May 26th, 2022

Junior Video Editor

Job Description

Your main role will require you to cut out all rough cuts from the unedited version of the video. This will include repeats, talking to producer and other distractions during the video record.

This will need to be done quickly and efficiently as we work on a quick turn around from when the video is recorded and when it is released, so flexibility around hours is also vital.

All of these job tasks will be fully explained by our current staff who will be there to train, help & assist you if needed.

  • Understands my YouTube channel
  • Daily edits of rough cuts
  • Editing for social media
Skills Required
  • Technical knowledge with Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Canva & Photoshop.
  • Basic understanding of technical filming equipment.
  • Adaptable working hours
  • Fast learner & being to adapt to changes in work

Weekends when necessary to ensure the job gets done
Full Time

To apply email [email protected]

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