The unstoppable rise of Russell Brand

When Russell Brand was 16, he inscribed a school-leaving card to his first girlfriend. “You might be as famous as me one day,” he wrote. “If so, see you at the top.” There was no “might”, not from the very beginning, about how famous Russell Brand expected to be. But the rest of us might have …Read more

‘The squad has turned into a Caligulan sex fiasco’

By Russell Brand, 28/03/2010 LIKE most people, when I pop to the lavvy during a football match something important happens. I missed Gazza’s yellow card against Germany in 1990 because I was in the loo. Michael Owen’s goal against Argentina in 98 – I was unwell that year and by the time Beckham scored a …Read more

Russell interview in The Times

Russell Brand: Seeking salvation His amazing sexual prowess, his obsession with Helen Mirren, his recovery from addiction, his radio shame — Russell Brand confesses all to Chrissy Iley. Then he tells her he’s seeking redemption. Will we forgive him? Read more here

Saxon Nosh Job

by Russell Brand. (Originally published in The Sun.) Should Racists be allowed on Question Time? This seems to be the question plaguing our nation from where I’m standing across the sea -where everyone is a potential immigrant. I think the answer is “yes” – as long as it’s Gardeners’ Question Time; I’d like to hear …Read more

Why the Hitman and hurt is not for me

When contemplating attending a boxing match, I did not consider the shame and fear in the eyes of the defeated. Had I done so I would not have gone. Of course I know that I dislike violence but I imagined that I’d be more of the mind that boxing provides opportunity and discipline for young …Read more

Guardian column

A nod and a blink and Alan Shearer is Geordie Pope Read Russell’s latest Guardian column here