06 Mar 2009

Wee in the desert

Russell weeing in the desert

Driving through the desert outside Vegas. You can take the boy out of Essex…..

06 Mar 2009


Sunrise in LA

LA sunrise. Jet lag has some benefits

06 Mar 2009



A couple of idiots report for duty at house in LA.

05 Mar 2009

Gareth wins dolly who becomes tour mascot

Gareth wins dolly who becomes tour mascotGareth wins dolly who becomes tour mascot

Mascot is named AdamMascot is named Adam

Russell gets too close to AdamRussell gets too close to Adam

Bab's unknowingly consoles violated AdamBabs unknowingly consoles violated Adam

04 Mar 2009

Naughty Cup

Russells graffiti on cup - I'm a naughty little cup

Four Seasons LA. Cup gets Branded as naughty.

03 Mar 2009

Golden Gate Bridge reverse

Golden Gate Bridge reverse

What a peachy bum in the ‘testosterousers’…..ok leggings.