May 26th, 2022

YouTube Optimiser / Analyser

Key Tasks
  • Go back and change old titles
  • Create thumbnails
  • Titling
  • Watch next videos
  • Playlists
Job Description

You will be mainly responsible for checking the performance of videos after posting on the main channel. This will require you to update the team on how well the video is performing and make changes to title/thumbnails if required. The title/thumbnail changes will be approved in advance. The amount of time you spend on this task will depend on how well the video is performing but be expected to work from 6pm UK Time (time of posting) until the video performance has increased or 10pm UK Time.

During the time you aren’t making changes to videos you will be researching the following…

  • Competitor Research
  • Trending Topics on YouTube
  • Researching trending topics, themes, titles & thumbnails on YouTube

This information you gather will be shared with the whole production team so we can make more informed decisions when creating titles & thumbnails.

You will also be responsible for keeping well informed with the current performance of our channel & the videos. You will have to analyse what title/thumbnail/topics combinations have worked well previously.

All of these job tasks will be fully explained by our current staff who will be there to train, help & assist you if needed.

  • In depth knowledge of YouTube Eco-system
  • A strong knowledge of our channel content, main themes and stories, as well as getting to know similar channels and their output
  • Responsible for optimizing each video when posted – involving changing titles / thumbnails and charting how these changes affect the view count
  • Weekly creation of title, thumbnail & topic suggestions/concepts based upon topics covered by similar channels and those that our audience watch

Weekends when necessary to ensure the job gets done
12pm to 9pm: Monday – Friday
30 mins each day: Saturday – Sunday

Could you create new thumbnails with the current template?

Do you have the resources to do competitor research around thumbnails and titles & what has worked well before on our channel?

What are the turn around times for one thumbnail?

Are you available after 18:00 to make changes to thumbnails and titles?

Do you have the resources to gather a bank of images to be used as thumbnails/create moodboards with pictures of thumbnails? And same with titles?

To apply email [email protected]

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