Russell Brand: My life without drugs

The last time I thought about taking heroin was yesterday. I had received “an inconvenient truth” from a beautiful woman. It wasn’t about climate change – I’m not that ecologically switched on – she told me she was pregnant and it wasn’t mine. I had to take immediate action. I put Morrissey on in my …Read more

Rock of Ages Premiere

Here’s a cheeky video of Russell at the London premiere of Rock of Ages last night in Leicester Square. The film starts rocking UK cinemas on June 13th, USA and Australia from the 14th

Brand X teasers

Here are the first teasers for Russell’s new late-night comedy show for FX in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK. Brand X kicks off on 28th June 11pm.

Russell at the Home Affairs Select Committee

Earlier today Russell testified to the Home Affairs Select Committee who are currently conducting a review of UK government drugs strategy. He shared his belief in the merits of abstinence-based recovery programmes and the compassionate treatment of addiction as an illness rather than a crime. You can watch the entire session courtesy of Parliament TV …Read more


Here is a recording from the Booky Wook 2 Tapes that didn’t make it into the final draft of the book – Russell expounding his views on the moral culpability of the Greek Gods (recorded in London 2009).

The Booky Wook 2 Tapes

Have a listen to these  recordings made as Russell dictated the first draft Booky Wook 2 – this time it’s personal. Many of them were made on the road during the Scandalous tour. They take you beside Russell as he lays down the text for the first time. Here’s a taster Booky Wook 2 – …Read more

Big Brother isn’t watching you

I no longer live in London. I’ve been transplanted to Los Angeles by a combination of love and money; such good fortune and opportunity, in both cases, you might think disqualify me from commenting on matters in my homeland. Even the results of Britain’s Got Ice-Factor may lay prettily glistening beyond my remit now that …Read more