02 Jan 2015

Big Fat Anniversary Quiz

Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 14.12.48

Russell appears on the Big Fat Anniversary Quiz, Channel 4 Friday 2nd January 9pm – watch the trailer

01 Jan 2015

The Trews VS Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial: The Trews (E224)!‬

‪Reacting to Budweiser’s Superbowl Commercial where a puppy and horse fall in love and revolt in a George Orwellian fashion.‬

31 Dec 2014

‪Do Rich People Deserve To Be Rich? The Trews (E223)‬

‪I’m joined by writer and activist George Monbiot as we discuss whether wealth really is the inevitable result of hard work.‬

29 Dec 2014

The Trews VS Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial: The Trews (E221)

Our analysis of Christmas advertising continues with the Coca-Cola Christmas commercial.

25 Dec 2014

Merry Christmas Best Of The Trews: The Trews (E219)

Part 1 of our favourite Trews moments of the year. Thanks for watching and Merry Christmas Trewsers!

25 Dec 2014

Boris Johnson’s Penthouses for Oligarchs in West Hendon – Russell Brand Trews Reports (E12)

TrewsReports is on an unbelievable housing scam by Barratts and West Hendon council.

Sign the Petition here change.org/westhendon
John Rogers reports from West Hendon in the London Borough of Barnet where residents on an estate are being evicted after the local council handed the land to Barratt Homes for the building of a new private development.

24 Dec 2014

Who Is Our Real Common Enemy? The Trews (E218)

The analysis of Christmas TV adverts continues in today’s Trews – what are we being distracted from? Plus, could mind-expanding drugs change society for the better?


23 Dec 2014

The Trews VS John Lewis Xmas Advert: The Trews (E217)

What methods are advertisers using this Christmas to get us to spend our money?

22 Dec 2014

The Terror Of How Banks Use Our Money: The Trews (E216)

Max Keiser breaks down how the banking system works and what happens to your money – you’ll be shocked.