Death Takes Small Bites

Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain in their recent documentaries, Amy and Montage Of Heck, are crowned as underworld deities in the “they died too young” panoply. It is eerie and gruesome that advances in home video technology facilitated the mundane chronicling of lives that had yet to become remarkable. We see infant Kurt incubated in …Read more

We Can Change Whatever We Want

A mate who I trust said to me; “You know what this election boils down to? Who do you want to be protesting against on May 8th? Or whenever they finish counting, negotiating and posturing? David Cameron and a Tory coalition or Ed Miliband and one led by Labour?” I suppose, implicitly my argument has …Read more

£5.1bn a high price for racism?

As a fan of West Ham United I’m always looking to legitmise my dislike of Chelsea FC and on first viewing the jarring retro-metro-racism seems like a good reason to condemn the denizens of Stamford Bridge. Galling bigotry, filmed on a phone, toxic nostalgia captured by modern technology. The train doors chirp and whirr with …Read more


Away on holiday in a low signal land events in Paris are glimpsed as if through a crack in a door back to a terrible and confusing world. This violence now though has the eerie familiarity and bilious dread of a recurring nightmare and can be pieced together with weary glances at airport lounge TVs, …Read more


You know when someone says “Come and stay at our ashram in Southern India” and you say “I will” whilst simultaneously thinking – “Yeah, like I’m going to an ashram. I don’t even know what an ashram is”? Well, I actually went. I now know that an Ashram is a community that is run on …Read more

Hello Jo

Hello Jo, thanks for your open letter, I do remember you from the melee outside RBS and firstly, I’d like to say sorry for your paella getting cold. It’s not nice to suffer because of actions that are nothing to do with you. I imagine the disabled people of our country who have been hit …Read more

Extract from Russell’s new book ‘Revolution’

I suppose we must each ask of ourselves – or each other, have fun with it, it could be a quiz – two fundamental questions: 1) Are you happy with things the way they are? And 2) Do you believe that things could be better? I know most people want change. I know most people …Read more