May 26th, 2022


Job Description
To provide a variety of bookkeeping and accounting functions including payroll for staff and clients.
Responsibilities Will Include
  • Processing payments, invoices, income, receipts and entering data into accounting software or databases, filing hard copies
  • Preparing financial statements showing business income and expenditure
  • Paying vendor invoices and tracking bank account balances
  • Completing VAT returns
  • Verifying the accuracy of business account and altering errors
  • Recording any inconsistencies to help accountants reconcile inaccuracies
  • Developing monthly financial statements including cash flow, profit and loss balance sheets
  • Preparing employee wages
  • Managing employee expense claims
  • Helping accountants with administrative duties and preparing yearly accounts

Full time, Monday to Friday

Weekends when necessary to ensure the job gets done

To apply email [email protected]

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