20 Mar 2009

‘I Twit Twooo’

Bloggy Blog II By Producer Jack.

Unforeseen by us all ‘The Wrong Passage’ has sort become the team’s new little baby. It’s like an illegitimate digital child that’s been emailed to our conscience. Suddenly we’re all aware that it needs feeding with words and pictures… and tickling on its tummy with the tapping of keys.

But now we’ve got our little cyber kid we want you to know that we’re determined to become good parents. Late nights and football will now be exchanged with hyperlinks and wet wipes. We hereby pledge to feed him naturally, as God intended, with insight and humour. As I write I assure you he’s clamped on to my teet guzzling away on mouse clicks and space bars.

It is a bit tricky though because while ol’ Russ is a bit of a whiz, I have the technical know how of Willy Fogg. However, since our new arrival appeared I’m trying to change. I got responsibilities now. Which is why I thought I’d succumb to Twitter.

Now in the past, my moto (to not just the internet) has been: “blindly rubbish anything unless you discovered it first”. A healthy attitude you probably won’t agree. Which is why, at least I hope it is that I’m now prone to missing various social events due to my resistance of Facebook.

The problem I felt with all the MyFace stuff was the disposable nature it introduced to documenting our lives and the element of competition it placed around your number of ‘friends’. Amazing how quickly I leapt from that moral high ground. Not only are we now spewing out untold material for the website, but I am now literally glued to my Twitter for any pellet of interest I can gather. I’ve become a proper sucker for it.

Now, all of the above text was written this morning before we left for an interview. Unbeknown to me in this time between then and now Russell has posted on my Twitter. I have just returned to my work email which is now stuffed with over 500 mails notifying me of new followers. Suddenly my cute little toddler shaved his head, slipped on DM boots and is punching me in the face. Funny thing is… I like it.