04 Oct 2010

Take part in Booky Wook 2 tour & podcast

Be a part of the upcoming Booky Wook 2 Tour by sending us your questions, ideas and stories. We want to hear from you! Send in any questions you have for Russell, Matt or Mr Gee as well as contributions to old radio show favorites…
·      GAY: Send your gay-related problems or issues for Russell and Matt to solve
·      Nanecdotes: Humorous anecdotes about your beloved eccentric nans
·      News Stories:  Russell and Matt discuss your bizarre news stories – we would especially like to hear any local stories pertinent to the tour destinations (Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham)
·      Cry for Help: Russell and Matt will respond to your problems with their own unique advice
·      Sounds nice, is nasty / Sounds nasty, is nice: Words that sound pleasant but are not nice… and vice-versa
Also, send us any suggestions you have for new items. We await your inspiration, beloved Blighty!

Please leave your contributions in the comment field below or email to rbtv10@gmail.com

The first episode of Russell’s new radio show will be broadcast on Talksport on October 9th