TRIBECA film festival apology

I’m really sorry that I can’t get to the TRIBECA film festival today. I was going to be there to support this brilliant and important film, The Emperor’s New Clothes – that I have made (with Michael, he did the brilliant stuff – I’m not a raging narcissist) – but family issues mean I have …Read more

Sweets Way Sleepover

Join Russell for a Sleepover at 60 Sweets Way London N20 0NU Tuesday 17th March from 7.30pm Movie night and camp out, snacks and sweets and fun NOT LOUD MUSIC AND CHAOS Nearest station: Totteridge and Whetstone Sweets Way Resists is a campaign led by residents of the Sweets Way Estate in Barnet and their supporters, …Read more

SXSW Statement

Some time ago when I was a newly recovering junkie sinking my teeth into succulent transatlantic fame we were contacted by a respected filmmaker who asked if I’d like to make a documentary about happiness and I leapt, ego first into a caper that would take 7 years and as many directors to complete. Due …Read more

Back on air – new podcast

Me, Matt Morgan and Mr Gee back on air – Episode 1 available Wednesday. Go to the Russell Brand Podcast page on Audioboom for more info, previews and snippets

Voltaire’s virtue by Mr Gee

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” – Voltaire Today Charlie Hebdo is making the news once again with the publication of its “Survivor” issue depicting a cartoon of a weeping Prophet Muhammad. After a horrific week for France which has seen the acts …Read more


Away on holiday in a low signal land events in Paris are glimpsed as if through a crack in a door back to a terrible and confusing world. This violence now though has the eerie familiarity and bilious dread of a recurring nightmare and can be pieced together with weary glances at airport lounge TVs, …Read more

New Era 4 All

The 93 families of the New Era estate have achieved an incredible victory against greedy corporations and lazy politicians and I believe, and the name of the estate suggests, this is the start of something that will change our country forever. When I first clattered into Lindsey, Lynsay and Danielle in Hoxton market, East London, …Read more

Answer time

I’ve just got home from recording bbc tv’s political debate show Question Time and if you saw it and found it anti-climactic, I know how you feel. Nigel Farage in the flesh, gin blossomed flesh that it is, inspires sympathy more than fear, an end of the pier, end of the road, end of days …Read more

Book Signing

TODAY I’ll be at Waterstones (book shop) Piccadilly (London) signing Pied Piper and Revolution at 4pm.