‘Revolution’ NYC Book Reading/Signing Announcement

Come to two ‘Revolution’ events in NYC tomorrow Tuesday 14th Oct: 3pm Zuccotti Park – See me reading excerpts from my new book. I’ll also be joined by some Occupy movement specialists and then marching to Wall Street with them. Then 7.30pm @ The Strand Union Sq. Join us.

Brand X teasers

Here are the first teasers for Russell’s new late-night comedy show for FX in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK. Brand X kicks off on 28th June 11pm.

Russell launches new TV show by calling U.S. Presidential Election ‘A Meaningless Spectacle’

Yesterday, Russell promoted his new late-night TV show, Strangely Uplifting. The Hollywood Reporter chronicled what transpired at the gathering of the Television Critics Association “TCA: British Comedian Russell Brand Calls U.S. Presidential Election ‘A Meaningless Spectacle’ “I don’t see myself as a malevolent jester attacking people who are already disenfranchised,” said Brand. “All I want …Read more