05 Dec 2014

Book Signing

TODAY I’ll be at Waterstones (book shop) Piccadilly (London) signing Pied Piper and Revolution at 4pm.

04 Dec 2014

What’s The Point Of The News? The Trews Comments (E204)

Comments edition in which we get to communicate. Subjects from the week’s news and Trews include The Sun, Snidegate, 10 Downing St, TTIP, capitalism, dictators, Blackadder, The Smurfs, favourite toilet papers and my bedroom walls.

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03 Dec 2014

New Era march on Downing Street – Russell Brand Trews Reports (E9)

The residents of the New Era Estate prepare for a big protest outside the offices of Westbrook Partners before marching through central London to deliver their petition to the Prime Minister at No.10 Downing Street.
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02 Dec 2014

‪New Era Reporter Row: What’s The Agenda? The Trews (E202)‬

Yesterday I joined residents and supporters of the New Era estate on a march against US investment company Westbrook’s plans to evict 93 families. Some journalists reporting on it had other ideas.

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02 Dec 2014

Fairy Tales and Edward Snowden

The GQ+A: Russell Brand Talks Fairy Tales and Edward Snowden
BY Jen Ortiz

GQ: Why fairy tales?
Russell Brand: I think they’re the best kind of story. There’s deep information in them, and I really just get on with the kids, and I wanted to write a story that gets into the kind of territories that are kind of under-addressed, culturally, at the moment. Sort of spirituality and transcendence.

So why’d you start with the story of the Pied Piper?
I think there’s a bit of that strange ambiguity—the Piper’s a weird character, isn’t he? Why I like it is because it’s not clear what we’re supposed to learn from that story. We live in a time where everything is very materialistic, measured, individualized, so a story like that is inherently mystical because there’s no reason why, in a way, that the Pied Piper would take all the village’s children. Because they knocked him on his pest control bill, really? It’s a massive overreaction, but yet somehow it makes sense to us, but I that’s because we know that it’s about transcendence—and important things that are not easy to express.

Favorite story as a kid?
I liked a lot of Roald Dahl. A lot of Oscar Wilde’s stories, like The Selfish Giant and The Nightingale and the Rose. A lot of fairy stories because I thought there was something weird about that. I remember thinking, This doesn’t make sense. This is odd. What it’s trying to tell me? I found them powerful.

Was there a character that you identified with?
Um, no—but I was obsessed with Pinocchio, actually. He was a weird little guy, Pinocchio, telling them lies, wanted to be real boy. Perfect.

What makes your spin on these classic fairy tales different?
It’s to make them relevant, to make them fun, and accessible. Chris Riddell’s drawings really do that. And, for me, to remember children are capable of vacillating between serenity and nastiness, towards spiritual and sublime ideas, so that’s what I tried to do, is to make it fun and also to make it obvious that I was commenting, that it’s allegorical. It’s a comment on the way that we’re living now, in some ways Hamelin is just like the contemporary capitalist consumer culture and the Piper is the transcendent message that’s being lost, and it’s children that we seem to treasure most, that we lose if we don’t hear the message, if we don’t hear the music.

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02 Dec 2014

Who Does David Cameron Really Work For? The Trews (E201)

I’m joined by writer and activist George Monbiot as we discuss the TTIP – a treaty backed by David Cameron that would let rapacious companies subvert our laws, rights and national sovereignty.
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30 Nov 2014

New Era Estate like the Kardashians? – Russell Brand Trews Reports (E9)

Time now for our regular catch up with goings on at the #NewEraEstate on our 2nd channel, #Trewsreports

Russell Brand Trews Reports (E9)
The residents of the New Era Estate gather in the local pub to discuss recent developments leading up to the protest outside the offices of Westbrook Partners in Berkeley Square at 12.30 Monday 1st Dec before handing in their petition at to David Cameron at No.10 Downing Street.
Sign the petition here

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29 Nov 2014

Russell Brand: End the Drugs War BBC documentary trailer

Russell’s documentary challenging the ‘war on drugs’ premieres on BBC3 Monday 15th December

29 Nov 2014

‪Mayor Of NYC Condemns Westbrook – WILL BORIS? The Trews (E200)‬

‪Mayor Of New York, Bill De Blasio joins the New Era estate campaign against US developer Westbrook. The Democrat Mayor condemned the rogue “lawbreaking” firm for their plan to evict tenants of the East London Estate while talking exclusively to The Trews.‬
‪The condemnation comes before Monday’s New Era march from Westbrook’s Berkley Square offices to Downing St to deliver a petition of over 300,000 signatures of support.‬
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28 Nov 2014