19 Jul 2010

Infant Sorrow comp winners

Russell has sifted through the (in some cases, very rude) suggestions for Infant Sorrow song titles and chosen the ones who will receive a Get Him To The Greek soundtrack CD. Here they are:

1. Richard Dawkins Destroyed My Soul (Tom Scott)
2. Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need a Safeword (Richard Hayward)
3. Meat still is murder (duet with Morrissey) (N.N.)
4. MILFshake (do my body good) (Molly Boyle)
5. Satanic Sluts (Tracy Haggie)
6. Here comes the mini egg (Deep thought)
7. I am Fuck (Maggie Mae)
8. Electric Sodomites (Blowing Bubbles in my Mind) (Cal McGuire)
9. 1,2,3 Some (Jess E)
10. It’s time you had a Union with my Jack (krysia)
11. The Dharma Bummers (Jess)
12. East Ham girls love West Ham boys (Ema)
13. Tuggin’ Ain’t Lovin’ (David Locke)