personal idea of revolution would behold. This finally gives me an idea. Thank you, for allowing me to have someone to identify with in my ideals. I know quite alot of people have the same thoughts as you, although somehow there thoughts always make a weird twist and make me disagree. Wow I sound like a really creepy fan.

    ‘I’ve spent so long trying to distinguish myself from the crowd that now I cannot rejoin it.’
    This quote kind of terrified me, I myself am striving to stand out in a crowd. I want to be heard and for people to actually listen.. and I don’t mean in a ‘I need to tell my story way’.. why am I trying to justify myself, I don’t know you or the people that are going to read this. So anyway, it was just really scary, in a good way. Its just one of those quotes that makes you stop and think, ‘oh shit, is this really what I want?’ I wish I was able to express myself in a better way because this sounds like a really lame creepy fan comment. Sorry.

  189. I like you mr. brand but to me honest it was too long. I got to about a third of the way and just gave up!!! put some more funny video’s up here so us lazy “Matt Morgans” of the world will not me retarded my our conditon and still be able to contribute in soceity….. now that would be something to really protest about not this G20 horseshit

  190. Maybe for the first time in a long time you may have slighty, just slightly, had a brief twing for obscurity? nah! The masses, including myself, still hanker for the time when revolution can sweep through the capitalist throng and a new world can be built. I regret to say although the passion is held by many the self sacrifice required to build this uptopia for future generations seems to deplete with every year that passes. It’s a realistic solution we need and maybe one will come in dreams xxxx

  191. Ugh… after reading all of the comments I somehow disdain the word revolution. I feel like it just doesn’t cover what needs to be done. I wish I was more eloquent when it comes to writing. I could maybe inspire the masses ;). I says this in no way to start a fight, I am so glad so many of you think this way. This comment is just to enhance the greatness and in no way am I try to bring it down. But while reading some of the comments I just felt like saying ‘Come on guys, its great your thinking this way, but come up with something new, don’t keep repeating the same old ideals, although they are great ones. They haven’t worked so far. Lets come up with something new and inspiring. Something that might actually get us what we want.’

  192. PERFECT!
    I have sprung to your defense on Twitter.
    ” think he has EVERY right to be there as he said “peacefully protesting” as an individual as many others are. What has his “millionaire” status got to do with anything? Does that exclude him from protesting about the way our world is run? Because he has earned a lot of money from the fact that people enjoy his banter, humour and talents and are willing to pay him for them, does that mean he cannot participate? He clearly does not want to be filmed or make a statement about what is happening or why he is there at the summit…can you imagine what would happen if he did? He would be lambasted for being “just a comedian” and getting all political and using his attendance as a publicity stunt or for fodder for his blog. Seems he can’t win.”
    Your brilliant and supreme use of the English language turns me GREEN with envy and sends a shiver down my spine!

  193. I like you just the way you are, yet I understand that change is the only constant (: …You are worthy: The ideology is encoded in our heart and the framework is built within our limbic system. It is a nonlinear, multi- stable structure that can regenerate after weathering turbulant resonance… The proverbial Tower of Babel symbolizes where the ONE variable of interconnectness caused neuronal programming to go awry. LOVE is stormy! Imagine That! Hermeneutics. No Joke!
    P.S. Quite Inspiring. I would have died from laughter if you would have started marking your territory today. CARPE DIEM…

  194. It does kinda suck that you can’t experience the protest as you used to. I can only assume how much of a rush it was … minus the rush from the drugs. Personally I feel there is so much more you can do now that you’ve been blessed with celebrity and poetic elocutoin … the only question is what can be done? Perhaps the only being who knows that truth is GOD. {sigh} Russell your blogs are always beautiful be they comedic, tragic, or simply observational. You are an artist.

    I deffinately felt the same thrill when I first realized what was going on in London and in other cities around the Europe. People are finally standing up not in the hundreds, BUT IN THE TENS OF THOUSANDS, crying out to their “leaders” for a change. By leaders, I’ve yet to decide if it’s the government that runs our countries or the corporate slim-ies who fornicate with their millions daily while ignoring the people who gave them their lover in the first place.

    The greatest heartbreak was when I asked my fellow college Americans about it I’d receive the same confused puppy look. It sickens me to the core how American newscasters will focus on the most unnecessary and ridiculous topics like “who has the silliest dog, what dumb s*&^ young Hollywood is doing now,” etc when they should be focusing on what’s truely important. Ahh recalling ch7 in Neil Postman’s “Amusing Ourselves to Death …”

    ~ Christine ~

  195. And Madame Dufarge sits and knits as the oppressed rise yet again to sharpen the guillotine.

    What a world, what a world we spin on where nothing really changes at all. What a world where the so-called revolutionaries of the 1960’s are now the ‘ruling’ class, the ‘governing body’, where the anti-establishment has become the establishment, an establishment as untrustworthy and self-serving as the one it critiqued lo those many decades ago.

    Ah well, what goes up must come down, and up and down and up and down ad nauseum. And what does it all mean anyway? Change? Hardly. Real change comes at a price that so very few are willing to pay.

    Russell, Russell, Russell…. are you ready to lead the masses to true revolution and change, or do you just like to hear yourself talk, talk, talk? Not that I really mind all the chatter; you’re eloquent on a good day, amusing on a better one and hilarious at your best. Easy on the eyes and ears, but a little hard to take seriously when you’ve arrived at the party in full entourage…. and yet… there’s so much potential to you… so much spark, that all your naivete is utterly endearing. Full on engaging.

    Blog on, dear boy, blog on. You never know, maybe sumphthin’ll come of it. Or not.

  196. Everytime I read something you right I am more in awe of your ability to write. I picked up Booky Wook today and I am saddened that it is only a bit over 300 pages. I know I will be left wanting more when I finish..but I suppose that is how life is meant to be.

  197. oh good god..Write not right. Note to self, never post comments after a LONG night at work.

  198. Russell, I just want to thank you. I’ve been going through a pretty rough time and feeling rather glum. However, you make me smile without fail. And it’s not just a superficial smile. It warms my heart, as cheesy as that sounds, but it’s true. The thought of you makes me warm and happy, even if only for a moment, because you are an example of living human decency. You have such a good heart and deep down care about everyone. I believe you even care about me without having met me. It’s nice to have that, so thank you.

