07 Oct 2011

Russell interviewing Steve Coogan

Taken from MTV’s 1 Leicester Square in 2006

18 Apr 2011

Watch Russell on Piers Morgan

You can watch Russell’s interview for Piers Morgan’s Life Stories in the ITV Player

04 Apr 2011

Backstage with Russell

Here are some candid snaps taken as Russell prepares for his interview for Piers Morgan’s Life Stories

Russell is asked for his thoughts prior to the interview but he has seen something amusing in the corner of the room

His loyal make-up lady Nicola is the recipient of many humorous remarks throughout the day

Russell gets ready for his close-up

Russell’s appearance on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories will be broadcast on ITV later in April

13 Feb 2011

Russell’s Saturday Night Live monologue

monologue from Some Fan on Vimeo.

You can watch the rest of Russell’s SNL videos over on Rustyboots

11 Feb 2011

Arthur trailer is here!

And don’t forget to watch Russell hosting Saturday Night Live this week – on Saturday and er… live

31 Jan 2011

Watch Russell on Buzzcocks

Some wonderfully cheeky soul has posted the whole of Russell’s 2008 appearance on Never Mind the Buzzcocks on Youtube. Here it is

06 Jan 2011

Russell on BFQ 2010

In case you missed Russell on Big Fat Quiz of the Year, here he is. Thanks to Rustyboots for the link