May 26th, 2022

Video Researcher

Job Description

For this role, you’ll need analytical thinking skills, thoroughness and attention to detail, good initiative, ambition and a desire to succeed, persistence and determination, and possess excellent verbal communication skills.

We are looking for someone who is forensically detailed and interested in getting beneath the bonnet so to speak, of any news article. Someone who has an instinct in really understanding up to date topics, from all reputable sources across media. The ability instinctively to come up with potential news stories worth covering, and being able to build this into a narrative is key.

Your role will require you to have an in-depth understanding of current affairs & different perspectives that are built around events in mainstream media & independent news.

You’ll need excellent research and investigation skills, attention to detail, and creative ideas

You will need to be able to collect articles, videos & social media content (tweets) from a wide range of sources then create & curate new/unique/trending narratives that are linked to current affairs to ensure they remain topical.

Ensure you are very familiar with the content we produce daily as the materials we use in the video are the ones you will be expected to find & present weekly.

You will need to be able to dive deeper than just the surface level; extracting relevant and pertinent sources of information that will appeal to our audience. Search for information old or new that will build the content we produce. This includes all formats (articles, videos, photos, social media content etc)

Our content is based around the following…

  • Government corruption
  • Geo-politics
  • Pandemic
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Billionaires
  • The Mainstream Media
  • Big Tech
  • The Military Industrial Complex
  • Big Food
  • Big Business

You will be responsible to produce a document with multiple video ideas based on the materials you have researched. You will need to include…

  • Working Video Title
  • Summary of the context, optics & angle
  • Links to the sources you have sourced

In addition, you will need to be able to bank/store unused material into a database for future reference and when we revisit topics.

All of these job tasks will be fully explained by our current staff who will be there to train, help & assist you if needed.

  • A core understanding of YouTube channel
  • Be up to update with Mainstream & Independent news sources
  • Store unused material into database for future reference
Skills Required
  • In-depth and knowledge of current affairs
  • Critical thinking
  • Extensive understanding of building/reporting narratives

Weekends when necessary to ensure the job gets done
9am to 6pm: Monday – Friday

Interview wise – We will invite candidates to perform a task to see how they would prep some research and to see what sources and materials they would bring to the table.

To apply email [email protected]

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