  199. There is no denying that capitalism is consuming the world and does not necessarily always have the desired effect and end result for the masses that its image sells. We begin to consume in excess, behave like total gluttons, and compete in areas we probably shouldn’t as one race. & financially, the latest effects from capitalism worldwide are clearly dismal. Yet sadly, if it weren’t for a great deal of the capitalist environment we have lived in; you probably might never have emerged from the masses as a successful stand-up comedian achieving your notoriety and financial comforts beyond the bare necessities. To take that for granted can be an equal mistake and relatively offensive to some. To feel uncomfortable amidst all the unknown faces voicing their frustration in unison towards the government is understandable having reached a recognizable status. But to feel you can’t partake or fit in at all when we are all connected as one in some way even though you may stand out publically is the wrong way to see it. To feel that in standing out you are therefore unfit for the occasion is a feeling you should piss out of your head as you should have pissed on that Sky reporter’s face (figuratively as you have done so in your blog). You are blessed to be in a place where your voice is heard and you have people crawling out of the woodwork for a mere chance to meet you or see you in full force on stage and then some – even if their encounters with you end in joyless trysts for your sake. It is a matter of figuring out what the hell to do with that incredible voice and presence you have if you really want to make a difference in the world and start with yourself (as Tolstoy suggests to us all). Even sadder than the current financial, spiritual, and environmental state of the world we live in today is the fact that anyone slapped with a bit of fame (deserved or not) has a forum and following – an automatic platform to speak on any topic and a significant group that accumulates randomly & who believe and hang on every word he/she says. In the United States, I can’t begin to tell you how many times I see what is presumed to be “news” from reputable news networks, presenting interviews on the street with viable reporters asking everyone from Britney Spears to James Caan what they think of “Octomom”, Bernie Madhoff or the world’s economy. And that is considered THE NEWS. Far be it from me to judge those I don’t know personally from a hole in the wall, but what the hell would Britney Spears know about the world’s economy when the poor girl stopped going to school at age 6, got the rest of her education from the Mouseketeers Club and somehow seems to think Africa is in Canada?? And what information could she say to possibly enlighten me on any subject besides the effects of walking barefoot into public restrooms and what it tastes like to suck Madonna’s tongue which I prefer her describing anyway than the DOW? One of the many glaringly obvious and basic differences in listening to such a celebrity’s opinion on the matter vs. listening to YOURS is the mere fact you come across as a very intelligent individual whose opinion interests me: well spoken even when outspoken. The way you write is enviable and as stupid as it is and may seem to a SMART and brilliantly funny chap as yourself, a great deal of the world today is sadly influenced by celebrity and would follow it anywhere – no matter the location – much in the same way flies are attracted to light (even those Insect-o-cutor Fly Zappers which provide a sure death to the little buggers and all their relatives). Envisioning your position in this world as ‘that guy from that Sarah Marshall movie’ (‘what good could I possibly have with the authorities?’) is as useless a thought for all you have earned and attained on your own in the system we live in as it is defeatist as an example for those that aspire to be like you or hope for an ounce of validation in a world where endless amounts of beauty slip through the cracks into the drains and insurmountable amounts of unrecognized talent disappears in obscurity never receiving proper recognition. I wouldn’t expect you to provide a Get Out of Jail Free Card for people at a protest or some special legal leeway for the anarchists of this world nor should you try for that matter! But though the French reporter sounds like a bit of a deusch bag, I understand what he hoped from you. You don’t need to be THAT GUY or a spokesman for the masses at a protest nor with your new found fame, sobriety and wealth must you fit in comfortably ever again into the anonymity as you once had. However, you should speak as freely to that Spy reporter boy’s face as you do of him in your blog. And you should ignore any sensation of celebrity as negative even when all you long for may be ambiguity. It is sad to lose that ability to get lost in a crowd and lose that seeming innocence perhaps as it is for some to lose their virginity. I personally remember the day I couldn’t WAIT to get rid of that cursed virginity to know how to love and be loved properly. But a part of us dies in the loss of innocence just as I’m sure a part of you died with the gain of fame. It is a small price to pay however to have that financial security provided by the disgusting free market of a world we live in today and it is an even smaller price to pay to have this corrupt and dysfunctional world at your fingertips no matter how screwed up it may be and to have a forum of fools to follow you towards any insect-o-cutor. Be the Pied Piper proudly and lead the way with no fear or hesitation, please for the sake of those whose voices may never be heard and for the lost souls who only need a good leader to follow even if off a cliff. Use your power to voice your opinion as rough as it may be whenever possible in the moments presented aside from your blog. No one expects you to come up with the solution for the world’s problems just as the Monty boys say, no one expects the Spanish Inquisition. Voicing your opinion and lighting up the world with humor in itself is a great deal of positive influence you can and may have in any situation. But find more platforms to get heard! Do your standup in more locations than the ones you have and think of expanding from the land of the dreaded BBC to overseas to really get the recognition you deserve for your TALENT. Listen to people who express themselves to you – no matter who they are and what bullshit they say – like me! Hopefully you took the time to bother to read this as I took the time to bother to write it though I doubt anyone could make it this far. Open yourself to others full-heartedly and not just for the pointless potential trysts. The more attainable you make yourself to individuals as an individual yourself, the more you will be liked and appreciated on all levels and the more you can fit in to any circumstance even as a celebrity. Get known even in the Earth’s ass crevice and use that larger than life persona you have to gain that added fame to voice whatever you want to be heard worldwide: be it your ideas for central government, your anarchist ideals, your notion of love ‘em and leave ‘em or whatever the hell you want the world to hear that you believe in completely. If you feel life’s finances are a burden, I’m sure they are. If I didn’t have enough money to fill my jet with fuel of if my butler sucked ass figuratively I’d be frustrated as all hell. Everyone has problems as real as they feel them to be in all classes and financial brackets. But you shouldn’t let shit like that get to YOU! You’ve covered the gamut and you have been there, done that, smoked it, shot it, whored it, sold it down the river, bought it back half price, made it a T-shirt, recorded the DVD, wrote the book on it and lived it fully. Don’t let the small things bring down a mind worth looking up to, for God’s sake. If anything, help people starting their creative careers with advice. Be supportive of your neighbours’ kids. Be giving to slum neigborhoods if you can afford to do so. Get involved in charities you believe in. Speak up at those protests if you believe in them. Hell, adopt some dumpster babies like Angelina Jolie did if you need that kind of validation and you think your pets won’t mind having the added company. And in some strange way, all will be well with the world – or at least better for YOU. Use your talent to express yourself everywhere aside from your blog and don’t let the flash of the cameras or deusch bag reporters or this long ass venting reply ever stop you. Keep in touch with the fans as best you can individually and spread your love equally (and by that I don’t mean your seed). Hell, you may even get more out of life than you already do and have done. It’s a very long and winded way of saying capitalism helped get you here and no matter what the outcome of things, let the world always hear your voice and don’t become a Debbie Downer with the following you have accumulated at times like these. Stay in the game however you can and that in itself will provide that altruistic ideal solution for you and your newfound celebrity to be able to stay involved in the revolution and then some. If you or anyone else cares to comment on this long winded poof piece, please email me back directly at as I would love to hear from you. Thank you. Sorry for the long reply and I’m sorry if this sounds pushy or in any way offensive as it sounds verbose. It’s not meant to be. I just honestly feel that complaining about capitalism in its entirety with the benefits you have received from it and personally knowing the effects of communist and socialist societies is frustrating to me. And the idea that you of all people would feel you couldn’t partake in a protest due to standing out and not really feeling like an adequate anonymous member trying to help the revolution just seems silly and disappointing to me in some way. Be the man so many women seem to find you to be and so many men wish they could be like and don’t feel awkward like you can’t speak out at a protest even if to a deusch bag’s face or in response to my blabbing. I send you all my love and hope to hear back from you someday. Yours, Spic_Chick

  200. Wish I could’ve been there to participate. Couldn’t. I’m one of the many working poor. It’s too bad that you weren’t able to get more involved the way that you would’ve prefered to.

    Thanks for putting down your thoughts & perspective on the days events.

    Au Revior!

  201. You are too easy on yourself! Indeed you have fame, therefore the eyes and ears of a vast number of people – do not bemoan the incredible chance you have to use your big mouth to convey what you stated in print, for it will be heard and repeated and perhaps give energy and hope to those who believe as you do, but aren’t hearing anyone they relate to say it aloud. Retreating to your room to align your energies is the coward’s dodge. You are here, in place, now! But your option will conveniently not damage your career. Your Hollywood agents are singing your praises today. Not so sure Tolstoy would be (his status as dead not withstanding).

  202. Hi Russ! I do enjoy reading your entries but I think that you phrase your sentences very intellectually, and I’m sure alot of people (including me) find that they need a dictionary nearby to understand what the bloody hell you’re goin on about! Please think of the thick people when trying to start a revolution as the majority of people are sadly lacking in vocabulary. Otherwise nice one! :P

  203. You certainly have a way with words, Mr Brand.
    I think it’s great that not only are you a fantastic comedian, you’re also a decent guy.
    But I must scamper off now.
    I have Gothic literature to write.

  204. Maria! I agree with you. Russell, i think i understand the fact that you went there to participate and just be, and not to be the celebrity spokesperson. But it does aggravate me that you have chance to put these ideas (in which many people agree with) out there, and so far in all aspects you really haven’t. And when you do its always followed by a joke so then it is never taken seriously. I envy the ablity that you have, people will listen to you. I don’t mean for you to go out there and turn into one of those annoying celebrities that go on and on about there causes. Though you yourself are constantly talking about a revolution, but you never do anything about it. You just voice your opinion and let it be. Do something about it! I love your work, but come on man, stop going on and on about this revolution if all you are going to do is talk about it. Lets get it going. Lets try to change the world as we know it!
    One thing that really annoys me about this generation is that we are constantly longing for the past. Well in the past people like Kerouac, and Dylan actually did aid in the rebellious movement of there generation, while this day and age all we do is talk about it. You have the means to aid us ‘little’ folk in are rebellious movement. Now help us make history and make are mark on the world! And stop bloody talking about it, lets do it!
    Ugh.. i believe in many of the things you say, and it frustrates me a great deal because I am doing my best in my little area to get my ideals across to people and to start making changes where I can. But you can make greater changes, and all you are choosing to do is tell us your opinion. Lets go!

  205. You’re far too intelligent NOT to be a revolutionary. You’ve got a way with words many people can only dream of. Often, I poke fun at celebrities for their half-interested, half-publicity stunt, glamor politics. They run in front of the camera with their proverbial war-paint, all the while surreptitiously injecting themselves with egoism. And their cause only suffers for it. Not you, my friend. Not you. You’ll hit a point where your mind speaks louder then your fame. And then, they”ll be waiting. All hail Eris.

