Trew World Order reviews

“audacious, inspiring and funny” – Sydney Morning Herald Rod Laver Arena, October 17 Russell Brand is one of the most entertaining live performers you will see. The 40-year-old is audacious, funny and inspiring, and possesses a wit that we celebrate in comedians like John Oliver, who paled in comparison on tour. Apart from a constant …Read more

Fairy Tales and Edward Snowden

The GQ+A: Russell Brand Talks Fairy Tales and Edward Snowden BY Jen Ortiz GQ: Why fairy tales? Russell Brand: I think they’re the best kind of story. There’s deep information in them, and I really just get on with the kids, and I wanted to write a story that gets into the kind of territories …Read more

‘I want to address the alienation and despair’

Interview in The Guardian, Simon Hattenstone, Saturday 11 October 2014 Last year, Russell Brand caused another to-do. This time he wasn’t playing nasty jokes on Andrew Sachs, or boasting about the millions of people he’d slept with; he wasn’t calling George Bush a “retard”, or giving a Nazi salute at the GQ awards, or turning …Read more

Russell at the Home Affairs Select Committee

Earlier today Russell testified to the Home Affairs Select Committee who are currently conducting a review of UK government drugs strategy. He shared his belief in the merits of abstinence-based recovery programmes and the compassionate treatment of addiction as an illness rather than a crime. You can watch the entire session courtesy of Parliament TV …Read more

Russell launches new TV show by calling U.S. Presidential Election ‘A Meaningless Spectacle’

Yesterday, Russell promoted his new late-night TV show, Strangely Uplifting. The Hollywood Reporter chronicled what transpired at the gathering of the Television Critics Association “TCA: British Comedian Russell Brand Calls U.S. Presidential Election ‘A Meaningless Spectacle’ “I don’t see myself as a malevolent jester attacking people who are already disenfranchised,” said Brand. “All I want …Read more

Russell in the New Statesman

Grab hold of a copy of the New Statesman’s Christmas Edition to read Russell’s article on Wikileaks – it’s a good ‘un and also a great magazine