30 Jan 2015

Katie Hopkins VS Katie Price – Compassion Should Win: The Trews (E246)

In this Fame Friday episode of The Trews I talk about Katie Hopkins criticising Katie Price in Celebrity Big Brother, for allowing the state to pay for her disabled son to go to school.

29 Jan 2015

How MPs Choose Nuclear Armageddon Over Nurses: The Trews (E245)

In this weeks roundup I look at some of your comments from recent episodes and respond to MP John Woodcock’s message regarding Trident.

29 Jan 2015

Trew Musings: Damien Hirst and Context‬

‪Every Monday I do a bit of talking about books l like at an event called Trew Musings in East London.

At the first musings I spoke about one of my favourite books Sapiens given to me by Damien Hirst who showed me the importance of context, context, context.

Trew Musings is on every Monday at The Proud Archivist

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28 Jan 2015

Is The Establishment Riddled With Paedophiles? The Trews (E244)

Reaction to the delay in Parliament’s child abuse inquiry, the allegations of child abuse against former politicians and the recent allegations against Prince Andrew.

27 Jan 2015

Are The Government Fracking Us Over? The Trews (E243)

Reaction to news that the Infrastructure bill, that is currently going through Parliament, will allow fracking to happen under our homes.

26 Jan 2015

Greek Revolution Against Corruption – Will We Follow? The Trews (E242)

Reaction to Syriza’s victory in the Greek election and a look at what their anti-austerity measures might mean for Europe.
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26 Jan 2015

Occupy at the 12 Bar Club / Save Tin Pan Alley – Drift Report

Following on from the closure of the 12 Bar Club last week the space has now been occupied by Bohemians for Soho and turned into a social space. The unique historic centre of the UK’s music industry in Denmark St/ Tin Pan Alley is under threat from developers.
John Rogers talks to Bianca from Save the Spirit of Soho ‪ about the occupation, musician Craig Temple and Henry Scott-Irvine from the Save Denmark St Campaign about the unique heritage and importance of Tin Pan Alley.
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Shot and edited by John Rogers
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23 Jan 2015

American Sniper: Is It Unpatriotic To Oppose Guns? The Trews (E241)‬

In today’s Fame Friday Trews I look at the reaction of celebrities such as Liam Neeson, Seth Rogan and Michael Moore to gun culture and the film American Sniper.

22 Jan 2015

Cameron/Miliband TV Debate – Political 8 Mile? The Trews (E240)

In this episode I discuss the role of political debates in our modern democracy.