  206. Perception of power is the only thing barring a humanistic revolution. Many barriers must be broken in order to enlighten others, chief among them being the suppression and docility evoked by religious edicts. The masses do not wield their power because they do not perceive themselves as having such power. Nietzsche’s theory of perspectivism is nothing if not prophetic. Love and peace to you on your introspective journey, but remember that it is a life-long exploration with no definitive goals and no certain outcomes.

  207. Russell the world definatly needs more you in it! Ha. I love reading your twitters and you are a poet! You may not have gotten involved in the protest but you were there, you experienced or rather tried to, you took notice of people coming together for some injustice, and you were impacted by it. I agree about capitalism. Where I live(a very droll place btw) instead of hearing how things should be fixed, we have churches (not that I am anti religeon) coming out to say we are in the end of times. Maybe we are and maybe we arent! However I don’t think in either case laying down and doing nothing while waiting for Armagedon to show up is the answer at all. SO with that being said, it’s good to see someone isn’t all about themselves and Im glad it’s you!

  208. I love you Russell, however I am growing tired of reading your entries. It is as if you are trying to impress us all with your fancy smancy words. It is annoying.

  209. The riots today prove that there is worldwide discontent and that everyone desperately needs hope for a better tomorrow. The great thing about life is that it’s constantly changing. Maybe Obama really will accomplish what he’s set out to do. Or at least get it started so we can take it from there.

  210. “I’ve spent so long trying to distinguish myself from the crowd that now I cannot rejoin it.”

    how poignant.
    i really felt for you reading that bit, but felt happier knowing that you still have your beloved west ham!

    and your concluding words…to change the self. a noble idea.
    i’ve often said, the only war worth fighting is the one in your head.

    i believe you are on your way mr brand

  211. russell,

    until i very recently started reading these i didn’t know you had such an amazingly delightful way with words.

    i, unfortunately, do not, so i have to rely on words such as “amazing”, “delightful” or even, “delicious”.

    i really thought you were just this big haired funny man with an accent. now i know how very talented you are. delicious.

    j xoxo

    ps – i accidently typed in and got some crazy loopy site! i almost thought it was still you!

  212. Protesting is quite a thrill, but it helps if you’ve got people to protest with. When the Iraq war started I was a freshman at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. This is the worst place in the world for a rational person to be. Out of nostalgia for things I’d never experienced I wore a black armband around campus. Nobody got it. And nobody was with me. A handful of the campus Democrats tried to stage a demonstration but the university wouldn’t give us permission.
    While it’s too bad that you couldn’t participate anonymously in the protest, the other commenters are correct in saying that an enormous boon of fame is the ability to bring attention to things that are important to you. I only hope that you use this power for good and not evil, like Chuck Norris.

  213. It’s not your destiny to be ordinary.

    I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for sharing and taking the time to write.

  214. Flailing and effervescent darling…
    Mea culpa maxima?..
    Don’t stare too long at your navel, you’ll go all cross-eyed.
    Be well.

  215. Russell, you brilliantly illustrated the dichotomy of going to an open protest but not really being able to protest. Your wisdom grows daily. You are a joy and an inspiration!

    This is all great new material for you. I hope that among your ventures you are able to vent all accumulated angst. We need you around for a long time! Truthtellers like you are rare.

    Keep using your fame to educate us! If not for you how else would many of us learn of Chomsky or read quotes from Tolstoy?

  216. Naomi Klein talks about the corporate world trying to reign in communities and society minded protesters in her book, Windows and Fences. Fences used by police to protect “special” wealthy citizens of other countries while the citizens of their own country are penned in like cattle, speech denied, freedom lost, seems to me to be an unusually ironic use of tax payers’ dollars. These protests should no longer be seen as the domain of a fringe element of disenfranchised youth but in fact, democracy, fighting to reclaim their society from the insatiable gobs of corporate fat cats.

    So sorry Russell, as a satirical observer and commentator, you find yourself, although sadly only metaphorically today, right smack in the middle of that swell of humanity.
    Cyber and Cerebral Hugs,

  217. “The system has failed because it’s created disparity and discontent because it is devouring the planet.”

    Excellent statement and an excellent article.

    jen (@mrsjbennett)

  218. Dear Mr Brand,

    in the true spirit of your anti-capitalist tirade and highly commendable anti-materialistim rhetoric(and moreover to demonstrate that you are most certainly NOT a hypocrite full of hot air) I strongly recommend as your only option the donation of 70% of all the earnings you’ve accrued from your recent “scandalous” tour(after cost, of course), as well as the entire earnings from the US sales of MY BOOKY WOOK, towards causes that will ensure social good and provide financial support to the underprivileged. I applaud your call for social egalitarianism and the redistribution of wealth in the service of the future Utopia, and I think you will agree that it is the utmost responsibility of all those who have made their fortunes with the pernicious arena of capitalism to divest themselves immediately of their superfluous wealth!

    Lest the cynical public and the skeptics out there believe that your presence at the protests was simply a shallow and empty attempt to galvanize greater media attention and publicity, rather than a demonstration of your authentic empathy and a sincere desire to help those who have been ravaged by the pernicious machinations of capitalist greed.

    Once again, you are leading the way, by emphasizing that true change begins with the self, and thus I look forward to your display of TRUE radicalism, a radicalism based on bold action, instead of empty bluster, braggidacio and hypocrisy.

    I support of the revolution, and always in support of you Mr. Russell Brand!


  219. You eloquent fox you, Good to see you there , the mindless robots commonly known as the met Police were, as always, at odds with themselves and whilst pinning in “innocent” folk such as we and letting the scum in the surrounding buildings and politians roam free. I asked WHY? and some said if they could, they would arrest the powers that be but others with no clue what is right just shirked their civil responsibilities claiming “i’m just taking orders” People in any other job would be fired for gross incompetance but the pigs, politicians and bankers seem to have a ‘get out of jail free card’ . I’m glad you care and can still rub shoulders with the denizens who live in the underbelly of this Capitalist Nightmare.
    Bless ya (not in a christian way…….there lies trouble).

    Come on you Irons

    Paul from Essex

  220. It’s such a pleasing experience, to read the words of someone who really gets it. Thanks for sharing!

  221. well mr brand…you are not just a pretty face..your nan would be right proud..xxxxxxxxxbig bosom cuddles..

  222. I’m glad you got to use the bathroom in the end. That’s what it’s all about really.

  223. Why thank you, Abigail! I have no idea if anyone else read my novel or if anyone cares or if Mr. Brand reads anyone’s comments on this page for that matter but it is nice to see someone amused by my babble if nothing else. I meant my comment to Mr. Brand in the best of ways but have never commented on a blog before in my life so hell if I know what the outcome provides or how to handle these sites. I work too much to have time for this usually. Clearly not today! :)

  224. I won’t bleat on about how wonderful your writing is, because you already know (plus nearley 300 people have already told you). So peace or anarchy?

    Also, quite funny watching sky talk about Obama in one line then your black knitted hat in the next.

  225. It’s right to get angry in a world where people die of disease because a multinational won’t drop it’s drug prices or where people starve, or where a life is condemed to poverty. However the issues get lost when windows get smashed or a copper gets twatted with a 6 foot piece of wood. Thats todays headlines, not poverty or climate change. It just plays into the hands of the media who love to connect these issues to anarchism and hippydom. Non-violent civil disobedience, is far more effective. Though it would have been better TV to see Ghandi attempting to put a litter bin through the front of McDonalds it would never have seen the British out of India. We all want a non-violent, fair,world. Revoultion requires ideology. But hey what the fuck do i know…

  226. Oh my darling. You are such a true mixture of what most are– but in sharp relief. Your own admited years of striving toward fiscal fluidity makes your now comfortable-yet-rebellious anti-consumerist protest a bit of a giggle. Yet, ain’t it all where we’re at? Storm the street one day– get back to the job the next. Let’s face it folks– it aint about “against the buck” or “for the buck”. As the wisdom of the matrix would reveal, “There ain’t no buck”. Its all an illusion. Stop protesting against money, and start creating something outside of it.
    But, Russ, I love you. You are honest and beautiful and meltingly sweet. But, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Change yerself (as you are striving to do) and you change the world. Protests are crap. Revolve within.

  227. Those pictographs say a whhhooollleee lot.
    I thought you were getting naked.
    Clearly that were a joke.
    Your writings are always good Russell.
    There, there’s your praise.

  228. Aldous Huxley once said, “There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self”.

    I believe this to my core. Sure, I recall wistfully the young ragamuffin I was in the Docs, protesting in the ’80s about everything from the environment to human rights to demolition of architectural gems in the name of ‘change’ (to this day, that word somehow irritates me).

