Trew World Order reviews

“audacious, inspiring and funny” – Sydney Morning Herald Rod Laver Arena, October 17 Russell Brand is one of the most entertaining live performers you will see. The 40-year-old is audacious, funny and inspiring, and possesses a wit that we celebrate in comedians like John Oliver, who paled in comparison on tour. Apart from a constant …Read more

Australian tour – tickets

Tickets for Russell’s gigs in Sydney and Melbourne are now available for pre-sale Click here for Sydney Entertainment Centre – June 10th – password RBLIVE10 Click here for Melbourne Rod Laver Arena – 9th June – no password


Look out for details of Russell’s upcoming Australian gigs and links to ticket pre-sale – check back here or follow Russell on Twitter and Facebook

That’s When Good Neighbours Nearly Become Good Friends

By Producer Gareth We’ve been back from Australia for over two weeks and I still find myself thinking about the literally turbulent journey home. Nicola and I spent 5 hours delayed at Singapore airport and to make matters worse I’d not allowed enough time to change back into jeans from my comfy shellsuit bottoms (yes, …Read more

Gareth’s blog

Russell, Jack and I had our injections for the India trip before we left New York. Nik declined jabs on account of his impenetrable immune system – though, as Russ pointed out, we lose Nik for monthly periods throughout the year when he’s knocked for six by such debilitating illnesses as the common cold. Anyhow, …Read more

‘I Twit Twooo’

Bloggy Blog II By Producer Jack. Unforeseen by us all ‘The Wrong Passage’ has sort become the team’s new little baby. It’s like an illegitimate digital child that’s been emailed to our conscience. Suddenly we’re all aware that it needs feeding with words and pictures… and tickling on its tummy with the tapping of keys. …Read more