Join me on our first action

Hello mate, Russell here Thanks for giving me your email and signing up for the revolution, I promise I won’t sell your details to a spam firm that want to flog you priapism pills. I am excited to invite you to participate in our first action. As you know property developers – in partnership with …Read more

‘Revolution’ NYC Book Reading/Signing Announcement

Come to two ‘Revolution’ events in NYC tomorrow Tuesday 14th Oct: 3pm Zuccotti Park – See me reading excerpts from my new book. I’ll also be joined by some Occupy movement specialists and then marching to Wall Street with them. Then 7.30pm @ The Strand Union Sq. Join us.

I Want to Believe

Russell Brand on England and World Cup The world isn’t made of atoms, it’s made of stories. The World Cup is an arena in which narratives are fulfilled. Heroes, villains, scapegoats, underdogs, triumphs, near-misses and tragedies, all are played out on a global stage, a pagan drama in a secular age. Here I am, another …Read more

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