27 Feb 2015

Why Are The Oscars So White? The Trews (E266)‬

This Fame Friday Trews looks at the 2015 Oscars and some of the subsequent media coverage.

26 Feb 2015

Government Spying – Who’s The Biggest Threat To Your Security? The Trews (E265)‬

Reaction to the former boss of GCHQ’s views on the whistleblower Edward Snowden, as it is revealed that a secretive UK tribunal ruled that Britain and the US had engaged in unlawful electronic communications interception.
Is the Government abusing your privacy and human rights? Who is the biggest threat to your security?

25 Feb 2015

Corrupt MPs Vs Benefits Claimants – Who’s Really Mugging Us? The Trews (E264)‬

‪Reaction to news that Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind are accused of discussing using their positions and contacts to benefit a private company in return for payments of thousands of pounds.

24 Feb 2015

Is £5.1bn A High Price To Pay For Football Racism? The Trews (E263)‬

‪Reaction to Chelsea fans racist chants on the Paris Metro and Jose Mourinho’s lack of responsibility towards it.

24 Feb 2015

Would You Marry A Jihadist For A Jar Of Nutella? The Trews (E 262)‬

‪Reaction to news that three teenage girls have disappeared from London and are suspected to be on their way to Syria to join IS.

21 Feb 2015

Trew Musings: Rice Resonance

Every Monday I do a bit of talking about books l like at an event called Trew Musings in East London.

20 Feb 2015

50 Shades – Has Porn Ruined My Chance Of A Happy Marriage? The Trews (E261)‬

Reactions to the new 50 Shades Of Grey film and how our exposure to soft core porn could be effecting us.

19 Feb 2015

Which Drug Is Most Dangerous – Skunk Or Sugar? The Trews (E260)

Reactions to Jon Snow trying Skunk while studies are linking it to an increased risk of psychosis.

18 Feb 2015

The Church Vs Russell Brand’s Sex Appeal? The Trews (E259)‬

‪Reaction to news that the Church have criticised me over apparently ‘encouraging voter apathy’ whilst also attacking the current British political culture.

17 Feb 2015

Should Tony Abbott Feel Guilty About Child Abuse? The Trews (E258)

Reaction to news that Tony Abbott feels no guilt for the children detained in immigration centres despite the abuse that’s been revealed.