Big Fat Quiz

In case you missed Russell on Big Fat Quiz of the Year you can watch it right here See Comments below for advice on viewing outside the UK (should probably add some sort of disclaimer here I suppose….)

Russell ‘Skinned’ on Channel 4

Russell Brand: Skinned (working title) is a 60 minute documentary for Channel 4 combining behind the scenes footage and stand up performance with an in-depth interview conducted by Frank Skinner. In early 2009 Russell completed an international tour that featured dates in New York and Australia as well as a number of shows in the …Read more

Russell on Jimmy Fallon

Here’s Russell on Jimmy Fallon last night One more sleep till the VMAs…..

Russell on The View

Have a quick look at Russell’s appearance on ABC’s The View here

Ponderland – tonight on Channel 4

Ponderland is enjoying another outing on Channel 4. Tonight Russell is pondering the notion of holidays. Why go on them? Where to? And how on earth are you supposed to enjoy them? Channel 4 Friday 17th July 00.05 (that’s five past midnight to you and me) Series 1 of Ponderland available now on DVD.  Click …Read more

Russell on Leno

Russell will be appearing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Monday 11th May If you miss the show you can catch up with it here

Russ Interview

A crowd gathers as Russell does an interview with Australian TV

Live Tweets on Jimmy Fallon Show

Russell is going on the Jimmy Fallon Show in New York tomorrow night (11th March) and will be Twittering live on the show with Jimmy (also a big Twitterer). We need as many people as possible to follow Russell. If you haven’t already go to Sign up and follow now. Visit the Late night …Read more