11 Dec 2014

‪A week at the New Era Estate Hoxton – Trews Reports (E10) ‬

‪The residents of the New Era Estate in Hoxton react to press intrusion, Danielle celebrates her birthday, the vicar of the Parish Church dedicates mass to the residents, and they go to Winterville with Russell Brand.‬

Music by Rudy Warman & The Heavy Weather

‪Shot by Charlie Brades‬
‪Edited by John Rogers‬

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10 Dec 2014

‪Guess Who Profits From Selling Off NHS: The Trews (E208)‬

‪Reaction to news that a £1billion contract – the biggest ever in the history of the NHS – is out for tender to private companies.‬
Sign the petition and get involved with your local community

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10 Dec 2014

Full length video of the Guardian Live interview with Owen Jones

Russell speaking to Guardian columnist Owen Jones about capitalism, democracy and his new book Revolution.

10 Dec 2014

Reaction to news that a landmark report on CIA torture after 9/11 has been released today.
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08 Dec 2014

‪Ireland! Care About Water? Bunk Work Wednesday! The Trews (E206)‬

‪I talk to Brendan Ogle from Unite The Union to discuss demonstrations in Ireland against domestic water charges introduced by the government as a “key austerity measure”.‬

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06 Dec 2014

‪The Sun Dodge Tax – Is That Funny? The Trews (E205)‬

‪There are definitely more important things going on than polls about me. But the issue of corporations finding loopholes to avoid paying billions in tax – whilst austerity measures continue – is certainly important.‬

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05 Dec 2014

Book Signing

TODAY I’ll be at Waterstones (book shop) Piccadilly (London) signing Pied Piper and Revolution at 4pm.

04 Dec 2014

What’s The Point Of The News? The Trews Comments (E204)

Comments edition in which we get to communicate. Subjects from the week’s news and Trews include The Sun, Snidegate, 10 Downing St, TTIP, capitalism, dictators, Blackadder, The Smurfs, favourite toilet papers and my bedroom walls.

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03 Dec 2014

New Era march on Downing Street – Russell Brand Trews Reports (E9)

The residents of the New Era Estate prepare for a big protest outside the offices of Westbrook Partners before marching through central London to deliver their petition to the Prime Minister at No.10 Downing Street.
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