10 Apr 2015

Cameron Vs Brand: Who Should Be On Top? The Trews (E296)

I’ve been voted as the second most influential political figure, should I be higher up than our Prime Minister?

09 Apr 2015

Adult Colouring Books: Is This The Apocalypse? The Trews (E295)

Reaction to the news that adult colouring books have topped the Amazon bestselling charts, are they really enough to de-stress us?

08 Apr 2015

Homophobic Pizza: Do We Have To Swallow It? The Trews (E294 )

Reaction to news that after an Indiana pizzeria who would not serve a gay wedding had to close, a Kansas-based Equality House decided to set up its own fundraiser to help raise money for the LGBT a raised more than $840,000.

08 Apr 2015

The Russell Brand Podcast E13 preview: A Spiritual Quest

Listen to the whole episode here

07 Apr 2015

How Can We Stop Islamophobia? The Trews (E293)

In this episode of The Trews I discuss the rise in Islamophobia with people in Marrakech. I also discuss the shift that is needed in politics beyond Westminster politics and the recent leaders’ debate.

06 Apr 2015

This Easter – Does Our System Need To Be Resurrected? The Trews (E292)

In today’s episode I answer some of your comments, ranging from what my problem with capitalist culture is and giving advice on abstinence based recovery.

05 Apr 2015

The Russell Brand Podcast E12 preview: Crazy Resting Face

Listen to the whole episode here

03 Apr 2015

Good Friday – Should We Crucify Bill O’Reilly? The Trews (E291)

Happy Good Friday! In today’s episode I discuss Bill O’Reilly and religion.

02 Apr 2015

What’s Better For You? Zero Hours Or Zero Royals? The Trews (E290)

I respond to your comments from previous episodes and reflect on the royal family and write on some money. Am I unpatriotic?