16 Feb 2015

Chapel Hill Vs Copenhagen – Which Is Terrorism? The Trews (E257)

Reaction to the media coverage of the Chapel Hill killings last week and the shootings in Copenhagen.

13 Feb 2015

Uma Thurman’s Face: What Should We Think? The Trews (E256)

Reaction to the media storm over Uma Thurman’s face at a recent red carpet appearance.

12 Feb 2015

HSBC Tax Dodgers – Why Are MPs In Bed With Them? The Trews (E255).

Reaction to the news that the government have been receiving donations from tax dodgers facilitated by HSBC.

11 Feb 2015

Corrupt Irish Water Robbery – A Greek Revolution Needed? The Trews (E254)

Reaction to the news that several protesters were arrested in Ireland following the protests in November against a water charge.

10 Feb 2015

Who’s F*cking Us Over – HSBC Or Immigrants? The Trews (E253)

Reaction to the news that a show called Immigration Street is in the works as it is revealed that HSBC helped clients avoid paying millions in tax.

09 Feb 2015

Prince Charles, Islam & Selling Arms To Human Rights Abusers: The Trews

Reaction to recent comments Prince Charles made about the radicalisation of young Muslims and to President Obama’s comments reminding people about the terrible things done in the name of Jesus Christ.

07 Feb 2015

Trew Musings: Ancient Chinese Wisdom‬

‪Every Monday I do a bit of talking about books l like at an event called Trew Musings in East London.
Today I spoke about some ancient Chinese wisdom and how even if we want to do a bit of violence…it’s not really the best option.

06 Feb 2015

Is Beyonce To Blame For Teenage Pregnancy? The Trews (E251)

In today’s Fame Friday Trews I react to Fox’s Bill O’Reilly blaming Beyonce for America’s social issues.

05 Feb 2015

Are Refugees Australia’s & Our Collective Responsibility? The Trews (E250)

Reaction to Tony Abbott’s strict immigration policy and Rupert Murdoch’s tax avoidance.

04 Feb 2015

2015 Super Bowl Commercials – What Do They Want? The Trews (E249)

Reaction to the marketing tactics used by Budweiser and Nissan in their 2015 Super Bowl Commercials.