    I am currently, however, experiencing a bit of a conundrum. You see, as a music journalist, I spend a lot of my time promoting the work of other people instead of creating myself. I see the output of the ‘real media’ and wonder why, if I spent six years at uni studying to be a journalist, I now act as the third arm extension to every self-inflated musician’s public relations endeavours. All because I live and breathe music.

    I have so much more potential to do something that really matters. And yes, that evolution begins with how I can personally progress up the intellectual food chain, teaching myself new aspects of the world each day. Hopefully, with this knowledge, I can determine what it is I want to be when I grow up…I know I was supposed to understand the point of my existence by now, but I don’t.

    Rather than writing about other musicians, why don’t I make a concerted effort to play my beautiful cello, for which I longed so long. Rather than writing about music — which people either love or hate, let’s face it — I should write about people and places without a voice.

    I don’t enjoy protests as much as I used to, mainly due to the violence that ensues. I am more of a cross-legged, peace loving protestor. But I also understand the time has come when we can’t sit cross-legged anymore and wait for change. We have to, each once of us, make the change we want to see happen in the world. I know it sounds corny, but it’s true.

    I appreciate how you use your fame to bring issues to the fore, Russell. It’s the reason you have my respect as a fellow human being…yes, you are FUNNY too, but more than that, your soul is well-rounded. And that’s something I can really get into.

  229. ‘I hate capitalism. I want revolution. Now buy my booky wook you mugs. Make me number 1, not to mention obscenely rich so i can buy more security fences for my mansion to keep the common plebs out.’

    You take hypocrisy to new levels indeed.

    The rich, the rich, we’re gonna get rid of the rich!!!

  230. “…more than an outlet for our rage we need a structure for our love”. I am ensorceled.

    I think you are right and it really grabbed me and made me think about events/solutions from a different angle (you’re quite determined to continue setting me that sort of homework it seems :) )

    Wonderful words, and timing – when its easy to feel a bit angry and vengeful (and yes, if i’m honest, smug and vindicated) right now.

    I think government should at least start with this as a guiding principle: to ensure nobody gets left behind. To stand for and to pick up the weakest amongst us.

    To now it has seemed that money has stood before all else. Surely corporate profits as a government priority must be made subordinate to environment, truly universal health, dental and mental health care, education, public transport and its flow on benefits for global warming, housing, support and care for those who cannot at the moment (or maybe ever) “just pull up their socks.”

    I don’t know how much we need to up-end the world as we know it – but I do think things being a little easier for those who struggle and a little less luxe for the rest of us as a consequence is a fair reckoning.

    As with fundamentalist everything – fundamentalist capitalism was always doomed to fail. But my, we humans do love a binge…


  231. once you believe you have had enough focus on yourself, let us practice the art of revolution together.

  232. Russell, you have a wonderful way with words. So wonderful in fact that you are capable of convincing everyone of your sincerity, including yourself.

    But, it’s very obvious to anyone who has followed you for even a short amount of time (I am a fan) that the whole “revolution” thing that you’ve been harping on about for so long is just a game for you. You don’t even know what it is you mean by it.

    Stick to making people laugh. It’s worthwhile.

  233. so wanted to be there, but ludicrous train fares from wales made it impossible on paupers wages, so basically fucked really, well that as well a consolation by willing male,lol. We need a world love -in Day, but trouble is no one would be marching, hopefully!! love and peace to you all x

  234. lOl i just saw the vid where they ask you: what angers you?why are you here?
    In my opinion,you were a decent man and you surely felt inspired by the whole movement against the G20,you are a citizen of London and a person who cares about what happens in the world so it was absolutely understandable for you to be there.I continue to love you and care for you:)
    Love and only love,Marialena[Greece]

  235. At least you can draw attention to the issue now and publish it somewhere where a lot of people will read about it and hopefully take an interest. You’ve drawn me in from all the way in Australia so i would say its working, people are taking notice. It’s easier to say you want to change the world, instead of changing yourself to help the cause, because then you have to face all the things you don’t like or respect about yourself, and those you have not yet discovered. Its food for thought.
    Thanks for getting me thinking, its nice to read something intelligent and entertaining once in a while.

  236. i saw that on the daily mail website and even before i saw the picture of russell without the scarf covering his face. there was a picture of him with a scarf and hat covering his face no captions or anything i just went that russell brand.
    i was so scared russell might of got hurt!!!!

  237. In Australia the news described the minorities; smashing windows and injuring police and protestors, the poor person unable to be revived by the paramedics. You, yourself, also a minority as far as celebs on the street, were always going to be a focal point. I fully support your right to protest, I applaud your actions and the beliefs behind them, I hope the thoughts you’ve written for us to see inspire others to think more deeply on the consequences of a meeting between the elite and the exclusion of the needy. Showing up in silent support, for however long, is much more than many of us could manage, and sounds like something you struggled with yourself. Kudos.

  238. This is an interesting post, but as much as I feel like a stinking pessimist for saying it, I have not been wholly impressed by these protests; I identify as a socialist, and while it is exciting to me that people are starting to express discontent with the way that our government and economy function, I am left wondering if the blind and aggressive tactics which have been used will do the cause more harm than good.

    The media already holds up a negative stereotype of the left wing’s “commie” values, and the mindless destruction yesterday is only going to add fuel to their fire – smashing a building, however symbolic, does not equate to smashing the system. Add to that the fact that most of those interviewed were middle-class university students who had very few words to explain their anger, and we’re all coming across as a bunch of alienating, irrational idiots.

    (Also, we all own RBS now, guys. Way to “stick it to the man”.)

  239. I think it would be fitting to quote a little Robert Pirsig: “To tear down a factory or to revolt against a government or to avoid repair of a motorcycle because it is a system is to attack effects rather than causes; and as long as the attack is upon effects only, no change is possible. The true system, the real system, is our present construction of systematic thought itself, rationality itself, and if a factory is torn down but the rationality which produced it is left standing, then that rationality will simply produce another factory. If a revolution destroys a systematic government, but the systematic patterns of thought that produced that government are left intact, then those patterns will repeat themselves in the succeeding government. There’s so much talk about the system. And so little understanding.”

  240. Lovely to see you there Russell, (even if it was just through the media). I didn’t get there myself (I was on my way to a part-time afternoon job and didn’t think I’d fit in carrying a sodding briefcase, so I just went to work…) but thanks for representing us.

  241. As much as I sympathise with the sentiments behind these protests, I can’t help but feel that for as many people there for ideological reasons there are just as many there for the chance of mindless violence. As such, these protests are largely written off because of it.
    Good point well made Mr Brand about all the Wednesdays to come; will those who smashed the windows of an RBS branch still be thinking of ways to help our society next Wednesday? Exactly.

  242. What has it achieved,no one is happy everyone blames everyone else,I’m afraid its human nature,look back in history Rome being a prime example,I just cant wait untill 2012.when the aliens retake it all back and we all start again (or not)Nice one Brandy,I’m one of those dockers daughters….

  243. Well said as usual Russ.

    “And once we have the condition of peace and joy in us, we can afford to be in any situation. Even in the situation of hell, we will be able to contribute our peace and serenity. ”

    Thich Nhat Hanh

  244. Rusty Rusty Rusty Rusty!!! The first paragraphs are what it’s all about. You as outsider; now, then and even in protest. Loved it. But Aaaaahhhhh! I will give you a hint. Lips that are thin, tight and perfect. And talking crap about things you know nothing about – words that are capitalised, central governments and stuff.

    Liked it but. Even to a constable wearing grey shades, that was a tropical technicolour dappled coat shimmying up his day.

  245. (while writing this one must ask himself, will it be read)

    But becauses it matters so much to me:

    Russell, if in fact revolution begins, that is- a war is created- then how can we promote peace. Bertand Russell said ““War does not determine who is right – only who is left.” Frankly I dislike riots on the notion that its seems vulgar and brings out the violent side of people, which I thought we learned not to tap into since the gladiators of ancient Rome. Personally I wouldnt wait for goverment to change the world for us. I think if we are able to conquer our fears we can engender an ultimate plan to save the lives of so many people that our starving at this very second.

    As you must have my email, I earnestly wait for a reply


  246. Do you think it’s easier to become “an individual worthy of utopia” as an anonymous person with an anonymous life or is it a luxury your fame and money allow for that kind of introspection?

    I watched these protests here in the US, (oddly enough, the thought that you might be there did cross my mind), and it seemed to me that the coverage was slanted so that the protesters looked more like drunken hooligans rather than people with a purpose. I am disappointed that the impression my countrymen will get is one that’s easily dismissed.

