Infant Sorrow comp winners

Russell has sifted through the (in some cases, very rude) suggestions for Infant Sorrow song titles and chosen the ones who will receive a Get Him To The Greek soundtrack CD. Here they are: 1. Richard Dawkins Destroyed My Soul (Tom Scott) 2. Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need a Safeword (Richard Hayward) 3. Meat …Read more

Infant Sorrow and friends

Infant Sorrow and friends perform songs from Get Him to The Greek live – one night only Featuring Special Appearances by: Infant Sorrow, Russell Brand, Jonah Hill, Carl Barat from The Libertines, and Special Guests Infant Sorrow and Friends is a live one-night-only concert by performers from the upcoming comedy GET HIM TO THE GREEK at The Roxy on Monday, …Read more

Bangers Beans and Mash

Click the link below to see Russell explaining how you enter this fabulous Get Him To The Greek competition and also hear him sing Bangers Beans and Mash

Here it is

Think some of you might be keen to see this trailer for Get Him To The Greek (lovely to see Karl Theobald there)

Greek news

Nicholas Stoller has just tweeted that Get Him To The Greek is being released on 4th June. There’s more info about the film here