18 Nov 2014

‪Should War On ISIS Violence Begin At Home? The Trews (E191) ‬

‪American aid worker Peter Kassig was deplorably the fifth western hostage to be killed by Islamic State militants but how much moral high ground does the US & UK have over ISIS?‬
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16 Nov 2014
15 Nov 2014

‪Why Can’t Politicians Talk Like Normal People? The Trews (E190)‬

‪Analysis of an interview with Ed Miliband after a survey found just 41% of the UK public would vote in the next election, 23% were satisfied with the way MPs are doing their job and only 18% trust politicians to tell the truth.‬
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13 Nov 2014

‪Irish Pay Water Tax – Corporations Dodge Billions: The Trews (E189) ‬

‪Tap water in the Republic of Ireland until now has been free – but the introduction of charges as an austerity measure has already seen tens of thousands of people march through Dublin to show their opposition.‬
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13 Nov 2014

Trews Reports: ‪”Poor Doors” – economic apartheid in a single block‬

Latest Trews Report from John Rogers – ‪”Poor Doors” – economic apartheid in a single block‬.

12 Nov 2014

‪Kim Kardashian’s Arse: What Should We Think? The Trews (E188)‬

‪Kim Kardashian has bared her bottom again, this time for the cover of Paper magazine, but is she just another symptom of postmodernist confusion and cultural decline or is there a deeper psychological explanation for her fame?‬
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11 Nov 2014

‪Osama Bin Laden Doll: Dumb Or Dumber? The Trews (E187)‬

An Osama Bin Laden doll designed for a CIA ‘influence operation’ is on sale on a memorabilia auction site.
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11 Nov 2014

Russell reading from The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Russell reading from his children’s book Russell Brand’s Trickster Tales: The Pied Piper of Hamelin with illustration by Chris Riddell.
See Russell’s Pied Piper live event at the Albert Hall – book here

10 Nov 2014

‪Disabled Residents Told To Repay Hurricane Aid – The Trews (E186)‬

‪Reaction to news that disabled and elderly residents of an assisted-living centre in Rockaway, New York are being asked to return aid they received from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) after Hurricane Sandy damaged their facility.‬
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