    The issue of Capitalism, and its inherent high/low cycle is a sensitive issue here. It’s close to treason to voice the thought that it might not be the best way, that there might be another way. Thank you for saying so.

  247. Beautifully written.

    You frustrate me. On one hand I want to cheer your desire for something better and your passion for “spirituality” and “revolution” but on the other hand, I just want you to stop being so self indulgent and full of yourself. You’re so good with words but you can’t seem to follow it up with actions.
    This all sounds so brilliant but in reality you just strolled about with your entourage for the thrill of the ‘agitation’ and wrote a self servicing ‘blog’ about poor you being recognised.
    When you were asked a direct question as to why you were there, apparently all you wanted to do was pee on the person asking. Isn’t the whole idea of a protest to be heard? If your opinions are so strong you feel the need to protest, shouldn’t you at least be able to say why? What kind of revolutionist can’t speak up?

  248. Thanks for not shunning myself away when I cheeeekely latched on!! and yes that was a confused look of WTF!!! ;)
    I was asked “why are you here?” in an instant I realised i had the whole world watching and the not so confident self shyed away and became completly toungue tied….DAMN IT
    The reason for my presence in that mass unity of “THE PEOPLE!!” was to peacefully be that extra head that extra voice,we all know our econmic system is f*****d! We need change and fast, I’m 26 and i am really re-considering bringing a child into this messed up world!
    Yes its time for a revolution…
    Thanks for also being that extra head!

    ladysnake x

  249. Love it!! You are truly the leader of the revolution. Sorry you had to put up with those pesky news crews. REVOLUTION!! xx

  250. From my perspective your comedy has more power to evoke real awareness, of both the self and society, than any mediocre and rather pathetic “protest.”

    Comedy lets you say something that would normally hurt and would be rejected, but is instead embraceable and even enjoyable. Like S&M to those so inclined, but available to most (except Daily Mail readers).

    Cudos for emphasizing that real change comes from within.

    That is, in fact, the ideal message of anarchism.

    Voluntary acceptance of authority from those admired, and NO imposition of authority on those who deny it.

    The majority of delusional anarchists accept only a quarter of all that anarchism entails, the concept that no one is superior to them. They forget about functional society working with accepted leaders, and they certainly don’t respect the freedom of others.

    Contrary to the nostaligic musings of long discredited communists, utopian ravings of communal workshops (if they worked so well they would spread rapidly), and thugs junked up under anarchist flags, capitalism is not dead. And it is not the bankers and the lawyers and the government that is to blame, it is the population itself. The same population that has not learned self control, as evidenced by conflict carried out by stooges on all fronts.

    Treasure your inability to sink into the anonymous mass with it’s unthinking, which is incapable, in political terms, of evoking change, or, or promoting a positive effect and which have more in common with Nazi gatherings and Soviet military parades, than with democratic norms.

    You were right to point out that at Upton park is a better place for such communal spirit. The alternative, in it’s best modern day practice, is the stadium marching of the benevolent guardian of the people’s republic of North Korea.

    If you really want capitalism to work, don’t borrow what you can’t afford, work hard giving people what they want, and then donate your spare capital to helping those in need, while ensuring society has the best education system possible. And I mean education on every level, including, very poignantly, that provided by truly insightful comedy.

    In today’s world, comedy has supplanted news media as a way to awaken consciousness, and news media has become drama and parody of itself.

  251. Russell Brand for President!

    Jury, youve heard every word, so before you decide would you look into those mother me eyes…

    Would you please adopt a petite, czech fellow gemini?

  252. If nothing else, protesting tells the powerful, we are watching them and will “call them out” when they are wrong or downright evil.

    Capitalism works pretty well but like most things, it should be taken in moderation. ( I mean that).

    Safe travel on your Spiritual Journey.
    Love, Love, Love

  253. Good news Russell, if this falling of capitalism has done anything it has bought the price of sugar puffs down to a mere 99p a box!!! I’m bulk buying and reminiscing the horror of standing in my school uniform before an opened box of one big block of puffs!! happy days.xxxx

  254. Forgive me I am just a commoner but what a load of tosh. Just a few day’s ago upon site of a Dolphin you advised you would be giving all your money away, time date and to whom decided by you (that’s reasonable) Then on April the first you trot down to view the revolution, no longer able to participate due to your wealth and fame.( my hart bleeds)
    Did you not arrive wearing dark glasses your face fully covered with a scarf, what made you ditch it ? Some people went for the ruck, others because their lives are being torn apart by a recession that our government lead us into, I could go on for hours pointing out the various injustices. You it seems went for nostalgia? Do you know how patronising that is, but then you are pretty patronising aren’t you Russell. “I love women, I love women” you don’t love women you use them as receptacles, you wander out after a show and make your selection. You have no respect for them as the Georgina thing demonstrates, you turn “Slag’s into celebrities” don’t you Russell? Did you not once advise you would like to give Vanessa Feltz one while her face was buried in a cake? The only person you love is you Russell the needy little “nitwit” who was a chubby little boy, full of resentment, who hates not being loved and adored by all, who hates being called to account for ungentle manly behaviour , who resents his meteoric rise being stilted by the “incident” who has never once made a sincere apology for the pain caused by his glib comments. Who has no concern for the star struck little 18 year olds selected for his pleasure. Who’s commitment issues and “sex addition” are the label’s he hides behind because he just does not have the goods to bring to a real relationship and is far to in love with himself to have any love left over for “this beautiful world” all the beautiful people in it ,or women”

  255. What I think…

    I left a corporate career even thought I knew I had the talent to be highly successful in that particular field. However, I decided to pursue my current role of working with the more disadvantaged and vulnerable members of our society. Paradoxically, in this time of increasing global unemployment and disillusionment, the vocational career I have chosen for myself has never been more secure.

    Admittedly, some days, I do stop and wonder if I’d have been happier earning more dosh… but that’s life, I guess (none of us are perfect)… but luckily these thoughts do not prevail. Most days, I tend to think I made the right change. In fact, I know I made the right change. The day I decided to take my life in a new direction, it felt absolutely right – it WAS right! It felt good… I felt good… feeling good about one’s self is essential to feeling good about life.

    I was tenfold happier once I was motivated to decide, “Well, if someone’s got to do this shite, it might as well be me, IT SHOULD BE ME, I’ll be the person who’ll do it right and I’ll do it sensitively and will leave people with their dignity intact too. Change is needed!” Now that I actually do what I set out to do, I make a difference… maybe a small difference, but a difference nonetheless… and a positive one at that!

    We should all try to effect change if we can do this, in whatever way we can; working on self is fundamentally important but it is the development of conscience that is the only way to effect real change – this is not only necessary but, in my opinion, compulsory! With our world in crisis, protests are the only way to bring about a manifestation of the nation’s conscience. Yesterday protest rattled conscience’s cage! Hurrah!

    When I was a student, I had a work placement with a gadgie who attended every protest going from Land’s End to John o’Grotes. He actually slept in his rundown car and used his work address for washing, cooking, receiving mail etc… At the time, I couldn’t understand his drive and would question how he could be so committed to every – and I do mean EVERY – cause going. I scoffed at his penchant for a rowdy rally (not to mention his apparent fondness for cleaning his teeth in scuzzy sinks, his crumpled clothing and let’s not forget his rusting mowta’…). With unrelenting regularity his face would pop up on the TV and I’d think “BLOODY HELL, THERE HE IS AGAIN! WHERE’S HE AT NOW!?” I’d rush over to the screen, turn up the volume, tell any people present to ‘shush’ and proceed to listen to his succinct, forceful, impassioned outcries – as he was ALWAYS the only ‘Un-caped Crusader’ being interviewed. I used to think he was a bit barmy but I’ve since changed my mind. Back then, I was really too absorbed in the novelty of it all, to really look at activism on any deeper level. What I’ve come to appreciate the most about him, over the years, is that he never saw any cause as too great or too insignificant to take on. In many ways he was the activist’s activist bit what I especially admired was his ability to lend his voice to the people who couldn’t articulate their views (i.e. the ‘have nots’) and how he readily and willingly became their spokesman. Today I just admire him for his scruples, dedication and utter lack of ego.

    Like you, Russell, I believe we are all different but that we are all equal too. Not everyone has had the life chances they deserve… that we ALL deserve! More often than not, I’m usually much happier in the company of disadvantaged people than people from privilege… although, in saying that, there are also some terrific people amongst the toffs too. Everyone should be given a chance.

