12 Nov 2014

‪Kim Kardashian’s Arse: What Should We Think? The Trews (E188)‬

‪Kim Kardashian has bared her bottom again, this time for the cover of Paper magazine, but is she just another symptom of postmodernist confusion and cultural decline or is there a deeper psychological explanation for her fame?‬
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11 Nov 2014

‪Osama Bin Laden Doll: Dumb Or Dumber? The Trews (E187)‬

An Osama Bin Laden doll designed for a CIA ‘influence operation’ is on sale on a memorabilia auction site.
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11 Nov 2014

Russell reading from The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Russell reading from his children’s book Russell Brand’s Trickster Tales: The Pied Piper of Hamelin with illustration by Chris Riddell.
See Russell’s Pied Piper live event at the Albert Hall – book here

10 Nov 2014

‪Disabled Residents Told To Repay Hurricane Aid – The Trews (E186)‬

‪Reaction to news that disabled and elderly residents of an assisted-living centre in Rockaway, New York are being asked to return aid they received from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) after Hurricane Sandy damaged their facility.‬
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09 Nov 2014

New Era Estate serves eviction notice on property developers – Trews Reports (E2)

Russell Brand Trews Reports (E2)
Residents of the New Era Estate in Hoxton, London serve an eviction notice on multi-millionaire landlords Benyon Properties in protest over rent rises that will see them evicted from their homes .
Saturday 8th November 2014.
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signing this petition

07 Nov 2014

‪How Do We Deal With Police Violence? The Trews (E184)‬

I meet rapper B Dolan to talk activism, police brutality and hip-hop’s role in revolution. Subscribe Here Now: http://tinyurl.com/opragcg and send links to video news items of topical stories that you’d like me to analyse.

06 Nov 2014

Join me on our first action

Hello mate, Russell here

Thanks for giving me your email and signing up for the revolution, I promise I won’t sell your details to a spam firm that want to flog you priapism pills.

I am excited to invite you to participate in our first action.

As you know property developers – in partnership with corrupt, inept or lazy politicians – have created a housing crisis for ordinary people all over the world. I bet your rent is soaring; I bet you are finding it hard to pay. It’s especially bad in cities, and for this first action we want to focus on London.

In Hoxton, East London there is a diabolical situation that we need your help with. The New Era estate provided affordable homes for ordinary working families (they ain’t that ordinary I hang out with em – some of em are right weirdos). The people that live in the 92 flats have grafted to make their homes their own, installing kitchens and heating and most importantly building a community where all the residents watch out for each other.

Then unfortunately (and I’m partly to blame by moving in and being so cool) Hoxton became “trendy”.

That’s when the old Etonian Edward Benyon (brother of richest Tory MP in Britain Richard Benyon), along with billion dollar American property firm Westbrook, purchased the property. They backtracked on the deal to keep the estate as affordable housing. They have told the families that the rents were going to go up to “market rate” and they had to cough up or jog on. But, the people of the New Era estate aren’t going anywhere. They’re making a stand and they need your help. First thing you can do is easy, just sign this petition to save their homes:


If the Benyon’s get their way, an entire community will be forced into B&Bs all over the country. They will be sent hundreds of miles away, to places they’ve never been, where they don’t know anyone. Old people who have lived there their whole lives, working nurses with kids, single mums – They will lose all the work, money and love they have invested in their homes and their community.

This is happening everywhere. Boris, their elected mayor (where did he go to school again?), is on the side of the property developers, not people like you. The New Era residents have decided to organise and fight back -and we can help them. Don’t forget the petition…


Because there’s something else you can help us with too…

On Saturday 8th November at 10.30am The New Era residents are holding a day of protest at the Benyon’s plush offices and numerous nearby cash cow properties. This will be a totally peaceful protest: they are bringing their kids. (If you don’t want to be totally peaceful, please go somewhere else – this isn’t for you.)

Everyone else – join us for a day of “Dickensian fun” to protest against the “3 Scrooges” – Boris and the Benyons! Dress up as a pauper or an urchin – pretty soon you’ll have no choice if they get their way – and support The New Era residents whose demands are simple – to stay in the homes they’ve worked to make their own at the rent that was agreed. Full stop.

I’ll be there – I’m either going as Fagin or Elephant Man – I know he wasn’t a Dickens character, he was a real bloke, but he was Victorian and he was exploited.

Together we can prevent our homes, communities and families being brushed aside to further benefit already loaded individuals and institutions. And it will be a right laugh.

We’re meeting outside the shops on the New Era Estate, Whitmore Road, London, N1

Please forward this email to your friends, share it on Facebook, and Tweet about it with the hashtag #ProtestTheThreeScrooges

If the New Era estate wins, we all win – we get to have cities that don’t belong to foreign oligarchs and corporations, but all of us.

And see you there.


05 Nov 2014

Britain’s richest MP buys housing estate – 93 families devastated: Trews Reports (E1)

First episode from our new YouTube channel Trews Reports.

The New Era Estate in Hoxton, London was recently purchased by a group of private investors including the family of Britain’s richest MP. The residents now face massive rent increases or eviction.

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05 Nov 2014

US Midterm Elections: Is This Democracy?? The Trews (E183)

Reaction to the US midterms that saw the Democrats suffer a crushing defeat, losing control of the Senate to the Republicans.
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