Statement about merch

We found out that a couple of the sizes of sweatshirts we offer may not have been sourced in the ethical way we thought – MADLY the Daily Mail brought this to our attention (snidely) – we’ve responded to em & ironed out  a few of their attempts to shit stir. We’ve got shot of the manufacturer so the DM can go …Read more

Scandalous DVD signing

Just announced: Russell Brand will meet fans* and sign copies of his latest DVD release Scandalous – Live at The O2 at HMV Oxford Circus, LONDON on Friday 13th November at 6pm. Russell will be taking questions from the floor on broadcasting law, sexual health and other topics in which he is an expert. No …Read more

Scandalous – Live at The O2 – DVD

Russell Brand – Scandalous Live at The O2 is released on DVD on 9th November. Filmed in front of 16,000 at London’s O2, the most thrilling comedian of his generation delivers his first live DVD for two years. With 80 minutes of blistering, boundry-pushing stand-up, featuring Brand’s first hand experiance of hosting the MTV Video …Read more

Russell Brand in New York City

Russell makes his Comedy Central debut with ‘Russell Brand in New York City’. Detailing the difficulty of handling his newfound fame in America, recounting the time he met the Queen and instructing women on how to approach him, “Russell Brand proves he’s the hottest thing to come out of Britain since The Beatles”. Buy the …Read more