    Forgive me for harping on about your previous post but I read a lot of stuff about the so-called Underclass, as a student, and clearly remember using a ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ quote in one of my assignments once. I read those very same words jumping off the page and affected me too. The reason why there is such polarity in society is greed. Greed will be the thing that destroys us. Greed IS destroying us.

    You have a platform to reach more people than the average Joe could ever dream of, so good for you for doing it. I even admired you for pithily thinking “I didn’t fancy the gig” and choosing not to play the game too. Sometimes the occasion will often call for a less is more approach. Keep on doing your thing and don’t ever change your writing style either, Russell, as it would only compromise your integrity; keep your own remarkable voice, for it punctures the bloated overload of triteness we’re usually fed with thought provoking observations and insightful self-reflection. You are a gifted wordsmith indeed and what spews forth from your healthy noggin is truthfully a rare and uplifting delight!

    Whenever I’ve got a report to write, people keep saying we should try to avoid using jargon (or ‘big words’) as many of the people who read it are not intellectually capable of understanding it – and whilst I do prescribe to this theory to some degree (and in some cases) I usually end up responding with a mutinous line such as, “but doesn’t that mean you’re discrediting their capacity to learn!?”

    Learn, change, teach, repeat… oh yeah, and send love to the haters too!

    Okay, I think I’ll stop now. I had more points to make but, as I’m now feeling the weighty pressure of conformity, I shall thus limit the outrageous size of my ‘revolution contribution’ with immediate effect!

  256. I’m a new fan (Since the Comedy Central Show) and also an English teacher and college professor!! I have not read prose such as yours often and I really enjoy it. You are gifted and of course you know that …

    On the subject of revolution, changing the world, etc., it seems that the only solution is the abolition of money – of course, how to do that seems a little bit complicated. The fact that money, this artificial concept created by humans (like time), and its attendant greed have pretty much f-ed up the world is easy to grasp. How to replace it – another matter.

    Keep thinking and writing and doing all that you do!! Love you lots!

  257. Another insightful piece Russell. I hope you plan on collecting these in a ‘Selected Essays’.. They deserve a wider audience.
    Keep on, soulful one.

  258. awww
    “I’ve spent so long trying to distinguish myself from the crowd that now I cannot rejoin it.”

  259. big fani love your stand up. I saw you on Stern also very kick ass. Nice job on this one i think it was fab !!!!!!!!.
    Keep up the good work and i will keep up the support.


  260. Wednesdays strike milestone importance to you and I’m still trying to figure out why. I think it’s because of football, but then again I’m not sure haha

  261. You look sad in the photos , was it a “things will never be the same again” momment or are you way past that?
    The words that you wrote were good , thankyou.

  262. I find myself yearning for more whenever I finish reading any of your writings.I suppose that’s a good thing,they seem to be good subjects to yearn over.

    Protest is something I have yet to partake in,granted I ever get the chance to.Through your distinctive description,though,it sounds I’ll have to go try it out.

    Mr.Brand,I am truly in awe of you.

  263. You have officially made me addicted to the computer.
    I find myself checking your website or and your twitter 2-3 times a day hoping that you’ve written a blog or posted a video or some pictures.
    It’s like you’re a drug, and I need my Russell-fix. ♥ Please come to Canada sometime…. I promise you will be drowned with attention. I’ve finsihed your Booky Wook, which was practically impossible to find, it was selling so quickly, and now that I’ve read it, I understand why..

    I love you

    Nicole :)

  264. Your blogs are great, I admire the way you took the time to go there and support protest.

  265. Well done Russell! I wish there were more celebs like you who actually used the pedestal of fame to speak out for the voiceless and try and improve this planet of ours, especially on worthy protests like this when the cops and the media try to portray us in such a bad light – just for wanting a better world.

    Come on you Irons!

  266. Oh Russell! You are such a sad prat. Why don’t you harness your intellect and wealth to doing something useful for society such as fighting for the educational rights of such people as my ten-year-old Trisomy 21 grandson whose parents can’t even get him into a school which could help him to attain a level of achievement which would give him a chance in the world system you appear to claim to abhor? Were you to attempt that, you would be “putting your money where your mouth is”. I don’t suppose you will – you are no Jack Ashley (n)or Brian Rix. Three questions then – what is ‘Trisomy 21 ‘, and who are Jack Ashley and Brian Rix? You probably can’t answer these questions because you didn’t grow up in poverty in a two-up-two-down, as I did. So the notion of your “protesting” against the very people who helped to give you your cushioned childhood is completely laughable to anyone with any small degree of intelligence. Even if this post appears on your site it will be either swiftly removed or ignored. Plus ça change!

  267. Oh Russell! You are such a sad prat. Why don’t you harness your intellect and wealth to doing something useful for society such as fighting for the educational rights of such people as my ten-year-old Trisomy 21 grandson whose parents can’t even get him into a school which could help him to attain a level of achievement which would give him a chance in the world system you appear to claim to abhor? Were you to attempt that, you would be “putting your money where your mouth is”. I don’t suppose you will – you are no Jack Ashley or Brian Rix. Three questions then – what is ‘Trisomy 21 ‘, and who are Jack Ashley and Brian Rix? You probably can’t amswer these questions because you didn’t grow up in poverty in a two-up-two-down, as I did. So the notion of your “protesting” against the very people who helped to give you your cushioned childhood is completely laughable to anyone with any small degree of intelligence. Even if this post appears on your site it will be either swiftly removed or ignored.

  268. This was completely moving, i really apreciate your support of the Protest. I think its about time someone did something about this, and seeing someone of your stature support will only make people think about the cause even more!
    Much Love Russell!

  269. Man you looked stupid on the news, Can’t you answer a simple question???
    Why where you here??

  270. i enjoyed this, as i always do. u write so well. the comedy shows how clever you are.

    what strikes me, or the impression i got ( whether it’s correct is another matter) is that your secretly resent the fame sometimes? although i’m quite sure your enternally grateful. i am by no means a shrink, just my opinions from the feel of this blog.

    it made me question, do you ever feel bored of empy praise and messages of undying love?
    how can someone be you so, just because of your talent and attitude (for want of a better word, but i’m pretty sure i can’t spell

    wouldn’t it be lovely to be that raving naked lunatic near the statue, with them “lovely” Y fronts on, knowing u could (or not as it where) be able to disappear back into the crowd? you obviously have worked extreemly hard to be who and where you are today, and very much deserving of it also.
    i firmly believe in karma, and think that you have grown into a wonderful man. i’m sure your mum would be very proud! how patronising must i sound??
    recently i was having a convesation about you, and noel fielding (i’m sure you both must get linked together alot!) and the bloke i was talking to is a massive fan of the boosh, but doesn’t like you. i asked why, when the humour is similar, and he said that noel is raw, and random, but russell is very intellegent and masks it with his humor, and can be offencive. now personally, i think perhaps alot of men would feel threated by you as you are known as being so sexy and a bit slutty! lol!
    but then for me, your work and the mighty boosh are the main features of my dvd collection. this is my humour through and through, and would gladly swoon over both of you!
    well, whether this means anything to you, or just seen as another rambling fan, this was the effect of reading your blog!!
    i am genuine and think very highly of you!
    and much thanks for taking the effort to reply to me on twitter!! although you pick your days!! APRIL FOOLS DAY of all days!! no-one would believe me!! lol! ah well! i was grinning all day because of it!
    mucho love, kirsten xxx
    p.s if you do read this i am on twitter as “koist” let me know what u think.. if u want that is! lol! xxxx love you, bu bye!! xx

  271. I’m an American and only just recently discovered you. First, I saw you on MTV. (Who is this guy?) Second, in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. (Seriously, who is this guy?) Third, Bedtime Stories. (I’m gonna Google that guy.) Then, NYC stand-up show, Booky Wooky, website. I love it! What a breath of amazing, insightful, and provocative fresh air. More please!

  272. your writing is beautiful; i love the questions i’m forced to ask myself as a result of your ideas…
    it’s invigorating to know you’re out there.
    love, and kisses.

  273. Your celebrity may keep you from being able to participate in the party but your celebrity has also given you the ability to bring a day like today to the forefront of conversation. I commend you for attempting to be part of the party but now you can speak about your day, ideas and wishes on behalf of the people on shows like Jimmy Fallon or Howard Stern and get more people thinking. I love the sentence “I am going to have to focus further on myself, on becoming an individual worthy of utopia then, regardless of my notoriety, I will be equipped to participate in our revolution.” If only more people thought like that. You have made Bill Hicks proud; I remember when he went down to Mount Carmel for the Waco debacle, getting involved in important matters; that is what you have done. A pat on the back to you.

