01 Jan 2015

The Trews VS Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial: The Trews (E224)!‬

‪Reacting to Budweiser’s Superbowl Commercial where a puppy and horse fall in love and revolt in a George Orwellian fashion.‬

26 Nov 2014

‪Ferguson: What Value Do Our Laws Have? The Trews (E197)‬

‪Reaction to news that a US grand jury has decided not to charge a police officer over the fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.‬
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19 Nov 2014

‪Word Sneak with Jimmy Fallon

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05 Nov 2014

US Midterm Elections: Is This Democracy?? The Trews (E183)

Reaction to the US midterms that saw the Democrats suffer a crushing defeat, losing control of the Senate to the Republicans.
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