  274. I loves’d it per usual. I believe in the world and the alturistic nature of all people. We will come together once we all see what really matters in life.

  275. Jacque Fresco is a revolutionary who has spent his lifetime investigating alternatives to our oppressive capitalist society with something called the Venus Project. There are people who don’t accept that the way it is now, is the only way.

    Love you Russell x

  276. In response to your tweet asking for thoughts on this piece…and at the risk of being too honest and pissing off everyone here: the content is superb, but the the writing is not a pleasant read. Good prose should be clear and simple, without run-on sentences. And to make it devilish there should be an occasional descriptive embellishment that pops out like a deliciously brutal headbutt. 80% simple with 20% headbutt is so much better than the reverse.

    That’s just me though. And let’s face it, your book is already published, whereas mine won’t be finished for another year.

  277. this is genius, nice piece sir

    Being held back, not being able to really get into such a memorable protest, as you have in the previous years, would be hard. But you have made such a great impact on the protest. Perhaps you weren’t getting rid of one self and being in the middle of the crowd. Yet, with these words, and witnessing it all, is certainly something of a great deal.

    You’ve experienced these protests with different circumstances. I’m sorry that you got bombarded with news reporters, you didn’t need that. I hope you enjoyed it down there.

    lots of love, charlotte xx

  278. *Being held back, not being able to really get into such a memorable protests, would be hard.

  279. I may have misconstrued this,

    When did the South American drug lords infilterate English shores forcing whole villages from child to adult into labor for the product of cocaine without compensation and under the illusion of being overall cared for by their captors? Also, you know where people are inaugurating economic systems on fairness and egalitarianism? Wow.

    At least a good job on the physical show of displeasure over the bailout British banks took advantage of; that is for the first day. Much better response than over here where we all kind of collectively commented, “You know that ain’t right.” And, then fired off a capitalized e-mail response to CNN.

    In other news; How about that Michelle Obama!!!!
    Styling around in J.Crew, feeling up the Queen and outshining Sarkozy’s wife! American Pride is back!!!

  280. “I am going to have to focus further on myself, on becoming an individual worthy of utopia then, regardless of my notoriety, I will be equipped to participate in our revolution”.

    Well put. But as an Englishman, and inveterate bibliophile of riotous popular note, you will be aware, Sir, that by invoking the ruffed and somberly besmocked spirit of Thomas Moore, you also channel the spirit of his book.

    ‘Utopia’ is not a blueprint for Heaven on Earth but a user’s manual for the hereafter, having more in common with Bunyan’s ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ than ‘Das Kapital’. As such, it represents an acceptance of the status quo and entreats the reader to focus on the sempiternal rather than the worldly. A lot of good serene detachment did Moore and the Catholics in England when King Henry unleashed his firmers on their vestibules.

    Your exposition of the partial reasons for partaking in political charivaris hitherto, and the rum state of the global body politic now, is admirably eloquent.

    In so far as the personal meets the political in public life, it’s a pretty lady from America giving the Queen a lovely hug. There is no democracy when the sole Unique Selling Point of the message is the warmth and sincerity of the messenger. Visible displays of personal flaws belie motives, but also confidence and integrity.

    Wittgenstein begins his ‘Remarks on Frazer’s ‘Golden Bough”: “We must begin with the mistake and transform it into what is true.

    That is, we must uncover the source of error; otherwise hearing what is true won’t help us. It cannot penetrate [fnar] when something is taking its place.

    To convince someone of what is true, it is not enough to state it; we must find the road from error to truth.

    I must plunge again and again in the water of doubt”.

    It would be a shame, I feel, if you shied away from further public meditations on the interconnection between the macroverse and the inky tropics of your uniquely lugubrious microverse.

  281. Lovely one Russell! I`m just old enough to remember the meagre `70s and it`s power-cuts, the miners strikes and all that. Thank the gods that having no `Bank-of-mum&dad` to bail me out, having my kids to support and being lucky enough to live amongst good friendly `poor` folk in Scotland has taught me how to survive, forage and cobble together a very happy existance for us all. Wish alot of other humans could see sense and do likewise. LOVE!!!

  282. The world will heal herself; as for humans that walk on her, the fact is some humans would fight with their own reflection in the mirror if there was no one else to fight with; there is a battle going on in my own mind a battle of wills; but there will always be hope; for true love is not a jealous love it is free and all giving and I agree it should envelop everyone.
    The only way forward is through peaceful means and I’m writing this knowing very well that in my own life many times all my love and peace has flown out of the window and I have retaliated with such venom that I scared myself silly.

    The more I read the more I love you, your the coolist ever, I love you man. And this is not unthinkingly. the more I write the more soppy I’m getting and it’s not good for my street cred; but I’ll be following you, always from a physical distance of course, I don’t want you tripping, I’m giggling here…. Thankyou for reaching out; you did when you did’t have to. see ya.

  283. think ur absolutly brilliant n wanted 2 run up and give u a huge hug when i saw a, unfortuently a)u dont know me and would find it weird, b)cudn’t get 2 u was getting draged away by frends
    thanks for going even if u dont think you got to do alot it gave us a boost:)

  284. Your essay is honest. Its honest as anyone can be. We’re cross-dressers. In your case, you are an accountant proudly streetwalking in public with your hippie elite streetwear. Exhilarating and then defensive because someone asked you what you were doing there. And you don’t. You are honest about that – scarifyingly honest. No real answers are given.

    Tolstoy’s quote only betrays your conservatism. Your individualism. At odds with your earlier observation that separation from others is an illusion. That’s left by the way. You do not know what you believe. You contradict yourself constantly.

    I am not sure why you have the following that you do but it has more to do with youthful narcissism than any overriding inspiration.

    An example. You are to act in a film called ‘Arthur’. A film about a rich kid who slowly learns to grow up. Not too much lefty or revolutionary or mystical about that. It really fits in neatly with individual responsibility and conservative ideals.

    Where to next? You have guilessly revealed your hypocrisy but I think you make the valid point that you are not too different to many other people; you know putting aside the relentless tyranny of the self. And that is the justification isn’t it. Not too many moral standards in play there?

    And by the way. If you are out there? Meep.

  285. I thought there was more media people out there than protestors.

    Did they win, and did they manage to get the headline act changed for Glastonbury?

  286. I was there and missed you! The media wanted to hate us all so silence was probably the best reaction. Great blog though, there definately are solutions out there, it’s just that nobody with the power to implement them wants to listen. Bring on the revolution! x

  287. “more than an outlet for our rage we need a structure for our love.”

    I don’t believe there’s a better way of saying it than that; therefore, word.

  288. Well done. good blogpiece. Perhaps a nod towards feminism and Mr Brand will become a complete revolutionary? Join us when we are all ready…

  289. Perhaps your soul is calming down? I know this isn’t about the G-20 summit, but trust in your talent and those who truly love you and you will be more than alright.

  290. I think the fact that YOU being at the protest actually garnered more media attention than the ACTUAL protest says volumes about society and popular thinking today.

    I find it abhorrent… Not your being there, obviously – I think you did a good thing, it’s just brought up a few issues, I think.

  291. For every ‘proof’ that capitalism fails cyclically over and over, we have a Soviet bloc and a tyrant/dictator/Dear Leader to warn us against the corruption potential of a central power.

    I’m not willing to blindly follow a mob either way.

  292. Russell, I pity you. You have fallen for the illusion of fame – something I myself was beginning to succumb to but, through great effort, managed to walk away from some time ago.

    It is a powerful siren, that is true. It mesmerises and deludes the individual into thinking he or she is just that, an individual. And yet nothing could be further from the truth.

    We do not fulfil ourselves by grabbing at the dangling carrot of individualism. On the contrary, we forsake ourselves. And, more to the point, we forsake the people who need us – the masses of people who will never, not ever, be deemed valuable because of that very ideology.

    It’s a me me me nonsense and highly destructive to both the self and the human collective. I’m just glad I got out before I became as fooled, as weak and as destroyed as you clearly are.

    Is it too late for you? I hope not. But from reading your words I fear the worst.

    Take care.

  293. Interesting. It sounds like you went there in an effort to connect with something real and visceral from your past and found yourself totally isolated and unable to participate. Lonely and alone aren’t the same thing I suppose. Honestly though; did you come away dissappointed or a bit chuffed that you’re so famous now that you can’t blend in with the masses even if you want to? I don’t know which way I’d feel if I’m honest.

    For the first time I genuinely feel that what we regard as modern democracy and the capitalist principals that it is founded on are fundamentally flawed. I’d always dismissed the notion before as hysterical nonsense. The thing that confirms this notion for me is the cold fear in the eyes of the world’s leaders as they all openly agree that if they can all pretend it’s not happening then we all should too – and then everything will all be lovely again. This is what comes of a system based on notional value. If we stop believing in it it falls to earth.

    At best we seem to be able to rely on a cycle of striving, succeeding and then collapsing under the weight of coroporate greed. The thing is, the people at street level don’t benefit from the booms and they get hit squarely amid-ships by the busts.

    I grew up in Basildon not far from you and, at the ripe old age of 36, I seem to be able to recall too many of these cycles to have much faith in the future. Unfortunately, the combination of modern politics and Rupert Murdoch’s media prism keeps the developed world greedy, apathetic to the notion of affecting change (except for France where they burn the gaff down at the drop of a chapeau) and terrified of one another.

    Everybody wants an alternative but where do we look to? The easy answer is ourselves but change requires a focal point not just a majority opinion.

    What now for goodness sake?

  294. Loved the clip I saw of you when” interviewed” by Ian Woods of Sky.. You seemed to stop him in his tracks and it was sooo beautiful when you remained silent. Woods didnt know what to say next!
    Also like the outfit you wore (LOL)…BTW see you @ 02 arena!!

  295. Hi Russell english is my second language forgive me if I am not as eloquent as you, (love your style of writing and your sense of humor), I have been doing some soul serching lately in the middle of this economic caos, and it is really easy to blame banks capitalism and the likes, don’t take me wrong can’t stand all this virtual money system I still like the old days when instead of various cards in my wallett and endeless security code to remembers, we use to carry good old cash, we as world race we have to take responsability for what’s is happening at the moment, greed is at the base of all of this, human greed, the way we invest our money in company that do not have any regards no for human life, animal life and least of all the inviroment,
    shareholders in companies at the end of the years want they share of the pie, the real revolution will start (like you rightly said) when we will change from thinking about little “me” to thinking of all of us, and invest money in a etical way in ompanies that are for the betterment and the good of all, now a question dear Russell,( nothing wrong with you been a millionar, you deserve the lot), are you investing your money in a good way or are perpetuating this lousy system?,are you putting your money were your mouth is? and I wonder is Bono and Oprah too? food for tought ciao ooxx

  296. Russell you really need to stop intellectualizing so & get out of your own head. I reckon – in fact, I know – you need someone whom you can trust, whom you are attracted to, ( & despite what people say, I do think that person will be a woman….once you find one with sufficient similarity in thinking, life experience, outlook, aspirations &, of course, intelligence, which, I do agree is no easy feat), to simply talk to & share that amazing, but very alone, brain of yours.
    I promise you she is out there……did you know that?

  297. A self confessed hedonist who thinks separation is an illusion! There’s something ironic about that but I just can’t pick it… i love me Russell (and consequently you) but me a little bit more (that’s where the separation comes into it I guess). It’s all very transcendental and contradictory. What would Krishna Murti say? Something just as confusing and enlightening no doubt :)

  298. Semolina it that your real name? Gnocchi could had been better name or tagliatelle or self raising flour ………just joking

  299. It saddens me that you met with such ill mannered people, who would not allow you a moment of camaraderie.
    Your behaviour was impeccable, I commend you highly, as I don’t know I could have shown the same restraint.
    (Probably one of the reasons why the universal controller in his wisdom has thus far withheld from me, the test of intellectual and monetary wealth.)
    Hee hee!
    I understand the frustration you may have been made to feel, when requested to assist in a situation beyond your control, we all do. Your lending support by being there, is all that is asked and is enough for those who perceive the difference between celebrity and person.
    I can’t say what is right for you, or how you feel, only you can judge.
    I would say that you have grown considerably, from the lashed up lad
    enthralled by the mob.
    It’s hard for most of us in these times of crisis, when the offensive are in control and the rest shackled and discredited.
    The point we have now reached, has not come about over night and if it is to be amended ,will take life times.
    Your work as a comedian and writer helps prevent despair setting in once denial has been removed.
    For what it’s worth you have inspired one diminutive female with renewed faith and courage. This may not mean much to you, but it’s a great deal to me, Thankyou.

    Now in the words of Mr Spike Milligan ” What are we going to do now?”

    Wishing you Inner Peace and Happiness.

  300. Outside the Bank of England Brand told the Demonstrators he was angered by the “financial disparity” in the world. This after spending the last few months, since he was ran out of the BBC, flying round the world, Coining it in Hollywood, playing to packed houses on a sell out tour of Australia and luxuriating on a five star holiday in Malawi. Brand. You are the biggest Hypocrite in the world. You know nothing of Revelation nor do you contribute anything. Leave the revolution to the REAL REVOLUTIONARIES. Spend some time in, The poverty stricken parts of the Ukraine and eastern block, Cuba, Brazil, Parts of Africa like I have. Then you will learn something. Keep charging the ass off people for your concert tickets and work on that tan, your long overdue another holiday you total pucking trick.

  301. “Tolstoy said everyone speaks of changing the world but no one speaks of changing themselves, ironically given my Olympian solipsism, I am going to have to focus further on myself, on becoming an individual worthy of utopia then, regardless of my notoriety, I will be equipped to participate in our revolution.”

    You’ve got a long way to go compañero.

  302. I saw something on the news and they mentioned you were there but were uncharacteristically quiet…and I think that really spoke volumes. I saw immediately that you were not there as a character, but as a concerned citizen. One could easily see that you were serious about being there and anyone with a brain ought to know there’s a human Russell lurking inside the character Russell! Well done, really.

  303. “The sincere aspect of my attendance to these carnivals of disobedience is my instinctive mistrust of authority and innate belief that whilst we are different we are all equal and have a social culpability to care for every member of our society. That, ultimately we are one, that separation is an illusion and that none of us can be content as long as there is neglect and suffering among the weaker of our number.”

    You’d made a rubbish politician or copper with an attitude like that young man. x

  304. And incidentally, having read some silly rant up a little further above my comment, I would say trust no one that talks like that.. Easy to hide behind a keyboard and pretend you are a ‘lefty’, however a true lefty would never tell someone to ‘leave the revolution to real revolutionaries.’ Those are the words of someone not remotely on the left, someone that wishes to disillusion and silence good people. Keep speaking out and never underestimate the lengths the establishment will go to to shut people up. They are crawling all over this great big net for a start. Love you my dear. x

  305. It surprises me (not in the sense of really surprising me, but only because it makes me feel extremely excited) that a comedian, a guy who’s supposed to be the clown and to make one forget about the atrocities humanity is capable of taking part of, is telling me to my face all the marvelous things about how we can see such happenings with true selfless eyes and search for more than just words can explain…

    Right on, Russel
    That’s why I LOVE ALL OF YOU! I do and I bet many do as well.

    (nevermind the bad english, I’m brazilian!)

  306. What a farce. You really do believe in your own self worth. Your famous quote read infamous.
    Presenters on Talk Sport derided you about your attendance. They dont want you and the listeners dont want you on the radio station. Do us all a favour and try your sick sense of attempted humour abroad. But maybe they are not as stupid as this country.

  307. What disturbs me most about reading all this is that I’m reading all this.

    Fuck! Get a life, me.

  308. Oh…my…God…. Absolutely brilliant. I had no idea. So often we see someone in a movie and only see the celebrity. We forget that they are real people with real ideas. Love this post.

    Here’s wishing you the best, Russell… Enjoy those moments of anonymity, however few they may be.

  309. This is a nice pice of writing russell… nice to be assured that just because your wealthy now… your still down to earth and politically minded

  310. I admit, as a mother of four selfishly watching your humor as a way to have something for my own mind, I discovered your brilliance (which is well hidden here in the States). This particular entry, and after watching bits and pieces of your BBC special on Kerouac, resonate with me. I am your age, have lived a bit, have moved onto deeper passions, and yet I struggle daily with the ideas of equality and fairness. I have my silly side, my vanity, my own struggle with sexual addictions, and yet I work exceedingly hard to provide my children with a sense of what is right, to set them in a direction to contribute to the greater good of this world. I seek, I journey. Thank you for your deeply moving observations.

  311. I’m still learning from you, while I’m improving myself. I certainly love reading everything that is written on your blog.Keep the stories coming. I liked it!

  312. This film was transferred to video because at that time the cameras were all mainly silent film anyway. Also this film is so chilling because it even took so long to find this much of the remarkable girl. I transfer 8mm to dvd all the time

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